Gaode Infrared (002414): Over 500 Million Military Contracts Concentrated Extension and Efforts to Maintain High Growth in 2020

Gaode Infrared (002414): Over 500 Million Military Contracts Concentrated Extension and Efforts to Maintain High Growth in 2020
Incident From December 19 to December 31, 2019, the company issued three announcements of important contracts for daily operations, with a total contract value exceeding 500 million yuan.  Commenting on the record high performance in 2019, the final new growth single-year 2020 high-growth foundation in the first three quarters of 2019, the company achieved operating income of 10.580,000 yuan, an increase of 107 in ten years.76%; net profit attributable to mothers2.350,000 yuan, an increase of 142 in ten years.29%, revenue and profit hit a record high.  The company expects to achieve net profit attributable to mothers in 2019.9.8 billion -2.6.4 billion, an annual increase of 50% -100%.Since the expiration of Handan Mechanical and Electrical’s performance commitment period involves the accrual of excess award amounts, it will bring about an increase in the cost of the breakthrough amount. Handan Mechanical and Electrical’s 2015-2019 performance commitments totaled 2.1.6 billion, 40% of the excess is used as a performance reward, and Handan Electromechanical has completed 2 from 2015 to 2018.With a net profit of 8.7 billion, assuming Handan ‘s net profit is 80 million this year, a total of 60 million expenses will need to be accrued this year as performance rewards. After excluding Handan ‘s performance rewards, the company ‘s net profit attributable to mothers in 2019 will be about 2.5.8 billion-3.2.4 billion, an increase of 95% to 145% in ten years.  From December 19, 2019 to December 31, 2019, the company issued three announcements of important contracts for daily operations, with a total contract value exceeding 500 million yuan.Among them, some products are the first batch of new stereotyped military products, and some products are the first release of the company’s traditional advantage model products in the new military field. The two types of new business involve contract amounts exceeding 2.9 trillion; in addition, there are nearly 2.The 200 million contract is a follow-up contract to the first batch of contracts in April 2019, with an increase in contract value of nearly $ 100 million.We expect that the company’s infrared-related business in 2019 will continue and maintain a certain growth in 2020, and the nearly $ 400 million new product contract will be the basis for the company’s high growth in 2020.  A certain type of weapon system is expected to begin mass production this year. Our army and the military trade market have ample space. The company is the first private enterprise in China to obtain the overall qualification of a complete weapon system. It has officially undertaken the development of a certain type of weapon system and actively participated in a number ofPre-research and bidding for the complete weapon system of the new system.In 2014, the company obtained the “Registration Certificate for Weapon Equipment Manufacturing Unit” and “Warm Equipment Research and Production License” issued by the General Equipment Department of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and the National Defense Science and Technology Administration respectively after the addition of the license.The overall development qualification of the new complete weapon system breaks through the history of the overall parts and components matching of the previous private enterprises in the field of weapon equipment research and production, making the company the first private enterprise to enter the field of complete weapon system development.  The company successfully acquired Handan Electromechanical in 2015, and the business field was successfully extended to the field of pyrotechnics, which helps the company to make full use of its mature management experience and talents, qualifications and other advantages in the field of scientific research and production of pyrotechnic products to make overall plans for the production of pyrotechnic productsActively develop a series of precision guided weapon systems to achieve mass production of a certain type of weapon system as soon as possible.  In 2016, the company won the overall bid for a certain type of weapon system, obtained the overall development task of the weapon system issued by the Army Equipment Department, and officially undertook the overall development task of the national complete weapon system.In the same year, the company obtained approval for a series of complete arms system products for military trade export, and vigorously promoted arms system products for military trade exports and domestic batch production.After years of development and testing, an army weapon system is expected to be mass-produced in 2020. This product has a broad market space in our army, military trade and other fields.  High-end infrared chips continue to break through and break through the high-end core devices in the infrared industry. The company has become the only company in China that successfully built three batches of detector chip production lines. It has achieved a high-volume production capacity of “China’s infrared core” with completely independent intellectual property rights., Becoming the most complete infrared thermal imaging detector chip and application solution supplier in China.  In 2019, the company’s 1280 × 1024 @ 12μm large area array uncooled infrared detector has completed the finalization work in the report. It will soon enter the small batch production stage and will be the main force for special applications such as high-end military and high-end civil applications in the future.The company’s high-end mercury-tellurium medium-wave refrigeration type 1280 × 1024 @ 12μm large area array infrared detector project has passed the technical achievement appraisal and represents the highest level of domestic refrigeration infrared detector chips.  Wafer-level packaging production line for batch production and supply. The downstream civilian product market expanded and developed. The company completed the construction of the first domestic non-refrigerated wafer-level packaging production line, and realized the batch production and supply of some products based on this. The product line has covered the high, middle, and low end.To meet the needs of various customers.With the mass production of the company’s wafer-level packaged detectors, packaging efficiency will be greatly improved, device costs will be effectively reduced, and the civilian product market will expand the scale of more application scenarios through cost reduction.  The company’s subsidiary, Zhigan Technology, optimized the production supply chain, improved 武汉夜网论坛 production capacity and efficiency, and achieved rapid growth in sales performance. The number of products produced and shipped in the first half of the year exceeded the total in 2018.In the field of consumer electronics, the company officially released MobIRAir, an infrared thermal imaging mobile phone accessory, on April 22, adopting a self-developed 120 × 90 @ 17μm wafer-level packaged detector by Gaode, which is the first wafer-level packaged detector to be launched after mass production.This consumer-grade product is the first first-line manufacturer’s mobile phone thermal imaging plug-in with a price of about 1,000 yuan. At the same time, the company has also obtained in many markets such as outdoor hunting, industrial online temperature measurement, inspection and quarantine, and smart home.Important breakthrough.  Earnings forecast and investment grade: concentrated growth in military contracts, performance is expected to maintain rapid growth, maintaining the “overweight” rating company’s infrared core device advantage expansion, military products tasks maintain rapid growth; the company expands the entire industrial chain based on infrared detection weapons and equipment, a certain weaponSystem batch production is imminent, and the volume is expected to continue in the next two years; the company is vigorously promoting the application of infrared detection technology in the new civilian field, and has already been applied in many fields, which is expected to become the company’s new profit growth point.It is estimated that the company’s net profit attributable to mother from 2019 to 2021 will be 2.31, 5.35, 6.72 ppm, an increase of 75 per year.09%, 131.54%, 25.50%, corresponding to 19 to 21 years of EPS are 0.25, 0.57, 0.72 yuan, corresponding to the current expected PE is 89, 38, 30 times, maintaining the “overweight” level.

Anxin Fund Zhang Jing: Looking for good companies with core competitiveness

Anxin Fund Zhang Jing: Looking for good companies with core competitiveness

Anxin Fund Zhang Jing: Looking for a company with core competitiveness ⊙Liu ChangyuanIn the first stage, we will focus on finding structural highlights, and select leading stocks with long-term performance and core industries with core competitiveness for investment.

  Zhang Jing has managed Anxin Flexible Allocation Fund since 2017 and has achieved an annualized return of 12%. The net value has increased by 42% since 2019, ranking the top 4% among similar products.

Regular public reports show that the fund’s heavy warehouse stocks include Wen’s shares, Makihara shares and other pig cycle bull stocks.

This time, Zhang Jing and Chen Zhenyu, the deputy general manager of Anxin Fund, took charge of Anxin’s core competitiveness and flexible allocation of hybrid funds.

Chen Zhenyu, the company’s deputy general manager in charge of investment research, has 25 years of experience in the securities industry. He is good at fundamental value research and gains from market pricing errors. He has extensive experience in grasping the rhythm of bull and bear turnover.

  The reason to choose to issue a new fund at this time is based on the optimistic judgment of the trustworthiness of A-shares’ long-term investment value.

In December last year, Zhang Jing publicly stated that the A-share is estimated to be at the bottom of history, and the time for sowing has come. At the same time, the Anxin Core Competitiveness Fund declared at the same time.

Despite the rapid growth of A shares in the first quarter, Zhang Jing believes that CSI 800’s estimate is still low.

“Even with the most caution, current estimates are in a reasonable state.

After a period of time, there have been more and more stocks with long-term high return potential, and we are full of confidence in the market outlook.

Zhang Jing said.

  Although there are optimistic expectations for the market outlook, Zhang Jing reminded that the general rise in oversold repairs may have ended, and it has now entered the stage of looking for structural bright spots that are beyond expectations.

As the name of the fund, core competitiveness may be a key factor in judging the value of enterprises in the next stage.

  ”The Chinese stock market has never lacked big bull stocks. What is lacking is only vision and courage.

Zhang Jing is quite confident in his stock selection ability.

In his opinion, it is his team’s specialty to find good companies with core competitiveness.

“We are not disturbed by short-term market sentiment.

Buying and holding a good company with a good price, making money is a high 北京夜生活网 probability event.

“So, what is the core competitiveness of an enterprise?

According to Zhang Jing, in the long run, core competitiveness can enable enterprises to maintain long-term competitive advantages and obtain stable excess profits.

To put it simply, core competitiveness is a company’s unique technology or ability that can withstand the test of time and that has the ability to withstand extensibility and is difficult to imitate.

  Chen Zhenyu said that the stock selection strategy of Anxin’s core competitiveness and flexible configuration of hybrid funds can be summarized using the “F + G” model, that is, selecting those companies that have franchise characteristics and long-term growth capabilities. This model andThe core competitiveness is similar.

  Zhang Jing stated that there are three elements of a company’s 武汉夜生活网 core competitiveness, namely industry prospects, business models and competitive advantages.

In the industry, choose industries with broad development space and excellent structure, and it is best to avoid those industries that will be eliminated due to technological progress. In terms of competitive advantage, consumer companies must seize pricing power and manufacturing companies must have customers.Sticky; the business model includes the level of industry entry information and trends, etc. In essence, a good business model can create long-term value for shareholders.

  If you use a financial indicator to observe the three elements of a company’s core competitiveness, it is the return on equity (ROE).

Zhang Jing said that he will focus on finding companies with long-term composite high ROE, while grasping the cycle inflection point of the industry.

  From the perspective of position allocation, Zhang Jing can take pan-consumer long-term bull stocks as the bottom position, and at the same time maneuver the allocation of cycle and technology stocks based on the grasp and judgment of the changes in the prosperity of the leading industry segments.

Zhang Jing introduced that bull stocks that are the bottom positions rarely underestimate the opportunity to buy, and the key to obtaining excess returns also needs to seize the opportunity of good mobile allocation positions.

  However, Chen Zhenyu said that the stock selection of the mobile configuration part is not limited to certain industries. It is more based on fundamental research to select individual stocks. It does not deliberately divide cycles or industries.

  In addition to selecting good companies with core competitiveness, Zhang Jing said that it is also necessary to obtain “good prices” through timing.

“Historically, the A-share market will have a major timing every few years, and it must be grasped from the perspective of risk control.

To grasp the good times, it is necessary for fund managers to carry out long-term follow-up evaluations, changes in market transaction structure and other factors, and we cannot relax our vigilance because of turbulent market sentiment.

Fosun Pharma (600196): GLAND plans to promote overseas listed biopharmaceuticals, small molecule innovation continues

Fosun Pharma (600196): GLAND plans to promote overseas listed biopharmaceuticals, small molecule innovation continues

Event: Recently, the company announced that (1) the holding subsidiary Gland Pharma Limited intends to publicly issue shares and list them on the National Stock Exchange of India and Mumbai Stock Exchange; (2) HLX02 (trastuzumab biosimilar) is used forThe Phase III clinical study for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer indications has reached the expected main endpoint; (3) FCN-647 capsules of Chongqing Fuchuang Pharmaceutical, a subsidiary of the company, have been clinically approved for replacement; (4) HLX11 (Pertuzumab biosimilarDrugs) are used for metastatic breast cancer, and early diabetes is clinically substituted.

Gland promotes overseas listing and capital helps long-term development.

Gland is a 74% -owned overseas small-molecule injection generic drug platform. It is the first injectable drug manufacturing company in India to obtain US FDA approval. Its current revenue is mainly from the United States and Europe.

Competitive core products include enoxaparin injection, daptomycin, vancomycin, rocuronium bromide, etc. The glands maintain stable and robust rapid growth.

Revenue in 2018 was 19.

1.2 billion (26.

62% +), net profit 2.

8.3 billion (39.

92% +); revenue in the first half of 201911.

9.5 billion (18.

87% +),杭州桑拿网 net profit 2.

1.1 billion (28.

91% +).

Gland Pharma’s upcoming overseas listing is conducive to the further development and expansion of its local market, optimizing its corporate governance and capital structure, and continuing to expand its leading edge in the industry.

It is expected that after completion of the overseas listing, Gland Pharma will remain the company’s controlling subsidiary.

Continuous innovation, biological drugs and small molecule innovative drugs continue to make progress.

(1) The company has outstanding biopharmaceutical strength. In the first half of 2019, it was approved for the domestically produced first biosimilar drug Hanlikang.

HLX02 (trastuzumab biosimilar) has been declared for production replacement in the first half of the year, and this clinical phase III has reached the intended end point. We expect the product to be approved 深圳桑拿网 for marketing in the first half of 2020, making it the first domestically produced trastuzumab biosimilarmedicine.

HLX11 (Pertuzumab biosimilar) is about to enter the clinic, and the company has a rich pipeline of HER2 catheter products.

(2) FCN-647, a small-molecule innovative drug, has been clinically substituted, and we expect it to be a BTK target inhibitor.

Many small-molecule innovative drugs have gradually entered the clinic, and it is expected that they will be accumulated.

In the long run, Fosun Pharmaceutical’s product upgrade iteration is taking place. Products such as febustat, pitavastatin and other products are being reversed. Products such as monoclonal antibodies and small molecule drugs are about to become the mainstay of the second stage.The third step is supported by the cell therapy drugs, stem cell drugs, and first-class innovative drugs under development.

The company’s first and second product upgrades are in progress at the same time. In the future, the profit structure will change, and the main business will return to growth in 2020.

Earnings forecast and investment advice: We estimate that the operating income for 2019-2021 will be 286 trillion, 344 trillion, and 402 trillion, with an annual increase of 14%.

58%, 20.

42%, 16.

79%; net profit attributable to mothers is 31.

3.4 billion, 37.

4.3 billion and 45.

55 ppm, an increase of 15 in ten years.

73%, 19.

42%, 21.

70%; corresponding EPS is 1.

22, 1.

46 and 1.

78 yuan.

The company is one of the domestic leading companies in innovative medicines. Starting from 2019, innovative medicines have gradually entered the harvest period and maintained a “buy” rating.

Risk warning: risk of failure of new drug research and development; risk of asset disposal progress being less than expected; risk of overseas business progress being less than expected.

Tongkun Co. (601233): Achieving a cost advantage in line with expectations to build a moat

Tongkun Co. (601233): Achieving a cost advantage in line with expectations to build a moat

Core View Interim Report Earnings Meet Expectations: The company announced a 19-year interim report and achieved revenue of 246 in the first half.

3 billion, an annual increase of 31.

9%, realizing net profit attributable to mother 13.

900 million, an annual increase of 2.

2%, the overall performance was in line with expectations.

In the first half of the year, the PTA spread expanded to 603 yuan / ton, but the polyester POY spread narrowed continuously to 588 yuan / ton. Benefiting from the advantages of industrial chain integration, the company’s profit remained stable and rose.

In addition, the company’s polyester production and sales rate reached 110 in the first half of the year.

7%, achieving net cash flow from operations of 32.

7 billion, a previous major increase of 405.

1%, the inventory was reduced by 2 billion, and the asset structure was significantly improved.

Prosperity of the industry: Although the price gap has recently declined, PTA is still the most tight supply and demand situation in the industry chain this year, and benefiting from the price drop of PX, it is expected that the price gap will remain above 1,000 yuan / ton this year, but 北京夜生活网 the supplementary shock will increase next yearOr will restart.

The biggest problem with polyester currently lies in the high downstream inventory. It is expected that it will be difficult to have much upward flexibility until the industry chain actively destocks. The business climate will be moderately downward, but the company can still maintain a cost advantage of 200 yuan / ton.

Focus on the growth space brought by cost advantages: Benefiting from the scale, management and integration advantages, the company has a strong expansion capacity in the polyester field. According to the current plan, the company’s own operating net cash flow can be expanded to 10 million in five years.Ton-level, market share and pricing power will continue to increase.

In addition, the company has realized upstream PX raw material self-sufficiency through its shareholding in Zhejiang Petrochemical. In addition to increasing investment income and profitability, the future industry synergy and anti-risk capabilities are also expected to increase.

Financial Forecast and Investment Suggestions We expect the company’s EPS in 19-21 to be 1, respectively.



70, based on 10 times PE of comparable company for 20 years, given a target price of 16.

50 yuan, maintain BUY rating.

Risk reminder risks of oil price fluctuation; demand reduction risk; production capacity is less than expected; ROE transfer risk

Brazil relaxes citizens ‘restrictions on gun ownership

Brazil relaxes citizens ‘restrictions on gun ownership

Xinhua News Agency, Brasilia, January 15 (Reporter Zhou Xingzhu) Brazilian President Bossonaro signed a decree on the 15th to relax restrictions on the possession of firearms by Brazilian citizens.

  The new decree stipulates that citizens who wish 天津夜网 to own guns must submit an application to the federal police, and passers will be able to equip up to 4 guns inside their home.

To equip more guns, citizens need to provide proof.

The validity period of gun registration was extended from 5 to 10 years.

  Except for soldiers, police and other special occupations, rural residents can apply at the same time, and urban residents must live in cities where more than 10 people die each year for every 100,000 people.

  In addition, the new decree retains the basic conditions in the previous regulations, such as gunmen must be 25 years of age, have no criminal record, participate in shooting courses and pass psychological tests.

  In the previous rule, all citizens who applied for guns were required to present reasons to the police, such as death threats.

The new decree details the conditions, and those who meet the conditions do not need to state their reasons.

However, the police still have the right to reject the application if it is found that the applicant is involved in the criminal organization or the application materials are fraudulent.

  This decree only relaxed the conditions for owning a firearm, and the rules for carrying a gun to the streets were the same as before, and a permit to carry a firearm was still required.

  Bossonaro was sworn in as president of Brazil on the 1st of this month, and during the campaign he promised to support citizens’ legal possession of guns.

Original Title: Brazilian President Signs Decree Relaxing Citizenship of Guns

What are the benefits of women practicing yoga?

What are the benefits of women practicing yoga?

Why is yoga more and more popular?

  This is not only because of the unique charm of yoga culture, but also as one of the most natural and affinity exercises, it is suitable for people of any age and gender.

Let’s unveil the “mystery” of yoga, approach yoga, get in touch with yoga, feel yoga, and appreciate the many benefits that yoga brings to us.

  First: Yoga can help you keep fit.

Yoga can correct spinal deformities caused by normal fatigue or poor sitting posture, can improve bad posture, enhance self-confidence, stretch the muscle system, make the human body beautiful, and have the effect of weight loss, enhance self-healing power, prevent variousDiseases such as: migraine, insomnia, constipation, gastrointestinal diseases, arthritis, etc.

  Second: Yoga can help us reduce stress.

Yoga can help us improve our ability to concentrate, relieve tension, reduce stress suppression, eliminate psychological barriers, restore inner peace and tranquility, and make people healthy.

  Third: Yoga can regulate beauty.

Yoga pushes, pulls, twists, squeezes, stretches and other postures on the internal organs and organs to self-massage, enhances physiological functions, regulates endocrine, makes the body’s metabolism better, delays aging, and maintains a youthful and beautiful face.

Water can detect your emotional secrets

Water can detect your emotional secrets

Want to know what type of relationship you have?

Determine which of the following water-related scenery you would most like to see.

Ocean 2.
Stream 3.
Waterfall 4.
Lake 5.
Xiao He, have you chosen?

  Option 1: Your emotional performance is often brave, open-minded, free, never doubting or doubting others’ attitudes or intentions towards you, being very tolerant of others, and adopting a evasive attitude when encountering people who really dislikeNo direct conflict.

  Option 2: You are a very understanding person, and your mind is too delicate and easily depressed.

If you are aggrieved or bullied, you often want a strong person to come and help you.

It is not easy to tolerate the rudeness and recklessness of others, and it is suitable for an earlier and decisive person to live together.

  Option 3: Deep in your heart, there is a desire to be expressed, and your outspoken personality makes you dare to speak up and comment on right and wrong. You often make mistakes for expressing your feelings quickly, but you rarely do it for yourself.Regret your mistakes, you always look at life with a humorous attitude, relaxed and happy, not easy to suppress your feelings.

  Option 4: Emotionally you are a person with a sense of security. You are deeply connected with your friends. You never have a direct conflict with others. You always adopt a re-arranged attitude to accommodate friends and family. You believe that the most important thing between people isThe thing is to be able to coexist peacefully.

Usually, you rarely disturb others meaninglessly, and your friends will not disturb you excessively. Your life can be said to be leisurely.

  Option 5: You have a free and open mind, and most of your life is not constrained by others. You have the courage to express opinions, but you do n’t like to analyze the solution to problems.

There are many friends, but the relationship is not necessarily very close, because you like to make friends, but you don’t like to interfere with your quiet days because you share the problems of friends.

There are so many benefits to eating grapes

There are so many benefits to eating grapes

The nutritional value of grapes is very high: intake of sugars, vitamins A, B1, B2, C, protein, mineral potassium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients, a lot of fruit acids in grapes help digestion.

Grapes are medicines and foods of the same origin. Properly eating grapes can strengthen the spleen and stomach.

  First, the benefits of eating grapes 1.

Cardio-cerebral vascular disease prevention studies have shown that grape skin and grape seed contain the antioxidant substance resveratrol, which has a positive effect on the prevention and treatment of cardio-cerebral vascular disease, and better prevents thrombosis than aspirin,Reduce human serum cholesterol levels and reduce platelet cohesion.


Exciting glucose, organic acids, amino acids, and vitamins in the grapes of the brain have an exciting effect on the nerves of the brain, and frequent eating also has complications for those who are neurasthenia and excessive fatigue.


Expectant long-term smokers can eat more grapes.

Grapes can not only help detoxify lung cells, but also have an expectorant effect. It can relieve the symptoms of respiratory inflammation and itching caused by smoking.


Antiviral grape juice is an adjuvant therapy for the rehabilitation of frail patients, patients with atherosclerosis and nephritis.

It can help patients with organ transplantation to reduce rejection and promote early recovery.

Directly imparting grape juice also has an antiviral effect.


Weight loss grapes are not easy to gain weight.

Women eat a dozen fresh grapes containing a lot of vitamins every day, which can not only achieve weight loss, but also benefit cardiovascular health.


Appetite-raising raisins are nutritious foods, suitable for those with weak constitution, can appetite and increase appetite, and have effects such as tonicity, analgesia, and analgesia.


The flavonoids contained in the anti-cancer grapes are a powerful antioxidant that can scavenge free radicals in the body and have anti-cancer effects.

Studies have shown that cancer incidence is also significantly reduced in those who eat more grapes.


Flavonoids in anti-aging grapes are anti-aging.

Consuming grape skin is beneficial to the health of patients with localized heart disease and atherosclerotic heart disease.

The darker the grape skin, the more flavonoids it contains, and the better it protects the heart.


Anti-hepatitis People who are prone to liver problems eat moderate grapes.

Because grapes contain natural active substances, glucose and a variety of vitamins and cellulose, the effect of protecting the liver, reducing ascites and lower limb edema is very obvious, it can also increase plasma albumin, reduce transaminase, and it is very beneficial for patients with poor liver or even hepatitis.
Fruit acid in grapes can also help digestion, increase appetite, and prevent the occurrence of liver disease after hepatitis.

Raisins are an important source of iron supplementation for patients with hepatitis.


Detoxification Chinese medicine believes that grapes can nourish qi and nourish blood, promote hydration and quench thirst, and strengthen spleen and diuresis.

Eat more in summer, it can help the body expel toxins and eliminate internal heat.

  Second, eating grapes in this way is the healthiest way to wash the grapes. Clean and quickly add an appropriate amount of water to the pot, and add a spoonful of flour (usually flour). Stir well.

  After standing for 2 minutes, hold the grape stalk by hand and gently shake it in the water.

  When the flour becomes turbid, the grapes are washed. Remove the grapes, rinse them with water, and eat them with peace of mind.

  Why is flour water so amazing?

  1. Because the viscosity of the flour water is relatively large, if the grapes are simmered in the flour water, the dirt on the grapes will be taken away by the sticky flour water, so the grapes will be washed very clean.
  2. The most important thing is that this cleaning method is more hygienic, more environmentally friendly and safer!
  3. You can also use this coup to clean raisins, dried dates, wolfberry and other dried fruits.

The latest hand washing guide teaches you to wash your hands properly

The latest hand washing guide teaches you to wash your hands properly

Hand washing is the easiest way to prevent the spread of disease.

But when to wash, how to wash, the essentials may not be mastered by everyone.

The US Mayo Clinic recently published a hand-washing guide to teach people to wash their hands properly.

  When do you wash?

People touch many items with their hands every day, and the bacteria accumulate slowly.

If you rub your eyes with your hands, rub your nose or lick your mouth, it is easy to have a cross infection.

Washing hands can reduce the risk of spread of germs.

So wash your hands before cooking, eating, cleaning wounds, taking medicine, touching patients, taking off or wearing contact lenses.

When you touch the raw meat, go to the toilet, change the diaper, touch the animal, sneeze, touch the patient, and touch other items that may be infected, wash your hands.

  How to wash?

It is enough to use water and soap for hand washing, but it should be rubbed for more than 20 seconds after applying soap on both hands, and the parts that are easily overlooked such as wrists and finger joints should be taken into account.

Antibacterial soap is not much different from ordinary soap, but it reduces the proliferation of bacteria.

  Need to remind families with children, the risk of respiratory infections and gastrointestinal diseases.

Therefore, parents should encourage their children to develop the habit of washing their hands frequently. The children are anxious and always rushed. They can let the children sing “Happy Birthday” songs twice when washing their hands. They can also put some small notes at home and remind them at all times.They wash their hands.

The age of sports: men want to take the initiative

The age of sports: men want to take the initiative

Some people call the current fitness era the passive fitness era. Swing machines, treadmills, mountain climbing machines . even if you do n’t want to move, these machines will also be aimed at you.The typical representative of passive fitness, it is called “want to lose weight and sweat, you don’t need to move” concept.disease.

  In fact, if you want to exercise everywhere, you can benefit from a small movement and turn passive into active.

For example, a rope can be exercised at any time. Smoking affects the lungs with fractures. Rope skipping is simple and easy, which can enhance cardiopulmonary function and coordination.

10 each time?
20 minutes, everything after work and dinner.

  Even if you get out of bed lazily, there are still ways to do sit-ups in bed, which can improve posture, prevent back pain, and prevent abdominal sagging.

The action is very simple, the person lies on the back, bends his knees, the big and small legs are about 60 degrees, arms folded across the chest; lift the upper body until the shoulders completely leave the bed;May be slow.

15 times as a group, do 3 each time?
It is advisable to have 4 groups, and rest between groups for about 1 minute.

It is better to take a dynamic break at rest to reduce muscle soreness.

  For those who travel by car and sit in the office, lunge squatting can increase the strength of thigh and hip muscles, improve the balance of the body and the stability of the trunk.

Keep your body upright with your feet apart and the width of your hips. Take a step forward (the calf of the front leg should be perpendicular to the ground). Adjust the stride appropriately to maintain balance and stability.

At the beginning, it can be held by a chair or a chair. After the stability and balance of the body has improved, the legs can alternately move forward, “walking” from the living room to the other side, usually in groups of 20 times.

If you are too lazy to learn these, you can do push-ups.

  No longer good, every time you get off work, you can walk for half an hour, why do you have to squeeze the bus?

For car owners, when you are not busy, you can leave your car at home and walk to work. Not only can you save money, but you can also contribute to the Blue Sky Plan.