Regulators come out from time to time to say that deregulation should become a new direction for A-share reform

Regulators come out from time to time to say that deregulation should become a new direction for A-share reform
Deregulation should become the new direction of A-share reform. The A-share market has continued to slump, with turnover and indexes hitting new lows in recent years.In the meantime, in order to promote the stable and healthy development of the capital market, the regulators from time to time uttered shouts and successively introduced reforms.  On January 12, Fang Xinghai, vice chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, spoke at the China Capital Market Forum, stating that the daily limit on the first day of new shares is very unreasonable and restricts transactions and should be cancelled.  This policy originated from the reform of the new share issuance system implemented on January 1, 2014. At that time, in order to solve the three high issues of “high issue price, high price-earnings ratio, and super fundraising” of the new shares issue and the “stir-fry” phenomenon on the first day of listing,The 23-fold price-earnings ratio invisible red line and first-day daily limit for new shares is set, that is, 20% of the auction price on the first day of listing of new shares, and the upper limit of 20% after the opening, so the maximum increase is 44% of the issue price.  From the data of recent years, after the implementation of the policy, the phenomenon of the three highs has basically disappeared, but the “stir fry” of listed new shares has continued to increase.Statistics show that in the next few years, the average number of new stocks listed on the stock market has risen by about 10 stops. “New” appears to be a risk-free “money pick-up”. The so-called new funds also appeared in the war market.In fact, it is equivalent to turning over-raised funds of military listed companies into gains for newcomers.  Too many administrative interventions have always made financial supervision, including internal supervision of the A-share market, controversial, and it is easy to overlap the conflict of “dealing once, letting go”.Therefore, there are often “policy bottoms” and “market bottoms” in the downturn of the stock market. However, for a long time, there have been opinions that chaos should be dealt with more frequently, and there is also a lack of compliance with market laws and self-healing functions.  However, from the previous actions of the supervisory authorities, reducing administrative intervention and deregulation are expected to become the direction of future reforms.On October 30 last year, the CSRC issued a three-point statement in the intraday, and the second article mentioned: reducing interference in transaction conversion, allowing the market to have clear expectations of regulation, and giving investors a fair trading opportunity; December 20On the day, the State Council’s Financial Stability Development Committee initiated a symposium on capital market reform and development, and once again clearly and resolutely established the principle of marketization to reduce administrative intervention in transactions.  Fang Xinghai also said on the 12th that he would deregulate in the future. In addition to thinking that the daily limit on the first day of new shares should be lifted, he also mentioned the need to further relax stock index futures trading measures.At the same time, it is mentioned that whether the capital market is futures or spot, both the long and short sides need sufficient means. The price is not the final decision of the regulatory authority. There must be various means and tools to allow the market to fully play.Tool of.  There is no doubt that reducing administrative intervention in transactions is in line with the direction of marketization and rule of law. From a mature capital market perspective, it is more a pre-established system than an immediate administrative intervention, so that companies can be listed., Investors have expectations.  Therefore, it is necessary for the A-share market to reduce “nanny-style” supervision and give more play to the market’s ability to regulate itself.In the past, regulators often traded the market, such as restricting institutional purchases or sales, which could easily cause information asymmetry and lead to adverse selection. Therefore, appropriate guidance for reducing the window is required, especially when information is asymmetric.In the future, regulators should be prevented from directly intervening in the market, allowing investors to buy and sell freely in accordance with their own risk appetite and market expectations. The focus of regulation should be to provide investors with more fair trading opportunities and allow investors more opportunities to enter the capital market.Share the dividends brought by economic development.  Of course, reducing intervention does not mean condoning illegal acts. For actions such as sitting on the market or manipulating the market, we need to strengthen supervision after the fact.  It is worth mentioning that when the market gradually entered the downturn in the past, the supervisors accelerated the reform progress.In the second half of last year alone, the supervisory authorities introduced rules including perfecting mergers and acquisitions and reorganization rules, a strict delisting system, strengthening the information disclosure system, effectively protecting investors, and actively cultivating mid-to-long-term investors, and unblocking various asset management products to enter the 北京夜网 capital market.Channel and other policies.  It is foreseeable that when the market makes price discovery possible through a series of institutional arrangements and the market plays a decisive role in the allocation of resources, it will surely enable healthy and stable development and maturity.

Wingtech (600745) Interim Review: 2Q Revenue Hits New Quarterly High

Wingtech (600745) Interim Review: 2Q Revenue Hits New Quarterly High
Investment Highlights: Interim Report: Operating income 114.34 ppm, an increase of 110 in ten years.71%; Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.9.6 billion yuan, compared with -1 in the same period last year.7.7 billion; deduct non-net profit1.3.9 billion. 2Q revenue grew by 76 in ten years.5% exceeded expectations and gross margin improved by 2.9 points to 9.3%.Single-quarter revenue for the second quarter of 2019 was 65.50,000 yuan, an annual increase of 76.5%, an increase of 34% from the previous quarter; single quarter gross profit margin of 9.3%, an increase of 2 per year.9pct, an increase of 2 from the previous month.3 points.Net cash flow from operating activities in the first half of the year.6.6 billion, with revenue matching the supplementary operating cash inflow quota. AXA became a rare high-quality A-share semiconductor asset.AXA Semiconductor is a leading global semiconductor standard device supplier, focusing on the logic, discrete device and MOSFET markets, and has more than 60 years of semiconductor professional experience.Its products are widely used in automotive, industrial and energy, mobile and wearable devices, consumer and computer fields.In 2017, the company’s shares exceeded 1.3 billion U.S. dollars and its market share accounted for about 13.4%, the global rankings of market segments are among the top three. The communication customer base is more balanced than in 2018, and the profit margin of ODM business is expected to return in 2019.Wingtech’s profits come from the four major ODM profit models, including project development fees, technology royalties, foundry fees and procurement (supply chain 北京夜网 management) fees. In 2018, Wingtech entered Vodafone, OPPO, LG, Samsung and other mobile phone customers, as well as Huawei and other customers’ notebook business. The increased participation in procurement and OEM endeavors will help increase the profitability of single machines in 2019. Wingtech and Anshi have formed synergy in applications such as automotive electronics, consumer electronics, smart homes, and IoT terminals, and major regeneration has been carried out in an orderly manner.AXA Semiconductor is a leading global semiconductor standard device supplier, focusing on the logic, discrete device and MOSFET markets, and has more than 60 years of semiconductor professional experience.Its products are widely used in automotive, industrial and energy, mobile and wearable devices, consumer and computer fields, and are expected to form synergies.In 2017, the company’s shares exceeded 1.3 billion U.S. dollars and its market share accounted for about 13.4%, the global rankings of market segments are among the top three.Currently, Hefei Zhongwen Jintai has paid the transferor the second transfer price of RMB 57.57.5 million for the acquisition of the underlying assets. Upgrade earnings forecast and maintain overweight rating.Wingtech’s mid-term results exceeded expectations.Benefiting from the increase in revenue from mobile phone customers, the 2019/2020/2021 revenue forecast was increased from US $ 208/234/275 million to US $ 244/295/369 billion, and the net profit attributable to mothers was increased from 2.0/4.5/5.200 million increase 4.4/5.6/6.4 trillion, maintaining the overweight rating.

New Hope (000876) In-Depth Report: Cross-cycle 100 billion in revenue and 200 billion in market value

New Hope (000876) In-Depth Report: Cross-cycle 100 billion in revenue and 200 billion in market value

Report Summary 1. The company’s pig breeding business has entered a new stage of development: the adjustment of the organizational structure has been completed to remove obstacles to business development.

In 2018, the company set up 5 major BUs, and the “new good model” and “new six model” are under the management of the pig industry committee. At the same time, some of the feed farms are separated from the feed sector and are included in the pig industry committee.

In the organizational structure, the company made part of the profits of the feed department flow into the downstream aquaculture and food industry, avoiding internal consumption of the department; the organizational structure was adjusted and improved, which cleared obstacles for subsequent business development.

The advantages of settlement breeding mode were prominent in the non-blast period.

The construction of high-standard pig houses in settlement breeding mode has outstanding advantages in non-plague prevention and control. At the same time, feed, breeding and slaughtering resources gather to form a closed loop of the industrial chain and control of the entire industrial chain, creating risk exposure.

At present, 杭州夜网论坛 the company’s new pig farm is expected to be in a settlement mode. In the future, the proportion of live pigs in the settlement mode will continue to increase. Under the background of non-pestic normalization, the company’s prevention and control capabilities will be in the first echelon for a long time.

Abundant funds, large financing space and strong financial security.

The company’s rate of return on asset assets and large space for debt financing; wide access to funds and low cost. At present, the company’s unused bank credit line is expected to be more than 30 billion, and the loan interest rate advantage is obvious; the cash on hand is abundant, and the company’s cash at the end of 2018Class assets 57.

7.5 billion, feed business revenue contribution has been stable for more than 40 billion for many years, the company’s financing space and financial security is 青岛夜网 outstanding among peers.

2, 2022 is expected to achieve 100 billion in revenue, 200 billion in market value.

In 2018, the company set a business target of 25 million live pigs to be slaughtered in 2022, sales of 2,500 inches of feed, and 1 billion slaughter of meat and poultry. In May 2019, the company established a distribution incentive exercise condition of at least 120 billion revenue in 2022.

If the company successfully achieves its business goals in 2022, the revenue will reach 140 billion yuan, which is 100% of the 2018 revenue. Higher exercise conditions will also ensure the rapid growth of pig production in the next 4 years.

Calculated by segment estimation method, if the company’s business goals in 2022 are achieved, the company’s market value will reach at least 1837.

500 million, through the cycle, amazing growth.

The profit forecast is given a “Buy” rating.

If the slaughter volume of meat and poultry exceeds 1 billion in 2022, the number of slaughtering pigs will reach 25 million, and the sales target of 2500 feed sales will be achieved. It is estimated that the revenue in 2022 will be nearly 140 billion, and it is estimated that the growth rate will be about 100% in 2018.

According to the estimates of the sub-sectors, if all of the business goals in 2022 are met, the company’s market value will reach 1837.

500 million, with a market value of 777 on May 28, 2019.

As a benchmark of 4.3 billion, the market value has room for growth of 136.

36% with a BUY rating.

Risk Tips 1. Feed material supply and price risks. Rising raw material prices may adversely affect the company’s feed plate business performance. 2. African swine fever, blue ear disease and other epidemics in the breeding industry will affect the interaction of the pig breeding plate.
If a severe epidemic situation occurs in the company’s production base area, it will affect the company’s feed production and production and operation activities.

3. The abnormal fluctuation of pig price will prolong the impact on the profit of the company’s hog section, and the hog production volume and profit of the section may not meet expectations.

4. The emergence of African swine fever vaccine may suspend the process of de-capacity, and pig prices may rise or fall short of expectations.

Haige Communications (002465): Orders in line with expectations continue to restore new opportunities brought by satellite Internet

Haige Communications (002465): Orders in line with expectations 合肥夜网 continue to restore new opportunities brought by satellite Internet

Event 2019 The company achieved operating income of 46.

23 ppm, an increase of 11 years.

58%; operating profit 5.

75 ppm, total profit 6.

00 ppm, the net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company is 5.

19 yuan, an increase of 30 over the same period last year.

97%, 23.

58%, 19.


Brief Comment 1. The performance is in line with expectations and profitability has improved significantly.

The company’s single quarter revenue in 2019Q4 was 17.

78 ppm, an increase of 18 years.

3%, the net profit attributable to the mother in the fourth quarter was 2.

08 million yuan, an increase of 19 in ten years.


The net return to motherhood in 2019 is 11.

23%, an increase of 0 every year.

7 per share, expected average net asset income increased by 5.

95%, increasing by 0 every year.

7 averages, significantly improved.

The company’s performance and profitability have increased at the same time. Basically, military orders have continued to recover, and the military business has grown. The level of profitability of the military business is significantly higher than that of the civilian products business, which has continued to increase the overall profitability.

2. In the last year of the 13th Five-Year Plan, order recovery is expected to accelerate.

Generally speaking, the confirmation cycle of military orders is 6-9 months, and the replacement is interrupted at the same time. Generally, the confirmation is concentrated in the third and fourth quarters each year.

The military reform started to land at the end of 2017. Before 2017, military orders were very low; since the end of 2017, military orders have gradually resumed growth. In 2018, orders entered a full recovery period. In 2018, the company announced more than 1.6 billion military orders, of which 2018In the first half of the year, it was nearly $ 600 million, and in the second half of 2018, it was nearly $ 1 billion.

Democracy military contract orders announced in 2019 are 17.

12 ppm, higher than 2018, but during August-October 2019, the company re-announced the extension of the relevant contract. There is a short-term vacuum period. We expect that the industry order rhythm during this period will be affected by the National Day parade.The contract value of orders in 2019 may be even higher.

(Note: The company’s announcement order does not represent the company’s actual multi-year order amount).

2020 is the last year of the 13th Five-Year Plan, and we expect the order recovery to accelerate.

3. Beidou + Communication and deep satellite technology accumulation are conducive to accelerating the development of the satellite industry chain.

For many years, the company has accumulated deep technology in the satellite field and entered the Beidou field. The company has only RF + baseband chip capabilities. The Beidou terminal is the first echelon in the military field. In the satellite communication field, the company also continues to design and manufacture Tiantong mobile phones internally.One of the mainstream manufacturers of capabilities.

In 2020, it will be reduced and the Beidou 3 system will be fully built to provide services. Reorganization will accelerate the development of foreign low-orbit satellite Internet and gradually promote the development of domestic low-orbit satellite Internet. The company’s traditional technology accumulation in the field of satellite communications is expected to benefit.
Investment proposal: In 2020, military orders are expected to increase further, while profit margins are expected to further increase; the company has deep technology accumulation in the Beidou and Tiantong fields, and it is expected to benefit from the accelerated development of the domestic satellite industry chain in the future.

The company focuses on the main business, management reform, and continuously guarantees high R & D investment, bringing new product breakthroughs (including integrated terminal products, new-generation airborne short-wave communications equipment, etc.), and sustaining sustainable growth.

The subsidiary Xingyu Technology has laid out a high-precision location service operation, which benefits the core of autonomous driving and has better development prospects.

We estimate the company’s net profit attributable to its parent to be 5 in 2019-2020.

20 billion, 7.

0.8 billion, corresponding to PE of 54X, 40X, given a “buy” rating.

Risk reminder: The recovery of military orders fails to meet expectations, and the pace of order confirmation does not meet expectations.

The elderly should follow the five principles

The elderly should follow the five principles

With the rapid growth of the elderly population in China, the elderly have become the largest consumer of the pharmaceutical market.

According to statistics, prescription drugs for the elderly account for 23%-40%, and non-prescription drugs account for 40%-50%.

  However, the safety of medication for the elderly should also be well known.

It has been reported in the literature that the risk of adverse reactions due to drug treatment in older people over the age of 60 is generally in adults.

5 times.

Experts pointed out that due to the difference in medications for the elderly and adults, attention should be paid to both dosage and usage.

  There are specialities in the use of drugs in the elderly. Nowadays, people are paying attention to the dosage of children’s medications. Many people have pharmaceutical factories that produce small doses of medicines for children.

In fact, everyone has neglected that the elderly can also use drugs.

Due to physiological and psychological changes, the medications used in the elderly are different: 1 The variety of medications is mixed and prone to adverse reactions and interactions.

  2 Because most of the patients are chronic diseases, it takes a long time to use drugs, which may lead to accumulation of drugs and poisoning, and damage the functions of liver, kidney and hematopoietic system.

Therefore, elderly patients with chronic diseases should go to the hospital for regular checkups, and adjust the drugs and doses according to the medical prescription according to the condition.

  3 The function of each organ in the elderly is gradually reduced, and due to the difference in living environment and constitution, the individual dose difference is large and the tolerance is low.

Therefore, in general drug application, it is necessary to start from the minimum dose, gradually increase the amount, and find a dose that can control the disease and avoid adverse reactions, which is more suitable for your own dosage.

  Five principles for the elderly medication.

The principle of benefit must first have a clear indication for medication, and also ensure that the benefit/risk ratio of the medication is greater than one.

Even if there is an indication, but the benefit/risk ratio of the medication is less than 1, the drug can be given.


Five drug principles can not exceed 5 drugs for the elderly.

According to statistics, the adverse effects of adverse drug reactions using 5 drugs at the same time are 4%, 6-10 are 10%, 11-15 are 25%, and 16-20 are 54%.

It is necessary to clarify the treatment goals, grasp the main contradictions, and choose the main drug treatment.

Anyone who does not improve the efficacy and is poorly tolerated may not be considered for discontinuation to reduce the amount of medication.

If multiple conditions are required for a critically ill condition, the five drug principles should be followed after the condition is stable.

  Try to choose a double-edged drug, some use p blockers or calcium antagonists to treat high blood pressure and angina.

The use of a blocker in the treatment of hypertension and benign prostatic hyperplasia can reduce the amount of medication.

In addition, to prove non-pharmacological therapy, this is still an effective basic treatment.

For example, early diabetes can be treated with diet, and mild hypertension can be treated by limiting sodium, exercise, and weight loss. Older constipation can eat more crude fiber food, strengthen abdominal muscle exercise, etc., and the condition may be controlled without medication.


The principle of low-dose in addition to vitamins, trace elements and digestive enzymes in the elderly can be used in adults, all other drugs should exceed the adult dose.

As there is currently no guidance on the adjustment of doses for the elderly.

Therefore, according to the age and health status of the elderly patients, body weight, liver and kidney function, clinical conditions, treatment index, protein binding rate, etc., can be used to achieve therapeutic purposes with smaller doses, there is no need to use large doses.

  It should be noted that it is not a consistently small dose, either a small dose at the beginning or a small dose for maintenance therapy, which is primarily related to the type of medication.

For drugs that require the first dose (lidocaine, amiodarone, some antibiotics, etc.), in order to ensure rapid onset of action, there must be a sufficient minimum of adult dose.

The principle of low dose is mainly reflected in the maintenance amount.

For most other drugs, the principle of low-dose is mainly reflected in the beginning of the drug use phase, that is, starting with a small dose (1 / 5-1 / 4 of the adult dose), slowly increasing.

Preliminary estimates of efficacy and smaller complications are the criteria to explore the optimal dose for each elderly patient.


The principle of timing is based on the principles of time biology and time pharmacology, and choose the most appropriate time for treatment.

Due to the onset of many diseases, exacerbations and remissions have changes in circadian rhythms (such as variant angina, cerebral thrombosis, induction often occurring at night, peaks of acute myocardial infarction and cerebral hemorrhage in the morning); pharmacokinetics have circadian rhythmsChanges (such as day and night constant function is relatively hyperactive, so daytime medication is faster than nighttime absorption, blood concentration is high); pharmacodynamics also has circadian rhythm changes (such as insulin hypoglycemic effect is greater than afternoon).  For example, anti-angina drugs should be effective for covering peak episodes caused by angina.

Variant angina usually attacks from zero to six, so it is claimed to use long-acting calcium antagonists before going to bed.

Labor-type angina is often sudden at 6 am to 12 am, and long-acting nitrates, p-blockers and calcium antagonists should be used at night.


Suspension of medication principles When suspected adverse drug reactions, stop the drug.

Care should be taken during the medication of the elderly. In the event of new symptoms, including physical, cognitive or emotional symptoms, adverse drug reactions or progression should be considered.

For the elderly who take the drug, new symptoms appear, and the benefits of withdrawal are significantly more than the benefits of dosing.

Therefore, the principle of suspension of medication as one of the simplest and most effective interventions in modern geriatrics deserves high attention.

Efficacy analysis of popular cosmeceutical brands


Efficacy analysis of popular cosmeceutical brands

First of all, we must understand the nature of cosmeceuticals. It is different from ordinary cosmetics to make it more pure. We try to make the ingredients single, and these ingredients are required to be 100% public. No pigments, fragrances, etc. are added becauseIt highlights not enjoyment, but utility.

At the same time, it is very targeted, and the effective ingredients are higher than ordinary cosmetics, such as acid.


hzh {display: none; }  因为药妆品具备这两个比较显著的特性,所以它所适合的人群也就非常清楚了,那就是皮肤有特殊问题,而且比较严重,一般的化妆品要么是无法解决Your problem, either, simply cannot be used.

  At this time, you need to enter the “special needs clinic” for treatment. Maybe cosmeceuticals will help you.

For example, the skin is particularly fragile and sensitive. Cosmetics with perfumes and pigments can cause allergies. The skin is particularly dry and will dry out in the winter. The moisturizing degree of general cosmetics cannot be satisfied; there are obvious marks on the skinYes, because whitening products and freckle products are actually different, when the freckle products are produced and sold, they need to apply for a special batch number.

  The three hot springs are different from each other, is there no difference between medicine and cosmetics?

Of course, this is not the case. For the three most common French hot spring water brands on the market-Vizi, Avene, and La Roche-Posay, they seem to be very similar to each other. The brands all originated from French hot springs with skin treatment and healing properties.

But in fact each has its own characteristics, we must choose the most suitable products from the most suitable brands according to their own needs.

  Vichy makes ordinary skin more perfect, so when we look at its advertisements, they are broken out of the shell. The original plaques fell off and the original wrinkles were torn, indicating that it is the kindA functional brand.

Therefore, the brand’s next series is also divided into different skin problems, such as brightening vitality, active firming and repairing lines, radiance repairing series.

  La Roche-Posay is very moisturizing and moisturizing, suitable for poorly tolerated and sensitive skin.

Due to environmental pollution and other reasons, women’s fragile skin has become widespread. It is a common problem. If you shuttle in the air-conditioning room and the cold outside in winter, the conversion and moisture loss will accelerate, then the sensitivity will increase.very suitable.

  Avene is mild and very gentle. Each product contains about 50% of the ingredients of the Avene hot spring water, so it can be said to be “water” -like products.

It has no particularly strong efficacy, but it is indeed very suitable for the more sensitive people.

  In your allergic period, you can’t use anything, it can be properly dried, which will further damage the skin barrier. At this time, you can try Avene. It and La Roche-Posay are products with doctor’s prescription right, so you are also in the hospitalYou can see it.

What should I pay attention to during cholecystitis?

What should I pay attention to during cholecystitis?

As the pressure of life increases, some diseases become more common.

Cholecystitis is one of them.

Cholecystitis invades many people, and cholecystitis must be treated in time. Therefore, matters in life need to be noted.

What do you need to pay attention to every day for cholecystitis?

What are the precautions?

Daily considerations for patients with cholecystitis In general, patients with cholecystitis need to pay attention to the following items in their daily life: 1. Life should be regular to maintain a good mood, avoid overwork, do not overeating, eat less greasy food, eliminate the diseaseIncentives.

More regular activities, conditioning the blood of the meridians, in order to facilitate the biliary tract, reduce acute attacks.

2, pay attention to dietary hygiene, as appropriate, to allow mineral spring water or magnetized water.

Usually drink more water, the daily water consumption should be more than 1500 ml.

Eat a diet that avoids overeating.

Strictly control adults and foods with high blood pressure, such as animal brain, internal organs, fish eggs, egg yolk and so on.

Diet should use high-carbohydrate, low-fat, multi-vitamin light and digestible foods, eat more radish, vegetables, beans and other non-staple foods, eat more fresh fruits, eat less spicy, fried foods, should stop drinking, do not eat coldUnclean food.

3, suitable for outdoor sports for sedentary people should participate in outdoor activities, instead of doing exercises, running, walking, Tai Chi, Qigong and other exercises.

Advocating abdominal breathing, it can have a rhythmic “massage” effect on the biliary and pancreatic gastrointestinal organs, so that the liver and gallbladder is drained smoothly.

Daily diet problems of patients with cholecystitis 1, a small number of meals, can repeatedly stimulate the gallbladder contraction, promote bile discharge, to achieve drainage purposes.

2, reasonable cooking, should be cooked, soft-boiled, halogen, steamed, surplus, wolfberry, stew, stew and other cooking methods, avoid using simmer, fried, fried and so on.

High-temperature oils and fats contain decomposition products such as cholesterol aldehydes, which can stimulate the biliary tract and cause acute attacks of biliary tract contractions.

3, food temperature is appropriate, too cold and overheated food, are not conducive to bile discharge.

4, reduce animal feces intake, such as fat and animal fats, increase the amount of corn oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil, soybean oil and other vegetable oils.

Tips: Have cholecystitis, in addition to timely hospitalization and treatment, but also to maintain a good mentality, while ensuring regular work schedule and reasonable eating habits.

Strengthen physical exercise and eat less greasy food.

Cholecystitis is a high incidence, not far from us, so people who are not available should do preventive work.

Related Recommendations Cholecystitis Diet Guidelines Cholecystitis Diet Considerations What can patients with cholecystitis not eat?

Cholecystitis diet contraindications to the symptoms and treatment of cholecystitis to achieve these five points of cholecystitis away from you

What to do if there are fine lines around the eyes?

Try these few tips


What to do if there are fine lines around the eyes?
Try these few tips

With the increase of age, many women find that there are small dry lines on the corners of their eyes, which affects their skin’s youthful state and is very worried.

Put your fingers under your eyes and push them up horizontally. You can see that the parallel texture is the dry lines caused by lack of water.

The fine lines in the corners of the eyes are caused by dry and thin epidermal tissues, insufficient collagen and elastic fibers in the dermis, and other reasons.

So what to do if there are fine lines around the eyes?

Is there a way to eliminate it?

  Eye Massage: After cleaning the face each time, apply a certain amount of eye cream and do more eye massage to promote blood circulation around the eyes and reduce wrinkles at the corners of the eyes.

  Eye hot compress: Put a bowl of hot water, put a spoonful of salt into the hot water, stir well, then use absorbent cotton or cotton pads to soak the saline and heat the area under the eyes.

  Cucumber slices for eyes: Before going to bed, paste cucumber slices on the skin under the eyes for about 5-10 minutes. Keep applying it, which has a significant effect on soothing wrinkles around the eyes.

  Vitamin E Massage: Before going to bed at night, squeeze out the liquid in the Vitamin E capsules and massage gently at the fine lines around the eyes, which can effectively eliminate the fine lines on the eyes.

However, don’t wipe too much around the eyes, it is easy to cause tiny accumulation and form small particles.

  Banana Eye Mask: Smash the banana, add half a spoon of olive oil, make a paste, and apply it around the eyes to remove fine lines on the eyes.

  Carrot juice + olive oil for eyes: Use carrot juice and olive oil to blend evenly, apply it on the skin around the eyes and around the corners of the eyes, and often apply it to soothe the wrinkles of the eyes.

  Supplement collagen: In daily life, add more vitamins and collagen, change the habit of squinting and watching things, maintain good living habits, do not stay up late.

  Loofah Eye Mask: Squeeze the loofah into water, mix it with alcohol and honey, and apply it to the areas with fine lines around the eyes to remove wrinkles.

In addition, it can be applied to the whole body to replenish skin!

Baby cleaning little ass No difference between men and women

Baby cleaning little ass “No difference between men and women”

Step 1 of the baby’s little PP cleaning solution. Untie the baby flat on the bed and untie the diaper. The baby often starts to urinate at this time, so the first half of the diaper remains on the penis for a few seconds after the diaper is untied.Zhong, wait for him to finish peeing.
Take advantage of the wet absorbency of the diaper to hold your urine to avoid wetting and contaminating the mattress.
Step2 Wipe the mother standing on the right side of the baby’s body, first grab his two ankles with her left hand and pull up with one finger between the two ankles of the baby, so as not to cause the baby’s pain and discomfort due to the squeeze of the legs.
The mother then opened the diaper with her right hand, wiped off the residual feces around the anus with a relatively clean inner surface of the diaper, folded the front and back two pieces of diaper, and temporarily placed it under the small PP.
Then, put your baby’s feet down and scrub the butt with a special wet tissue or a clean warm and wet towel.
Step3 Wash the small belly first until the umbilicus.
Then clean the skin folds of the thigh roots and external genitals, and wipe them from the inside out.
Clean your baby’s testicles with a clean wipe, including under the penis, where urine stains or stools may be present.
When cleaning the penis, wipe it away from the baby’s body and do not push the foreskin up.
It is not necessary to wash the foreskin before the baby is half a year old, because the foreskin and the penis completely grow together at about 4 years old, and turning the tender foreskin prematurely will hurt the baby’s genitals.
When cleaning the underside of the testicle, you gently support it with your fingers.
After washing the front, lift your baby’s legs and clean the back of the anus and buttocks.
Step4 Nursing mother wipes her hands and wipes her baby’s small PP with a paper towel.
If your baby has a red ass, you can let him kick his bare butt for a while, dry the little butt, and apply some butt pads around the anus and buttocks.
Tips: Because male babies usually urinate forward, they should hold the baby’s penis when wearing a diaper to prevent the baby from getting wet with the bib.
Step 1 of baby girl’s little PP cleaning solution. Untie and untie the diapers, wipe away the residual feces around the anus, and use a wet tissue or a clean warm and wet towel to wipe the entire belly to the umbilicus.
Step2 Wipe Use a clean wet wipe to scrub all skin folds on the baby’s thigh roots, and wipe from top to bottom and from inside to outside.
Step3 Wash and lift your baby’s legs and place one of your fingers between her ankles.
Next, clean the vulva and scrub it afterwards to prevent bacteria in the anus from entering the vagina and urethra.
Clean the anus with clean wipes, then the buttocks and thighs, and wash in to the anus.
Step4 Nursing mother wipes her hands and wipes her baby’s small PP with a paper towel.
If your baby has red ass, you can let her play with her ass bare for a while, dry her little butt, and rub her buttocks around the vulva, labia, anus, and hips.
Tips for babies are generally not recommended with talcum powder.
Women’s pelvic cavity is in communication with the outside world, and dust and particles in the external environment can enter the abdominal cavity through the vulva, vagina, cervix, uterine cavity, and open fallopian tubes, and attach to the surface of the ovary, which will stimulate the proliferation of ovarian epithelial cellsAnd then induce ovarian cancer.