Po Laiya (603605): Maintaining rapid growth in the second quarter, new brand and new category layout foster future growth points

Po Laiya (603605): Maintaining rapid growth in the second quarter, new brand and new category layout foster future growth points

Core views The development of the main brand tuyere category and e-commerce business are the core foundations to ensure that the company’s performance continues to grow rapidly 南宁桑拿 this year.

Since 18 years, Polaia has accelerated its approach to youthfulness in the development of new products and brand marketing. New products cater to the needs of the party and make-up, and marketing has more cooperation with KOL to guide and promote.

As for the e-commerce business, due to the adjustment of the promotion method (more discounts for merchandise are adjusted to marketing promotion), the replacement of the short-term growth rate of online GMV cannot be simply mapped to the decline in the company’s online revenue growth.We expect that the company’s online revenue will basically maintain the rapid growth trend since 18 years in the second quarter. Starting this year, the company will have a better understanding of the online and offline segmentation and balance of interests from a strategic perspective. This will be more beneficial to the company’s online and offline channels in the long run.Sustainable and healthy development.

Involving more new brand expansion through investment is a potential focus for the company in the medium term.

On June 19, the company announced the capital contribution1.

The US $ 3.5 billion Jiaxing Woyong Investment Partnership was established to seek development opportunities in cosmetics and new marketing ecology.

In terms of new brands, the company has invested in cooperation with brands such as Korean beauty YNM, Japanese high-end cosmetics I-KAMI, makeup TZZ, etc., focusing on high-growth categories such as makeup and emerging marketing methods for social e-commerce, to cultivate more growth points after 19 yearsThe company has a relatively more flexible cooperation model and incentive mechanism. It is expected that the subsequent expansion of internationalization and multi-brand and multi-category will attract more brand extensions.

The domestic cosmetics industry has a bright future, and the company’s mechanism and flexible incentives are more conducive to the growth of its short- and medium-term performance.

As one of the leading players in the fully competitive industry, the company merged and shared the cake of the rapid growth of the domestic cosmetics market. Instead, the company established a variety of incentives such as brand distribution, wages and bonuses. After the listing, the company’s incentive mechanism was further optimized.Pursue the maximization of sales and the minimization of maximization, so that employees become the company’s operators; external teams through the establishment of a partnership system to ensure the company’s talent gradient construction and long-term healthy and sustainable development, to achieve faster, healthier and controllable expansion.
This flexible incentive and decision-making mechanism gives the company stronger learning and adaptability in the rapidly changing domestic cosmetics market environment, and gradually establishes its own brand image and competitive advantage in young consumers and low-line markets.

Financial Forecast and Investment Recommendations We maintain 1 for the company’s 2019-2021 earnings.

89 yuan, 2.

47 yuan and 3.

The profit forecast of 20 yuan is maintained at 40 times PE of the company in 2019, corresponding to a target price of 75.

60 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risks suggest that e-commerce growth is slower than expected, new product development risks, macroeconomic fluctuation risks, market competition risks, etc.

China National Travel Service (601888) Tracking Report-Revisiting the Trend and Impact of Hainan’s Outlying Islands Tax Free Policy

China National Travel Service (601888) Tracking Report-Revisiting the Trend and Impact of Hainan’s Outlying Islands Tax Free Policy

Recently, high-level government officials frequently released signals to support the construction of Hainan Province into a free trade port.

In addition, on November 4, 2019, Caesars Tourism announced the establishment of Hainan Tongsheng Shijia Duty Free Group Co., Ltd. with its registered capital in Haikou.

Do these issues herald Hainan’s relaxation of the tax exemption policy for outlying islands and the further realization of “island-wide tax exemption”?

If the tax exemption policy is adjusted or the island-wide tax exemption is adjusted, will the monopoly and tax exempt income in Hainan be affected by the reorganization?

The market’s doubts about these issues have recently increased again, and the company has previously undergone significant adjustments.

In this regard, our comments are as follows: Hainan’s island-wide tax exemption is a long-term project, and even liberalization has more advantages than disadvantages.

1) In the current environment where all domestic sectors are generally open to the outside world, Hainan actively promotes the implementation of the island’s tax exemption from a local perspective, which is in line with the general trend, and the central government has also increased the opening of Hainan to a higher level, soIn terms of direction, “Taiwan-wide tax exemption” is the 北京桑拿洗浴保健 direction of Hainan’s active efforts.

However, in general, we believe that there will be many difficulties in the integration of tax-free integration across the island that need to be considered and resolved. At present, the operability is low, and it needs to be carried out gradually.

2) Even liberalize the island ‘s tax exemption and open the upper limit of the total scale of the benchmark Hong Kong and Hainan ‘s tourism retail market (expected benchmark 70 billion + vs. outlying island tax-free revenue volume of about 13 billion in 2019), which will also have a boost for China TravelEffect, based on its first-mover advantage and its accumulated procurement and resource advantages in recent years, it is not a problem to obtain a certain market share, and the maximum size of China Travel in the Hainan market will also be opened.

The relaxation of outlying island tax-exemption permits is possible, but if the relaxation is expected to have limited impact on China National Travel Service.

In the short to medium term, it is possible to relax the tax exemption permits for outlying islands, but Hainan ‘s best location has already been tax exempted by China. At present, the intervention of domestic tax-exempt business is far behind in terms of investment, procurement and operation capabilities.The results of the separate operations in Sanya and Haikou markets can be used as a reference.

In addition, while it is possible to release the island’s tax-free permit, the policy also has breakthrough constraints in terms of shopping quotas and starting points for postal tax.The possibility of impact is limited.

Risk factors: Slower-than-expected increase in gross profit margin; lower-than-expected tax exemption policy and airport bidding; lower-than-expected Haitang Bay project operation; risks of slower-than-expected progress in state-owned enterprise reform.

Investment suggestion: We believe the company expects a weak trend in the near future, mainly because of doubts about the impact of changes to the Hainan outlying tax exemption policy and subsequent island-wide tax exemption on China Travel, which has brought short-term emotional responses.

We believe that a policy game will exist, local governments will promote market liberalization, and the island ‘s tax exemption is in line with Hainan ‘s positioning, but one is that it will take a long time, and the other is that if it tries to succeed, China Travel will actually be the beneficiary.

The short-term cumulative fluctuations may bring long-term allocations. We recommend that you pay attention.

In the long run, China Exemption benefits from the opening of the tax-free market space under the background of attracting consumption and replacement. Currently, the profit forecast still contains potential increased flexibility. Contingent changes in Hainan’s policies will not constitute a substantial impact. The company is still worthy of configuration.Steady growth varieties, maintaining the company’s EPS forecast for 19-21 is 2.



RMB 74 and “Buy” rating.

Gree Electric (000651) commented in the third quarterly report: In the first three quarters, net profit attributable to mothers increased for many years.

7% meet expectations

Gree Electric (000651) commented in the third quarterly report: In the first three quarters, net profit attributable to mothers increased for many years.

7% meet expectations

In the first three quarters of 2019, the core budget’s net profit attributable 天津夜网 to mothers increased by 4 per year.

7%, in line with expectations.

Gree Electric announced the third quarter of 2019 results on the evening of October 30.

In the first three quarters of 2019, Gree achieved a total operating income of 1,566.

800 million, an annual increase of 4.

4%, net profit attributable to mother 221.

20,000 yuan, an annual increase of 4.

7%, in line with western expectations; recorded a gain of 3.

68 yuan, an annual increase of 4.


3Q Gree realized total operating income of 583.

300 million, an annual increase of 0.

5%; net profit attributable to mother 83.

700 million, an annual increase of 0.


3Q ex-factory price growth has improved.

In the first three quarters of 2019, Gree’s operating income increased by ten years.

4%, of which 3Q19 operating income was flat for two years.

3Q19 Gree air-conditioning’s internal sales expansion volume fell by more than 7%, the decline was more than the increase in the first half.

We believe that the decline in operating income growth was mainly due to Gree’s opening of more special machines in the cold year of 20, leading to a decline in ex-factory price growth.

3Q gross profit margin declined slightly due to structural changes.

In the first three quarters of 2019, Gree’s gross profit margin increased by ten in ten years.

Two digits, up to 30.

1%, of which the gross profit margin in 3Q19 decreased by 1 year by year.

Two digits, up to 28.


We believe that the decline in 3Q gross profit margin was mainly due to the decrease in 3Q domestic sales of air conditioners.

Terminal retail is expected to recover in the fourth quarter of 19 or the first quarter of 20th.

We believe that the recovery of real estate completion has been improved in the kitchen appliances sector, the white appliances sector will be realized in the fourth quarter or the first quarter of 2020, and terminal retail recovery is expected.

Maintain “Buy” rating.

We expect Gree may earn 4 in 2019/2020.

84 yuan / 5.

70 yuan, the current sustainable corresponding PE is 12X / 10X.

Maintain “Buy” rating.
Risk warning: industry price war, the impact of weather on the terminal, trade war worsens

Torch Electronics (603678) Semi-annual Report Review: Military Products Revenue Increases Significantly, Prospects for Ceramic Materials Expected

Torch Electronics (603678) Semi-annual Report Review: Military Products Revenue Increases Significantly, Prospects for Ceramic Materials Expected

Event: The company released the semi-annual report for 2019, and the company achieved operating income of 106,061 from January to June 2019.

420,000 yuan, an increase of 12 over the same period last year.

70%; net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company is 21,330.

250,000 yuan, an increase of 21 over the same period last year.

twenty two%.

The self-produced business continued to improve, and military revenue increased significantly.

According to the reported amount, the company’s self-produced business realized operating income of 39,354.

240,000 yuan, continued to maintain steady growth.

Of this total, military revenue was 27,074.

290,000 yuan, a substantial increase of 49 over the same period last year.

59%; income from civilian products was 12,279.

950,000 yuan, an increase of 19 over the same period last year.


After the company acquired and consolidated 60% equity of Guangzhou Tianji Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. in 2018, it achieved operating income of 3,165 from January to June 2019.

110 thousand yuan, net profit 1,214.

610,000 yuan.

As one of the few domestic companies capable of producing SLC products, Guangzhou Tianji will expand with SLC products as its core in the future, and is committed to building a supplier of military electronics and 5G microwave components with core technology and important influence.

We believe that the company’s complementary advantages through the integration of resources will produce good synergies.

Ceramic materials have a bright future, and share repurchases show confidence.

The company has mastered a series of proprietary technologies for the industrialization of “advanced special ceramic materials” and the preparation of PCS through a technology exclusive license.

A wholly-owned subsidiary, Liya New Materials, as the main body for the implementation of the industrialization of CASAS-300 high-performance special ceramic materials, has now completed the capacity construction of three production lines.

The mechanical properties, impact resistance, and oxidation resistance of CASAS-300 high-performance special ceramic materials can meet the requirements of the high-temperature resistant materials, marine corrosion-resistant materials, and automotive industries in the aviation, aerospace, nuclear power, physical and chemical industries. Application prospectsVery broad.

In addition, the company announced that it will repurchase 10% of the net profit of the shareholders of the listed company and not exceed 30 million yuan for the repurchase of company shares for three consecutive years (2018-2020).It reflects the confidence in the company’s future development and 杭州桑拿 the recognition of its intrinsic value.

Profit forecast and investment grade: The company’s net profit for 2019-2021 is expected to be 4.

3 billion, 5.

2.5 billion, 6.

20 ppm, EPS is 0.

95 yuan, 1.

16 yuan, 1.

37 yuan, corresponding to PE is 24 times, 19 times, 16 times, maintaining the “buy” level.

Risk warning: the progress of the fundraising investment project is less than expected; the component trading agency business declines.

Chinese Embassy in Philippines Holds Photo Exhibition

Chinese Embassy in Philippines Holds Photo Exhibition
People’s Daily Bangkok, February 27th (Reporter Zhao Yipu) On the 27th, the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines held a photo exhibition to combat the new crown pneumonia epidemic.Philippine 北京spa会所 Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Senior Official of ASEAN Affairs Manaro, 9 other ASEAN ambassadors to the Philippines, and overseas Chinese representatives from the Philippines attended the exhibition.In the lobby of the first floor of the embassy, metal display stands lined up, displaying 29 selected pictures, with English signing.Pictures are like bookmarks, marking many touching moments in China and China and ASEAN countries fighting the epidemic for more than a month.It is understood that the exhibition is divided into four parts: “the nation as a whole fights the epidemic”, “watch and help each other to overcome the difficulties”, “China and the Philippines help each other together and help each other”, and “all efforts to fight the epidemic and practice diplomacy for the people.”At the photo exhibition site, visitors 杭州夜网论坛 stopped and watched each picture for a long time, admiring the heroic stubbornness and fear of sacrifice of the Chinese people, especially medical workers, and admiring China’s tremendous efforts to prevent the global spread of the new crown pneumonia virus.sacrifice.ASEAN friends said that China’s joint defense and control system is unprecedented in human history, and its determination is admirable.It is because of China’s rapid and feasible measures that the region can achieve the results it is now in responding to the epidemic.Overseas Chinese representatives have expressed their support for China’s fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and are willing to do their best to help the government and people of the motherland (country) to overcome the epidemic as soon as possible.It is believed that under the strong leadership of President Xi Jinping and the extensive support of the international community, the Chinese government and people will eventually overcome the epidemic and restore normal working and life order at an early date.

Jinke shares (000656) annual report comments: Genjiza implements steady and far-reaching

Jinke shares (000656) annual report comments: Genjiza implements steady and far-reaching
Core view 2018 achieved revenue of 412.300 million, previously +18.6%; net profit attributable to mother 38.900 million, previously +93.9%; expected ROE is at least +8.8 up to 19.5%; it is planned to distribute a cash dividend of 3 per 10 shares.6 yuan, the dividend rate is 50.8%, overall performance exceeded expectations.The company’s grasp of the staged market situation in the Southwest market is the basis for a new round of global expansion, and its solid development and operation capabilities promote accelerated turnover of high-quality resources, and forecast EPS 0 in 2019-2021.96, 1.27, 1.64 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” level. High equity, expected projects to be carried over intensively, Chongqing market rhythm precision company’s 2018 profit is at the top of the performance forecast, and the main reason for exceeding expectations lies in (1) the 2016-2017 deep cultivation of Chongqing’s high gross profit projects entered the harvest period, and the regional revenue ratio reached62.6%, +16 per year.8 units.The previous region gross margin was +9 per second.8 up to 32.0%, driving development business gross margin +8.1 up to 28.6%.(2) The proportion of carry-over rights in the current period reached a new high in the past three years. In 2018, the proportion of minority shareholders’ profit and loss to net profit was only 3.4%.The company accurately controlled the value position and sales rhythm of the Chongqing market. Under the relatively conservative carry-forward rhythm, the advance account receipts at the end of 2018 sometimes increased significantly by 78.0% to 762.80,000 yuan, expected growth in performance is expected to continue. Stepped into the 100 billion camp for the first time, expanding the reserves and actively selling enough. In 2018, the company achieved a sales area of 13.42 million square meters, an annual increase of + 59%; the sales amount was US $ 118.8 billion, spanning + 81%, and the recovery rate was as high as 88%.In 北京桑拿体验网 2018, the sales volume in Chongqing area increased + 52% to 46.4 billion ahead of time, and the market share was +2 per second.1 up to 8.8%, continued to rank first.The national layout has a significant effect. The market share ranges of key cities such as Hefei, Zhengzhou, Nanning, and Wuxi.6% -2.7%, doubled in 2018.In 2018, the company’s land investment was 7 million yuan, +52 in ten years.2%, the value of the first and second-tier cities in the new soil reserves accounted for more than 75%, and continued to cultivate the core 25 cities.The saleable area at the end of 2018 exceeded 41 million square meters, and the total value of goods calculated at the average sales price of 2018 was approximately 363 billion US dollars.In 2019, the company plans to start 30 million square meters of new construction, ten years +11.1%, the plan plus the saleable value of 3,200 trillion, is expected to move towards the 150 billion target. The debt structure continued to be optimized, comprehensive community services, and new energy business diversified. At the end of 2018, we calculated the company’s net debt ratio (considering perpetual debt) or -90.2 up to 155.0%, excluding the asset and debt ratio of advance receipts for half a year.3 up to 51.3%, the short-term interest-bearing debt coverage of monetary funds is 98.5%.The main credit rating is AAA, and the rating outlook remains stable.Property management area reached 2 at the end of 2018.400 million flats, revenue and net profit growth reached 41% and 49% respectively.Revenue from the new energy sector, with net profit growth rates of 19% and 62%, and strong growth in diversified business development. Deeply cultivating the southwest + layout of the core first and second lines, maintaining the “overweight” rating company accurately grasps the phased market situation in the southwest market as the basis for a new round of national expansion, solid development and operation capabilities and rich incentive mechanisms to promote the turnover of high-quality resources, weContinue to be optimistic about continued high growth.Considering that the company’s 2018 performance was better than expected and that Gaoladi and Construction started supporting high performance growth, the EPS for 2019-2021 was raised to 0.96, 1.27, 1.64 yuan (previous value was 0 for 2019 and 2020).69, 0.80).Refer to comparable companies for July 2019.With a 4x PE estimate, taking into account the company’s high growth expectations, we believe that the company’s reasonable PE estimate for 2019 is 8-9 times, with a target price of 7.68-8.64 yuan (previous value was 5.22-5.80), maintaining the “overweight” rating. Risk Warning: Affected by the regional market in Chongqing; there is certain uncertainty in the company’s comprehensive community services and new energy business transformation; the company’s current shareholding structure is relatively decentralized.

In the summer, you must prevent overheating and cold

In the summer, you must prevent overheating and cold

With the gradual approach of the high temperature and hot summer season, if the indoor and outdoor working environments are completely different, the dysfunction of the body (such as heat stroke and air-conditioning disease) will cause certain harm to people.
Therefore, we should raise awareness of these diseases and prevent them before they occur.
  Heat stroke: Professor Gu Xiaohong from Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine suggested that the main manifestations of heat stroke patients are headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and elevated body temperature.
Some patients may also experience thirst, chest tightness, pale skin, cold sweats, abdominal pain, diarrhea, weak or slow pulses, and even coma.
A normal person’s body temperature is regulated by the brain’s body temperature center.
Keep your temperature constant by urinating, breathing, and sweating.
When the ambient temperature is too high and exceeds the control range of the body temperature center, it will lose its normal function and the body will not be able to sweat. At this time, the body temperature will rise sharply, affecting the respiratory circulation center, causing respiratory and circulation failure, and skin flushing or dryness.Heat, headache, nausea, general weakness, loss of consciousness, shock, etc., are severe and even death.
  Heatstroke tends to occur in the sultry summer, especially in the sun without a sunshade. For example, workers or walkers on the field or construction site are extremely prone to heatstroke; engaged in heavy physical work in high temperature (room temperature> 35 ° C), such asPeople with high indoor temperature, high air humidity, and poor ventilation are also prone to heat stroke; people who are frail, overtired, hungry, or suffer from heart, kidney, and liver diseases are also at high risk of heat stroke.
  Heat stroke can be treated with proprietary Chinese medicine or diet.
  ★ Chinese patent medicine Huoxiangzhengqi water (or pills, soft capsules, etc.), ten drops of water (or capsules), Liuyisan, Rendan, Qingshu Yiqi pills, afternoon tea, and external cooling oil, wind oil essence, etc.
  ★ Food therapy → Mung bean rice porridge Take 50 grams of mung beans, 100 grams of japonica rice, and a moderate amount of rock sugar.
Boil mung beans first, add mussels after the mung beans are softened, continue cooking until the rice is cooked, and then add rock sugar.
Take one dose twice daily.
  → Lotus leaf bitter gourd soup Take 150 grams of fresh bitter gourd, 1 piece of fresh lotus leaf, appropriate amount of seasoning.
First cut the bitter gourd and simmer it, then wash and tear the lotus leaves into small pieces, then add an appropriate amount of boiled soup and add the condiments.
Take one dose daily with a meal.
  → To prevent heatstroke, Gu Xiaohong said that indoor ventilation should be paid attention to in summer, and work clothes should be loose and light in color.
Measures such as cooling, ventilation, humidity adjustment, and isolation of heat sources should be adopted in high-temperature working environments; arrange work and rest periods reasonably to extend the noon break; strengthen personal protection and wear a sun hat for outdoor operations; reasonably supply beverages, such as salty refreshing drinks, and eat more peaches, Banana, apple, grape, watermelon, etc., because they contain a variety of vitamins and minerals, can improve the body’s tolerance to high temperatures and play a role in preventing heat stroke.
  Air conditioning syndrome: The temperature difference between the air-conditioned room and the outdoor is large. Frequent entering and exiting the air-conditioned room may cause cold symptoms such as cough, headache, and runny nose.
If you spend too much time in a cold air-conditioned room and you are wearing thin clothes, you will cause joint pain, stiff neck and back, heavy waist and hips, limb pain, numbness, and dizziness.
This is the air-conditioning syndrome, commonly known as air-conditioning disease.
  Air conditioning disease can be treated with proprietary Chinese medicine or diet.
  ★ Chinese patent medicine Huoxiangzhengqi water (or pills, soft capsules, etc.).
  In addition, ginger has three major effects: sweating and relieving the skin, warming the stomach and vomiting, and detoxifying.
People in the air-conditioned environment often drink ginger soup, which can effectively prevent air-conditioning diseases.
If you have an air-conditioning disease, you can go to an acupuncture clinic and ask a doctor to do acupuncture treatment, and go out for evil.
  ★食疗   →风热表证型(表现为发热、微恶寒、鼻塞、流涕、咽喉痒、痛、红、干、口渴欲饮水、咳嗽痰黄,舌苔薄白、脉浮数)宜选用Xinliang divergent, light and digestible food and medicated diet.
  Mulberry chrysanthemum and zhejiang tea 100 grams of mulberry leaves, 50 grams of chrysanthemum, 50 grams of Fritillaria cirrhosa.
The above raw materials are ground into coarse powder, divided into gauze bags, 15 grams per bag, 1 bag each time, put into a cup, brew with boiling water, and drink frequently.
  → Extreme sensation of heat and dampness (expressed as poor body heat, slight chills, sweating and discomfort, headache, heavy heads, drowsiness, chest tightness and nausea, loss of appetite, pale and sticky mouth, short urine, yellow greasy fur, Pulse 濡) should choose Qingrejie table, Qushu Lishi easy to digest and absorb food and medicated diet.
  Lentil lotus leaf porridge 15 grams of lentils (without pods), 1 fresh lotus leaf, 100 grams of japonica rice, moderate sugar.
Wash the rice and lentils and add boiled porridge.
After the porridge is cooked, add an appropriate amount of sugar, stir well, cover the porridge with hot lotus leaves until the porridge is light green, discard the lotus leaves, and serve immediately.
  Gu Xiaohong recommends that you do not adjust the room temperature too low for a long time in the air-conditioned room or after night. Generally, the temperature is constant at about 24 ° C. It is advisable that the indoor and outdoor temperature difference does not exceed 7 ° C. Within this temperature change range, the body temperature centerCan be adjusted freely.
The air flow rate in an air-conditioned room should be maintained at 0.
About 2 seconds / meter, if the air velocity exceeds this value, the pressure of the cold air on the human body will be greater than the human body’s tolerance, and over time, it will become ill.
Keep your desk or bed in your room away from the air conditioner.
The closer to the air conditioner, the faster the flow rate of cold air and the greater the impact on the human body.People who have been working in air-conditioned rooms for a long time should have some convenient clothes to put on and take off, and the brakes can be added at any time.

Bath towels and knee pads can also be used to keep warm on the knees.

These seemingly simple things are rarely done

These seemingly simple things are rarely done

1, sleep early and stay up late, in fact, is tormenting your body.

It can cause your blood pressure and high blood pressure to rise, posing a certain health risk to your heart, blood vessels, organs and brain.

So, be sure to go to bed early and have to go to bed before 23 o’clock.

2, drink water and wait until the thirst to remember to drink water, then the body is already in a state of water shortage.

Learn to drink without drinking water on a daily basis.

Especially in the morning, a cup of warm water can be used for laxatives. A cup of warm water before going to bed can reduce blood viscosity and reduce the occurrence of myocardial infarction and stroke.

3, exercise a little more exercise can give people a healthy body and a good attitude, so that the physiology is always young.

Sedentary tends to cause muscle to decline and shrink, which will cause overwork of the neck, shoulder and lumbar spine.

Therefore, walking more and working hard is the way to health.

4, the proper lazy life is so hard, you can be lazy!

What’s more, lazy has a lot of benefits, sometimes lazy but healthier and happy!

People who are lazy will not think too much, and it is very tiring to think about some small things.

Life has been confused, but it has become a light, clean, and wide heart.

5, travel to read a million books is not as good as traveling thousands of miles, go out and walk, you will find this world is really beautiful.

The beautiful scenery makes you forget all the troubles.

If you haven’t been there but want to go there, you must go early, don’t hesitate.

When you are in your old age, your physical strength may not be able to keep up with your heart.

6, lean meat to eat a little do not always think that eating meat is not healthy, blindly light tea, will lead to unhealthy body.

Because the meat contains some nutrients that other foods don’t have, it is necessary to eat a little and supplement the nutrition.

7, more fruits and vegetables to eat more vegetables, is very good for cardiovascular protection and cancer prevention.

Every day, you should eat more than 300 grams of vegetables, mainly leafy vegetables and dark vegetables (such as dark green, red, orange, purple, etc.).

Try to eat one or two fruits a day as much as possible.

8, oil and salt less salt to eat too much, will increase the burden on the kidneys.

It may reduce the barrier function of the oral mucosa, increase the chance of cold virus survival and spread in the upper respiratory tract, and may also lead to high blood pressure.

Cooking oil should be of better quality and often change the variety, half an oil per person per day.

9, eat a little bit to do a scientific diet, but also a variety of food.

Balanced with the prime, the coarse and fine grains should also be eaten to ensure that the various nutrients needed by the body are rich, and the variety is more and better.

10, food hot and eat more cold food will affect the digestion and absorption of the spleen and stomach, and even cause damage.

Therefore, it is necessary to avoid eating cold food as much as possible, and pay more attention in the harsh winter.

11, friends and more old points, old friends to meet the opportunity to grasp, to cherish the feelings of old brothers, old friends.

Have a cup of tea and have nothing to talk about.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet new and like-minded friends. Friendship is the most valuable.

12, a wide range of hobbies with a wide range of hobbies, can help you find fun in the ordinary life.

Painting and playing chess, swimming fitness, Tai Chi, square dance. You can enjoy yourself, find a garden where you can send your love and plant your own scenery.

13, in all things to see the opening of life is inevitable sorrow, as long as you maintain an optimistic attitude, have an open-minded state of mind, everything will look a little open, sorrow will be “smoke.”

Therefore, if you encounter an urgent matter, you must calm down; if you encounter a dilemma, you must be awake; if you encounter an angry thing, you must be open, not angry, not looking for gas, not getting angry, not rushing.

14, more laughter every day, a smile, ten years less.

Smile is the best skin care product, it is the cheapest frozen age secret recipe.Smile or laugh.

There are always wonderful reasons for a wonderful life, and the last smile will make you laugh the sweetest.

15, life is chic and chic, is a kind of generosity.

Looking down on the past, laughing and watching the present, watching the flowers bloom, the meaning of Yunjuan Yunshu.

Being chic, doing what you like, going the way you like, and being the one you like to do.

Let go of your heart and let your heart be free and free.

Anti-aging and anti-aging

Anti-aging and anti-aging

The early stage of the disease is often not easy to be noticed, so that the opportunity of early diagnosis and treatment is missed and a catastrophe is caused.

If the daily energy is extracted for proper self-massage, the function of the body can be adjusted to achieve the effects of strengthening the physique, dredging the meridians, preventing disease and anti-aging, and prolonging the life span, such as the stomach-blading regimen.

  The Abdominal Rejuvenation Method is an ancient and fashionable method of fitness that has been in existence for several years.

The famous doctor Sun Simiao takes “hundred steps after eating and often rubs his hands with his hands” as his health regimen.

In fact, rubbing is an easy self-care method suitable for middle-aged and elderly people, and it is generally replaced before going to bed and before getting up.

The method is to urinate, take a supine posture, relax the whole body muscles, eliminate distractions, and keep Dantian. First, attach the right palm to the navel, then put the left hand on the back of the right hand, and do a clockwise massage.Whole abdomen, then reduce the massage range and return to the umbilicus.

After that, swap the positions of the left and right hands, stick the left palm to the umbilical cord, fold the right hand, and do the counter-clockwise massage according to the previous method.

Use moderate force during massage so as not to cause abdominal pain or discomfort.

It is not advisable to rub your belly when you are hungry or full.

If there are malignant tumors in the abdomen, appendicitis and peritonitis, it is not advisable to do abdominal pain.

  TCM believes that “the back is yang and the abdomen is yin”.

The abdomen is where the internal organs of the five internal organs live, including the liver, spleen, stomach, gall, kidney, bladder, large intestine, and small intestine, and foot meridian, jue yin, shao yin, and renmai.

The abdomen is hailed as “the palace of the five internal organs and the six concubines, the birthplace of yin and yang and blood.”

The spleen and stomach are also the pivots of the lifting of the human body. The spleen is mainly raised, and the stomach is lowered. If the spleen is raised, it is healthy, and if the stomach is lowered, it is beneficial.

Spleen and stomach function is normal, Qingqingzhuo Jiangqi is normal, so that the body maintains the relative balance of yin and yang, qi and blood.

  Modern medicine believes that abdominal massage can promote strong gastrointestinal and abdominal muscles, promote blood and lymph fluid circulation, strengthen peristalsis in the body, increase secretion of digestive juice, and restore health and longevity, thereby achieving the purpose of health care.

  Practice has proven that not only can abdominal massage be good for health, but also a variety of diseases such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, pulmonary heart disease, diabetes, nephritis, pyelonephritis, gastric sagging, constipation, and nocturnal emission.

In addition, because the abdomen can stimulate peripheral nerves and dilate capillaries, the reorganization of skin tissue is excluded, which has the purpose of eliminating diabetic babies and losing weight.

  In general, massaging the abdomen can communicate with the upper and lower, divide the yin and yang, remove the old and new, enrich the five internal organs, drive away the evils of external feeling, and eliminate the endogenous phlegm.

It can be said that the stomach-blading regimen is neither costly nor laborious, as long as it is adhered to for a long time, you can receive good health care effects. Middle-aged and elderly friends do not hinder it.

Woman out of the psychological swamp

Woman out of the psychological swamp

Does the husband have an affair?

Why do I always feel ignored?

Why do you always have trouble?

. so you lament that being a woman is difficult and being a woman is tiring.

But have you introspected yourself: How much worry is meaningful?

How much worry is self-binding?

Out of the psychological swamp that lost you, you will find the sea and the sky, and life is more exciting.

  First, it is better to improve their women’s meticulousness, seriousness, and sensitivity, so that they have an advantage over men in some aspects.

But so-called, women also have shortcomings, suspiciousness, paranoia, perfectionism, and emotional weakness.

In our psychological consultation clinic, we often encounter such an example: Rong’er accidentally found a diary of her husband’s past when moving, and learned some things between her husband and her lover. Since then, she has questioned her husband every dayIt ‘s true, and she has read the diary many times, remembering it in her heart, wherever she goes, she will remember whether her husband has been here with others, what he did, and so on.

This made her very distressed, she couldn’t sleep all night and all night, and didn’t work at all during the day.

Their children are all in elementary school. Ronger doesn’t want to divorce her husband, but she can’t forgive her husband, and tortures each other in this way, which makes her husband extremely distressed.

  Although many women do not have such extreme behaviors as described above, they are still easy to doubt the loyalty of their husbands or boyfriends and use a lot of gains for cranky thoughts.

They lack trust and confidence in each other.

I often ask them that time is limited in life. How much time do we take to really think about our lives, work and entertainment?

Is it worth our time to think about irrelevant people and things?

After hearing this, some people will suddenly realize that they should think more about their own growth. As they look at the husband like a thief, they torture themselves to the point of losing their hearts and their looks, they might as well pay more attention to improving their quality and improving themselves.

  Seeing people is often inconceivable, grasping yourself is the most important.

Confident, self-loving women are attractive!

  Second, one cannot dedicate one’s character without oneself to heredity, and half to the acquired environmental influence and education.

As women grow up, parents will unconsciously give them too much protection. It seems that girls should be more coquettish than boys, and men should help women.

As a result, women have more alternatives than men.

  After getting married, many women’s main forces are put on their husbands and children. They feel that there is a husband fighting outside, and their wives and wives are honorable, so they do not want to be motivated, and they are gradually alienated from the outside world.

When the husband’s career develops and the child grows up, she becomes a superfluous person, unattractive to others, and feels inferior.

  The motherhood of women’s skin makes them willing to dedicate themselves, but women don’t consider their growth, career and hobbies at all.

Even if the family is rich, women should have their own careers and space, because women’s self-confidence is distorted.

  Qin Fei became a full-time housewife after she got married. Her main job every day is to do housework and go shopping.

In the workplace of her husband, she has no time to take care of her loneliness, and her friends have to go to work again. No one accompanies her for recreation.

Later, with the help of a psychiatrist, Qin Fei became a SOHO woman. She was both casual and busy all day. She no longer had time to pay attention to her husband’s phone and face. As a result, her husband often paid attention to her whereabouts and appreciated her.new life.

  Someone likens women to a book or a school, but if there is no fresh content, what is more attractive?

Therefore, women should care more about their career development and personality cultivation while enriching their lives.

  Third, women’s happiness surgery Women’s emotions are rich and prone to sentimentality, so who should put women’s happiness?

  Many women complain that her husband does not love her enough, and she is not romantic, considerate, or understanding, and she is upset.

Xiaoyu’s husband used to care for her. She often gave her small gifts, cards, and love letters, which made her very happy.

But after a few years of marriage, her husband’s work became more and more busy, and she became more and more indifferent to her, even forgetting their wedding anniversary and her birthday, which made her particularly sad.

Is the husband not loving himself?

Or something else?

She began to wonder if there was everlasting love.   In fact, the relationship between husband and wife is not static but develops and changes, from romance to reality, from flowers to fruits.

In the past, my husband used to send cards, but now I have to consider earning a house and a car for my family.

Within 3 years of marriage, the two were in a period of infatuation, and then entered an attachment period.

Women should consider creating happiness themselves rather than waiting for others to give them happiness and not become emotional beggars.

Women can have their own social contacts, go shopping, fitness, travel, learn new skills by themselves, make themselves live fuller, can be happier, and affect the husband is also happy.


Female happy black self.

  Fourth, don’t isolate your husband with love. No matter how you go out, women are more concerned about and more subject to family than men.

The relationship between women and in-laws is more difficult than the relationship between husband and father-in-law, because some women are sensitive and focus too much on their feelings.

In fact, if women are more concerned about the feelings of others, many relationships can be handled well.

  Many people unconsciously only think of their own needs and hobbies, and are unwilling to consider the needs of others, especially those who have grown up in the care of everyone more easily.

Lin Ling has been married for more than a year, and the relationship between husband and wife has always been very good, and the husband is generally recognized as a good husband.

Recently, her mother-in-law moved to live with them from abroad. The husband is a very filial son. Because he is very busy at work, he hopes his wife can take care of his mother.

Ke Linling has been living with her husband’s pets. Now there is another person in the family who shares her husband’s love. Suddenly, she feels that her psychology is very unbalanced, and she naturally behaves strangely to the old lady.

All she thought about was how she was ignored by her husband, and she had to fight for it without thinking about her husband’s needs and feelings.

In fact, as long as she treats his mother well, he will definitely return more love.

Some witty wives are particularly good to their husband’s ex-wife’s children. As a result, they do more with less and win double love from their husbands and children.

But some people can’t think of it.

  The idiom saying “love house and black” should be very suitable for the life of husband and wife.

Fighting for favor with her husband’s closest family will likely overthrow the balance he loves.

  Fifth, don’t make yourself a broken mouth woman. The attitude towards love will change after marriage, and you will unconsciously show that you want to unify your husband instead of respecting your husband.

Newlyweds can’t avoid a lot of quarrels while they are sweet, and the focus is on “who has the last say”.

  The Xiaoguan couple had just been married for more than six months, but they were so noisy about some trivial matters.

They are all highly educated intellectuals. They are usually polite, but they have another face when they fight at home. Why?

It turned out to be fighting for “leadership” in the family!

Husband used to be free and comfortable, and put things at random. He didn’t pay much attention to the small section, and Xiaoguan couldn’t tolerate it. He must transform him.

As soon as the husband came back, Xiao Guan stared at him, and for a while he thought that his bowl had not been cleaned, and then that he thought he was throwing socks around, and he became more and more fond of it.

The husband felt that home was a place to relax. As a result, he became more nervous than in the unit, so he did not love to go home, and his wife repeated more and more, forming a vicious circle.

  In fact, the wife did a lot of housework, but the credit was replaced. The husband was not only grateful but rather disgusted.

The smart choices are: 1. Do it without saying; 2. Do it together; 3. Leave him alone and let him do it.

In short, everything can not be too demanding perfection, you must open one eye and close one eye.

In this way, neither will feel tired.

  6. Don’t turn motherhood into an autocracy in the family. Mothers have to take more responsibility for educating their children. However, many personality characteristics of women have affected the psychological development of children.

  For example, the seriousness and carefulness of women, on the contrary, limit the children’s own sensory functions and organizational abilities. Children rely on their mothers for everything, and they lose care and carelessness; women’s hard work can’t help but replace everything for the children and make themWomen ‘s ability to take care of themselves and their ability to take care of themselves are extremely poor; women ‘s over-protection of children makes them afraid to face the outside society; women ‘s sensitivity and tension, and excessive attention to their children ‘s body and learning can easily make children nervous; womenThe uncle’s shame made children lose their self-confidence and their own values . This over-protection and over-concern mother love actually turned into an autocracy, which would seriously affect the child’s psychological development.

Women may be experts in all aspects, but to be a good mother, you must first become a child psychologist, because it is not enough to treat children with love, but also to have scientific knowledge and methods.

  Some people say that women promote social progress by promoting men, and determine their future by nurturing children.

Therefore, if women can get out of their psychological misunderstanding, life will be more exciting and the world will be better.