Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (601398) Company Dynamics Review: Daxing assumes rock solid asset quality

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (601398) Company Dynamics Review: Daxing assumes rock solid asset quality

Event: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China released its third quarter performance report, and achieved operating income of 6,469 in 19Q3.

42 ppm, an increase of 12 in ten years.

11%; realized net profit of 2517.

12 ppm, an increase of 5 in ten years.


The growth rate of profit in the first three quarters increased quarter by quarter.

1Q19, 1H19, 9M19 companies’ net profit growth rates were 4 respectively.

1%, 4.

7%, 5.


From the perspective of income, the double-digit growth in non-interest income partially replaced the change in the growth rate of index revenue. Last year, the income from intervention fees affected by the new regulations increased by only a few digits. This year’s financial management transition is progressing smoothly.1H19 increased by 8.

From the point of view of expenditure, the company’s supplementary non-performing control is excellent, and the growth rate of provision provision dropped from 30% -40% in 1Q17-3Q19 to less than 20% in 2Q10-3Q19.

The rise in the cost of debt has led to a narrowing of interest margins, but the company remains superior among comparable peers.

3Q19 net interest margin fell 3bp to 2 compared to 1H19.

The reason for the narrowing of interest rate spreads is 26%. The reason for the narrowing of the spread is that the return on the asset side is falling, and the cost on the debt side is rising. The upward and downward trends are slightly different.

The rise in the level of debt interest has expanded to the competition for supplementary deposits. In the first three quarters of this year, the whole society’s supplementary loans increased supplementary deposits, and all institutions have a need to transfer deposits.

At the same time, in the past few years, bank funds were injected into other financial systems and Internet financial companies. After the new rules on asset management, disintermediation funds will undergo a large-scale reorganization, but they will gradually return. It is normal for banks to increase debt costs when they accept these funds.

In the future, the trend of net interest margin may be a downward trend, but the company 夜来香体验网 will consider peer benchmarking, and the interest payment level will remain better among comparable peers.

Negative generation is controlled at a low level, and the correlation between improvement in asset quality and the decline in macroeconomic decline.

Non-performing rate in the third quarter of 19

44%, down 4bp from 2Q19.

We estimate that the net annual generation rate of non-performing 3Q19 single season is still 0.

Below 6%, the lowest level in 15 years.

The correlation between the improvement of ICBC’s asset quality and the macroeconomic downturn is weakening because of the adjustment of ICBC’s credit structure in these years, the reduction of loans to low- and mid-end manufacturing, loans to high-end manufacturing, personal mortgage loans, and loans in some emerging areasThere has been an increase, a better credit structure layout, and the use of big data fintech methods, and the use of new processes, new systems, and new products to control and increase the quality of loans.

Provision coverage ratio in the third quarter of 198 was 198.

09%, up 6pct from the previous month.

Investment suggestion: ICBC’s fundamentals are very stable with a dividend yield of 4.

4%, excellent asset quality performance, 0.

8x20PB is seriously underestimated.

In the environment where the market’s risk-free interest rate is low, it is suitable for incremental domestic funds that are pursuing stable returns. From a global perspective, the ROE of banks with equivalent foreign valuations is not as good as ICBC. Under the background of more and more stock allocation, ICBC is also facing heavyestimate.
We expect ICBC’s net profit to grow by 5 per year in 2019/2020.

twenty four.

6%, maintaining the “highly recommended” rating.

Risk Warning: Deteriorating asset quality due to unexpected economic downturn.

Hongbo shares (002229): First quarter report under pressure to acquire Flanders continues to advance

Hongbo shares (002229): First quarter report under pressure to acquire Flanders continues to advance
Event: The company released the report for the first quarter of 2019: operating income in Q1 of 20191.42 trillion, down 11 a year.36%, net profit attributable to mother -805.570,000 yuan, a year of loss reduction of 15.33%, deducting non-net profit -1003.230,000 yuan, basically flat for one year.In terms of cash flow, in Q1 2019, cash received from selling goods and providing labor services1.40,000 yuan, 31 years average.1%, net replacement of net cash flow from operating activities.8.3 billion.The company expects to achieve a net profit of -10.50 to -7.67 million yuan in 2019H1, and a net profit of -9.13 million yuan to its mother. Opinion: The industry is fiercely competitive and the company’s main business profit potential.In Q1 2019, the company’s gross profit margin and net profit margin were 22 respectively.43%, -5.08%, ten years ago1.25, 0.45pct, the company’s revenue and average profit increased, mainly due to intensified industry competition.In the first quarter of 2019, the company achieved good control of the expense ratio through measures such as optimized management, cost reduction and efficiency improvement, among which the period expense was 24.82%, ten years ago 1.75pct, sales / management / R & D / financial expense ratios are 7 respectively.71% / 14.07% / 3.02% / 0.01%, short-term changes of -1.74/1.05 / -0.96 / -0.1 pct. Create a layout of the entire lottery industry chain and vigorously develop new businesses.The company actively arranges color lottery R & D and electronic lottery business operations. Through electronic lottery, lottery R & D, and lottery platform construction, it cuts into the lottery’s upstream lottery R & D and downstream sales fields, and strives to open up the entire lottery industry chain, and conducts research and development in the first quarter of 2019.50,000 yuan.At the same time, the company vigorously develops new business. The newly developed “Happy Shifen” video lottery game is launched in Chongqing Fucai, and funds are invested in the development of sports lottery Android terminals. Acquired Huawei’s 5G core suppliers and entered the upstream of the 5G industry chain.The company and Hong Kong Flanders Technology Co., Ltd. signed the Flanders Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Equity Transfer Framework Agreement in Fuzhou. The company intends to use cash3.4.5 billion acquisition of 30% stake in 南宁桑拿 Flanders Technology. According to the first quarterly report, the company will sign a formal distribution agreement with Flanders’ shareholders after the completion of Flander’s auditing and other tasks, and at the same time carry out the corresponding approval process.Flander’s main products are base station antennas and RF devices. There are currently three domestic production bases. Customers include Huawei, Jingxin Communications, BYD, Foxconn and other well-known manufacturers.Flanders Technology is Huawei’s strategic core supplier. It is the first echelon of domestic base station antenna production and manufacturing companies listed in the same industry as Dongshan Precision.The forthcoming Hongbo shares complete the acquisition of Flanders, which will improve the 5G strategic layout in the 5G era, create new profit growth 厦门夜网 points for the company, and enhance the company’s overall profitability. We expect the company’s EPS for 2019-2020 to be 0.1, 0.34 yuan, corresponding to PE for 2019-2020 is 104.92, 30.4x, maintain “Buy” rating. Risk warning: The development of the lottery’s main business is less than expected, and the new business fails to meet expectations.

Zhonggong Education (002607): Leading Vocational Education Leads to Strong Growth in Performance

Zhonggong Education (002607): Leading Vocational Education Leads to Strong Growth in Performance

The company disclosed its 2018 annual report: the company achieved operating income in 201862.

3.7 billion (+ 54% YoY).

72%), achieving net profit attributable to mother 11.

5.3 billion (+119 year-on-year.

67%), corresponding to its gross profit margin of 59.

39% (YoY-0.

23pct), net interest 武汉夜网论坛 rate 18.

49% (+5 compared to the same period last year).

46pct), which is higher than the performance commitment amount of 9.

3 trillion, performance completion rate 120.

73%, fulfilled the 2018 performance commitment.

At the same time, the company intends to distribute cash dividends to all shareholders2.

3 yuan for a total of 14.

1.9 billion yuan.

  The full-category layout drove the company’s rapid growth, and the civil service continued to contribute significantly.

Examinations affected by institutional reforms have become more difficult, and the enrollment ratio has continued to decline. Scholars increasingly require continuous cycles of study. As a result, the company’s proportion of long-term courses has continued to increase, resulting in an increase in the overall unit price of face-to-face training.


In 2018, the civil servant training business achieved revenue of 30.

8.2 billion (+ 49% YoY).

15%), with a revenue share of 49.

41% still contributed the major increase to the company’s largest business; the training business of public institutions achieved revenue7.

8.5 billion (+ 37% YoY).

91%), accounting for 12.

58%; teacher recruitment and teacher qualification training business achieved revenue10.

7.5 billion (+ 60% YoY).

58%), accounting for 17.

24%; comprehensive training business achieved 8.

2.8 billion (+ 87% year-on-year.

17%), including the postgraduate entrance examination, finance, IT, driving school and other training businesses have grown rapidly, driving its revenue share to significantly increase to 13.


  Employment expectations change year by year, so that the number of trainings continues to increase, training methods are gradually diversified, and online trainings are growing rapidly.

The company continues to deepen the network layout and channel sinking. As of 2018, the company has established 701 learning center networks covering 319 prefecture-level cities. With new employment opportunities, the company has gradually trained 230 people.

790,000 (+57 compared to the same period last year).

43%). After the company’s training category was transformed, the training mode was diversified, and the number of face-to-face training was 119.

210,000 (+35 compared with the same period last year).

10%), while the number of online trainings was 111.

580,000 (+91.

19%) is growing rapidly.  Operational efficiency improved, the expense ratio increased significantly during the period, and the company’s profitability gradually increased.

After decades of operation, the company has formed a vertically integrated and fast-response management system, and has reduced the company’s costs through the dual division model, online + offline, etc., thereby improving the company’s operating efficiency.

The report warned that the company’s sales expense ratio, management expense ratio, and R & D expense ratio fell respectively 3 last year.

20%, 2.

55%, 0.


  R & D capabilities continue to strengthen, and large-scale R & D and vertical integration response capabilities gradually expand the company’s categories.

The number of employees in Tier 1 companies reported was 25718, an increase of 34 throughout the year.

83%, of which the number of R & D personnel and teachers increased most significantly, respectively 1350 (YoY + 36.

92%) and 9,424 (+44 compared to the same period last year).

32%), R & D expenses7.

3% is basically the same as last year.

  Profit forecast: We believe that the field of vocational education is strongly supported by policies at this stage, and the market will usher in a blowout.

  As a leader in vocational education and training, the company continues to deepen the vocational training field of public professional examinations, continuously expands the subdivision categories, and is optimistic about the recruitment of teachers and teachers. Following the recruitment of civil servants and public institutions, it has become a new industry growth highlight.Through Quanzhaoying’s national channel network and strong large-scale R & D team, it continued to expand the multi-category coverage of vocational education and gradually formed a large and comprehensive vocational education leader.

It is estimated that the company’s net profit attributable to the parent from 2019 to 2020 will be $ 1.7 billion and $ 2.3 billion, respectively, and the annual growth rate will be 45.

58%, 39.

79%, the latest closing price corresponds to 46 PE in 2019.

9x, giving a fair value of 14.

18 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” rating . Risk reminder: policy risks, new business start-up is not smooth, the participation rate is lower than expected, etc .

Seeing through telecommunications scams, a good year

Seeing through telecommunications scams, a good year
Editor’s note: Every New Year, it is the most rampant time for telecommunication network fraud, which is inevitable.Many people do not have a strong sense of fraud prevention, and after encountering fraud and fraud, they cannot take corrective measures to stop loss in a timely manner.Based on this, the Beijing Haidian District Public Security Bureau selects typical cases from the perspective of “the five most”, reminding everyone to always keep in mind the prevention of telecommunications network fraud.  Part-time brushing orders, earning small compensation and large network recruitment, brushing orders, the largest number of cases.This type of deception is mainly young people who are new to the workplace under the age of 30, mainly school students, followed by low- and middle-income people, and full-time moms.Scammers publish a large number of part-time job advertisements through the Internet. In the initial stage, they will pay the victim a small amount of compensation according to the contract, and replace the alert. After that, they will refuse to pay the principal and remuneration for a number of reasons, such as the amount of unfinished tasks and network failures.People continue to pay orders, occupying more principal.  Precautionary suggestions: All fraudsters such as “high commission” and “advance payment” are scammers; all work such as ordering, crediting, and crediting are illegal, and even easy to be deceived, and may also bear corresponding responsibilities.Don’t trust the WeChat group, QQ group, job postings posted on the forum, go to the recruitment site to find part-time jobs.  The caller’s routine of the “public inspection law” is impersonated as the “public inspection law”, which involves the largest amount of cases and the deepest tactics.This type of deception is mainly freelance young women under 30 years old, mainly retired women.The scammer asks the victim to provide funds for account verification or transfer the funds to a “secure account” for imposing public security, a procuratorate or a judge, etc., on the grounds of suspected various illegal crimes (phone arrears, express parcels, bank cards, mobile phones, etc.).”” And will even make fake “wanting orders” to stop the victims.After gaining the trust of the victim, ask them to click or download software applications such as fake “public security system”.In this case, the so-called random code is the transfer amount, and the number on the U shield is actually a dynamic password.Sometimes, the suspects also used the procedure of downloading the case to let the victim download the “trojan” to achieve the purpose of remotely controlling the transfer.  Suggestions for prevention: Those who claim to be “public prosecution law” agencies and handle cases by phone, make records, verify funds, and review accounts are scammers; all who claim to be on the phone by the Communications Administration, Telecommunications Administration, and bank staff take the initiative to involve the case.Those who help you transfer to the public security organs are scammers; anyone who asks to transfer funds to a designated account, checks or requests to open online banking, asks for an account number, password, and verification code is a scammer.Do not download software from unknown sources.If you can’t distinguish the authenticity, you need to restart 110 in time to verify.  QQ WeChat transfer, first verify that impersonating the boss to deceive the accountant, the cashier, the most confusing.This type of deception is dominated by SME finance and accounting personnel.Fraudsters add financial staff as friends by impersonating the boss of the company’s WeChat, QQ, etc., imitate the boss’s tone and issue transfer instructions, or pull the financial staff into the so-called “company executive group”.Fraudsters use employees’ awe to their bosses and dare not take the liberty of verifying information with leaders to control financial personnel to deposit money into accounts.  Prevention suggestions: Anyone who finds that QQ or WeChat is stolen should immediately notify relatives, friends, and colleagues to prevent fraud and deceit; verify the confirmation of face-to-face or call-back calls involving fund transfers; do not use WeChat or QQ on the transfer of funds.For handling, financial personnel shall strictly follow the system and working procedures, and shall not operate illegally for special reasons.  Do n’t pay for the loans first to pretend to be an Internet finance company to deceive lenders, and the average age of the victims is the youngest.This type of victim is mainly freelance young men under 30 years old, mainly company employees.Scammers take advantage of young people’s advanced consumption and love to compare and compare features, and release information that can increase credit card limits, cash out, handle large credit cards or large low-interest loans, and use fraudulent methods such as transaction fees, prepaid interest, and margin.  Precautionary advice: Anyone who applies for a loan from a financial institution will not be required to pay any fees in advance; anyone who asks for a bank card number and the password must be rejected on the grounds of transaction flow; all who require advance payment of security deposits, capital costs, bank card activation fees, etc.For scammers.It is not easy to install apps from unknown sources, and the payment password is different from the daily passwords.  Online shopping beware of fake “customer service” pretending to be a customer service to deceive online shoppers, the latest means of committing crimes, the rate of increase.  The method is a combination of impersonation of public security fraud scam and impersonation of customer service online purchase refund fraud scam. The suspect impersonated Taobao customer service, claiming that the victim was mishandled by the staff and asked whether to cancel.After the victim agrees, the suspect will ask the victim to find a quiet environment to talk on the grounds of recording a complaint recording.In order to circumvent the system of preventing the interception 无锡夜网 of telecommunications fraud by public security organs, the suspect will notify the victim, and this operation will receive telephone and text message prompts from the Network Supervision Bureau and the Public Security Bureau regarding the prevention of telecommunications fraud.Subsequently, the suspect instructed the victim to operate according to the instructions. After notifying the victim of the failure, in order to avoid security prompts such as Alipay, the suspect would use the victim to provide incomplete information and request to use WeChat and bank APP transfers.After the victim was brainwashed, the suspect gradually increased the transfer amount and let the victim use the overlapping platform until he emptied all the funds of the victim or came to his senses.  Precautionary advice: Anyone who accepts a call from a customer service agent who needs to renew, repay, or cancel a certain function must log in to the official shopping website in person to check; everything that requires users to provide loan limits, as well as stock, financial management and other information are fraudsScammers: Anyone who asks the victim to speak alone and not give content to family and friends is a scammer.

Haitong Securities (600837

) 2019 Interim Report Review: Self-employed Business Rebounds, International Business Continues High Growth

Haitong Securities (600837) 2019 Interim Report Review: Self-employed Business Rebounds, International Business Continues High Growth

Overview of the 2019 Interim Report: Haitong Securities achieved operating income of 177 in 2019.

35 trillion, ten years +62.

08%; net profit attributable to mother is 55.

27 trillion, +82 a year.


Basic income is 0.

48 yuan, +84 for ten years.

62%; estimated average return on net assets4.

56%, ten years +2.

00 averages.

It will not be distributed in the first half of 2019 and will not be increased.

Comments: 1.

The increase in the proportion of the company’s investment income (including changes in fair value) in the semi-annual period of 2019 has led to the decline in the proportion of other business income of brokerage, investment banks, asset management and other business to varying degrees.


Brokerage business is picking up and net fee income is +14 per year.

42%, customer assets increased significantly.


Investment banking business grew steadily, and net fee income increased by +8.

00%, equity financing project reserves are sufficient.


Net income from asset management business process fee +31.

80%, the net income of collective asset management has doubled every year.


The investment business seized the opportunity and achieved good returns. The investment income (including changes in fair value) +227.



The scale of credit business was basically the same, and net interest income was twice.


International business income is +33 per year.

53%, continued to maintain high growth.

Investment suggestion: As one of the leading companies in the industry, the company’s capital strength is strengthened, and various businesses are balanced. International and financial leasing business has become an important focus for the company to create a diversified income structure.Continue to rank at the forefront of the industry, and further enhance market competitiveness and compliance risk management capabilities.

Comprehensively consider the internal and external factors of the current market and maintain the original profit forecast.

It is expected that the company’s EPS in 2019 and 2020 will be 0.

64 yuan, 0.

68 yuan, BVPS is 10 respectively.

82 yuan, 11.

17 yuan, calculated based on 成都桑拿网 the closing price on September 2, corresponding to P / E of 22.
02 times, 20.

72 times, corresponding P / B is 1.
30 times, 1.

26 times, maintaining the investment rating of “overweight”.

Risk Warning: 1.

The weakening of the equity and fixed income secondary market conditions has resulted in the inability of the company’s various businesses to achieve continuous improvement; 2.

The short-term increase is too fast, and the excessive increase causes the company to continuously adjust rapidly; 3.

Stock pledge credit risk

Why we didn’t choose to divorce

Why we didn’t choose to divorce

My parents did n’t agree with our divorce on duty. Ms. Ajie, my husband and I were in the countryside before the age of 32. I got married early. I wanted to get divorced shortly after the marriage. Unlike in the city, my parents strongly disagreed.

Later we left the children to our parents, and both went out to work.

Now my husband and I work in Guangzhou and Shenzhen respectively. My husband and I have not divorced, but we are not together.

Anyway, I live alone, and I bear the burden on my own.

  I do n’t really want to divorce the company employee. Ms. Lin Lin, 28 years old just married one year, I feel that living with my in-laws is a lot of problems, and even feel that there is no way to continue living, I can understand the mood of the husband, it is difficult to sandwichYes, but my idea is not to divorce and there is no way to solve it. The two were deadlocked for a while, but think about it seriously. You do n’t really want to divorce. You just tell the husband by asking for divorce. This problem has seriously affected the degree of marriage.Then, we bought another house near the in-law’s house and lived separately. The problem was solved.

  Mr. Qian and his wife have never thought of this kind of thought. Although they had thought about it for three years after marriage, they were not too serious. Whenever such a thought was taken seriously, there would not be a few couples who are old and old.

  Fear of harming the child Mr. Li, married for six years For us, it is impossible for a child to divorce.

Occasionally feel the problem of marriage, may break up when encountering such a problem when in love, but with children, it is different, there is no problem of principle, when divorce, quarrel, come up and say that is OK, but not really.
  After the separation, she re-selected Ms. Liu, who was married with her husband after graduating from high school for six years. Today’s company is a two-person effort.

Although I am only thirty years old, I have been with my husband for more than ten years. He has had an affair when he stayed. We separated for half a year and let him live outside. Later he still said he would return.

We are reconciled again.

It is difficult for two people to be separated in life or work.

  Solving problems at the “thinking” stage Mr. Jin and his wife think that divorce has made us feel serious. If everyone feels hopeful about marriage, we should start to solve the problem at the “thinking” stage.

The best way to coquettish after an argument

The best way to coquettish after an argument

Can the relationship between husband and wife be more noisy and intimate?

Of course, some couples are like this.

However, some couples quarreled after fate.

  Why is the result of the argument so so?

How to make their quarrel into a spice in life, make a quarrel into a killer, the emotions are vented, the problems are replaced, the communication becomes effective, and the intimacy becomes seamless, but here is learned.

  There is no spoon that doesn’t touch the edge of the pot, nor does the couple quarrel with each other. In my opinion, a happy marriage is not a quarrel, but a gentle way to resolve disharmony. Of course, the passionate feast is a couple quarreling at the bedThe most commonly used method of bedside harmony, but I think the small details that are often compromised are more conducive to further advance the relationship between husband and wife.

  I remember arguing with my husband two days ago, remembering that I uttered a harsh word at the time. Although it was unintentional, but I was able to hurt my feelings and quietly stopped talking. I had already decided to go to the bedroom to sleep, butFeeling bad, I switched back to the living room and applied nail polish without doing anything.

  The husband didn’t say a word to watch his TV as usual. Suddenly I felt guilty for what I had said to him just now, and said slightly stiffly, “I stretched my hand over, and I’ll apply nail polish.”

“Of course, my husband was unwilling to apply it, but when I saw my guilty expression, my heart softened, but I symbolically refused to say,” What nail polish does a big man apply to me? ”

“I smiled and grabbed his hand.” It doesn’t matter, the light pink color just shines, and no one will notice.

“My husband couldn’t bargain and said,” Only apply one! ”

“I have to be” at least two “.

  In this way, after applying nail polish, we did not loosen our holding hands.

  The latest quarrel was due to his jealousy. He obviously minded that I texted with a friend of the opposite sex but did not say that when I noodles, I burned my finger because of his inadequate rescue measures, and I knew exactly why he wasAwkward, but could not help but feel wronged.

  He urged me to rush to eat like a rush, and chopsticks couldn’t help stirring the noodles, but tears couldn’t stop falling. A noodle was picked for a long time and couldn’t get in the mouth. He put the chopsticks and ran to the bathroom to cryIt’s a game.

He was so overwhelmed that he was so overwhelmed when he saw that I was crying, but he couldn’t help asking: “Was it wronged you like that?

“I usually lie down on the sofa after dinner, and I sit on the soles of his feet to help him massage or pluck his toes, and the hair on my legs plays, but after the quarrel I can’t get rid of it, I face him in a joke.”You come here and sit” indifferent, seeing no response from me, he grabbed the slippers and beat me, knowing that he was just teasing me on purpose, but couldn’t help laughing, and stretched out his hands in his pantsThey cut it out, muttering, “You have done something wrong, you are not allowed to wear pants.”

“Under the innocent husband:” It seems you are doing something wrong today!

“I didn’t dare to speak very loudly. After a while, I was not so angry. I pretended to be very fierce and said” Hurry up and put on my trousers again “, and I shouted far away:” I am notYour mother, you do n’t wear pants by yourself!

“A hot family battle that was so tearful that ended in a childish way. It was clear that he was very sad that he didn’t trust me, but still smiled at the end of the quarrel. This may be the marriage.Right!
  I dare not say that we have passed through the break-in now, but we are simply maintaining our daily happiness.

A friend asked me whether it would be very hard to ask for a plenary meeting in a marriage like this, but I think that when the husband is willing to understand what I changed for this marriage, when he knows to cherish my changes and efforts, then everything is true.
  Our quarrel will continue because we are not maggots in each other’s stomach after all, but I do n’t think we will let our quarrel be ruled out. I do n’t want him to think about how to coax me this day after the next day.All lovers who share the same bed.

Happiness is simple and the same hurt is easy. To love each other with the desire to love each other is actually a very happy thing.

We are all desperately looking for happiness, so why bother with so many unhappiness?

Depression in the workplace: Caring for employees

Depression in the workplace: Caring for employees

The “Zhang Rui suicide incident” brought “workplace depression” to the spotlight again.

Judging from “Zhang Rui has repeatedly stated that he is under too much work pressure and wants to resign twice”, he already has mental health problems; suicide is the extreme manifestation of mental illness and mental illness.

  Mental illness and mental illness are facing people of all classes and ages.

According to a report published by the annual meeting of the World Psychiatric Association, the burden caused by depression, suicide, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, etc., ranks first in the current total burden of disease in China, and has surpassed cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes and malignancyTumors, etc.

  The mental illness and mental illness of enterprise employees are increasing year by year.

Chinese health organizations and the EAP Association conducted the “Investigation on Occupational Mental Health Management of Chinese Enterprise Employees” through the research platform of professional survey institutions in 2006.

A total of 7,476 employees from all over the country, regardless of age, income, part and education, participated in the survey.

The survey results showed that 99.

13% of working white-collar workers suffer from occupational psychological factors such as “stress”, “depression” and “burnout”; 56.

56% of respondents were eager to get psychological counselling, but never tried it; 79.

54% of professionals value the impact of “occupational mental health” on work.

  According to incomplete statistics, since 1980, more than 1,200 corporate managers have previously committed suicide.

These include entrepreneurs from some of the more famous large companies, such as the former general manager of Shanghai Volkswagen Fang Hong who committed suicide by jumping off the building, Chen Xingguo, a veteran general manager of Guizhou Province, who committed suicide by shooting his gun, and some corporate managers of less-known SMEsFor example, Feng Yongming, owner of Maoming Yongfeng Flour Mill, only 29 years old, cut his wrist at home and committed suicide.

  Faced with such a budget, and not to mention whether individual employees should actively seek a solution, for companies, taking effective measures to help employees reduce stress and reduce burdens, caring for and protecting the health of employees, should become an important issue facing corporate managementAnd urgent task.

  In fact, caring about the mental health of employees means caring for the healthy growth and sustainable development of the company.

American economists Theodore Schultz and Gary Becker argue that human capital is the most important factor in corporate competition.

The emergence of mental health problems will seriously affect the quality of laborers ‘human capital, and thus the benefits of human capital.

  The consequences of the psychological problems of corporate employees on the company mainly include: absenteeism, turnover rate, accident rate, increased interpersonal conflict, decreased work enthusiasm and creativity, decreased work efficiency and performance, decreased customer service quality, and increased human resource management costs,Cooperation and competition within enterprises are affected.

  Therefore, modern human capital investment should increase the content of mental health investment.

Mental health investment includes psychological knowledge learning, psychological adjustment training, work environment improvement, psychological consultation, and psychological treatment, etc. The purpose is to prevent and solve psychological problems and maintain mental health.

  The best way to solve the problem of employee mental health internationally is to implement EAP (Employee Assistance Programs).

The so-called EAP is to reduce the pressure, through the guidance and adjustment of employees’ psychological emotions, to prevent and solve their personal and development-related problems, thereby improving the efficiency of employees and enterprises.

  For young companies, providing “spiritual benefits” to employees is a new concept, but it is definitely a new attempt that is urgently needed.

Topical nourishment intensive custom preservation_1

Topical nourishing intensive custom preservation

Topical fresh-keeping recipes aim at the seasonal climate. Enjoying intensive fresh-keeping and intensive maintenance can be described as a luxurious long vacation for the skin. It provides the most efficient and comprehensive nourishing care in a short time, quickly recharges the skin and restores the best state.The skin provides the right remedy, spares no effort to provide superior support, continuous and appropriate intensive maintenance treatments, and can even change and optimize skin texture.

  Winter is a critical time for the skin to reserve energy, and moisturizing becomes the first.

As the air becomes drier and colder, the waste keratin is more likely to accumulate, resulting in poor blood circulation on the surface and disordered water and oil balance. At this time, you should choose a cream product with a higher moisture content to absorb and massage, and promote skin blood circulation and metabolism.Deep nourishing effect and cold resistance; bid farewell to the early and spring seasons of winter, the climate is dry and changeable, the day and night humidity difference is large, coupled with the fierce attack of ultraviolet rays, the whitening homework must be promoted to the top priority.

  La Prairie Caviar Crystal Essence ¥ 3700 / 30mL In summer, sun protection has been recognized. At the same time, you must pay attention to cleaning the excessive body salt and sebum discharged by sweat, otherwise it will cause stains due to the accumulation of the surface;The increase in the number of baths will cause excessive water loss and imbalance of PH value, which will also lead to dark skin and dark spots. It is recommended to use more toner or toner in the summer to strengthen moisturizing, soften excess horny and facilitate nourishment and absorption;Whitening is required all year round, but relatively speaking, autumn is the best time to whiten.

The advanced behavioral period of 2 weeks of moisturizing repair should be followed by intensive whitening treatment.

  HR Helena Precise Skin Renewal Night Anti-Wrinkle Essence is a new and unpriced massage technique. The freshness of the finger and ring finger are the two standard fingers for massage. The strength is the most suitable. The fingers should move slowly and evenly on the skin during massage.Never pull the skin (you can observe the mirror during the first massage, the standard is that the fingers will not pull the skin lines when moving).

  ¥ 12200 The necessary “hand” massage: ①Apply the nourishing cream evenly on the lower jaw, forehead and face. Lift the lower jaw along the corner of the lips, and gently massage up to the eye socket.Until it returns to the lower jaw, repeat the massage until it is completely absorbed; ② Make a “v” posture with the index finger and middle finger, gently stretch the entire lower jaw along the cheeks to stop at the earlobe, repeat 5 times, effectively delay skin relaxation, eliminateAnnoying “double chin”; ③ Use the middle finger and ring finger to lift up and massage 5 times from the corner of the lip to the base of the ear; ④Move the same five times from the nose along the orbit to the temple;First massage up to the bun, then extend through the bun to the temples on both sides and repeat the movement 6 times.

  Supreme Aupres Revitalizing Essence Cream ¥ 650 / 30g

Beware of five bad walking postures for your baby

Beware of five bad walking postures for your baby

Your child has finally taken the first step, which makes you very proud.

However, he did not dare to compliment his walking posture.

Don’t worry too much, as he steps his feet more and more confidently, his legs will stand up.

  He always stumbles.
It’s been a month and a half since he left, but why does he always stumble?

Until 1 and a half years old, this was completely normal.

After taking the first step, it still takes about 3?
In 6 months, the child can control his footsteps well.

Without the stumbling process, it is impossible to completely control your own pace.

However, children in this period often fall down!

His muscles are not very strong yet.

Even if the balance is maintained, his inner ear needs to be consumed to record all the parameters.

However, when he was about 2 years old, if he walked on the path in the park, he still stumbled. Unless he intended to do so, he would take him to the doctor.

If the doctor doesn’t notice neurological problems, he may suggest that you go to an orthopedic doctor to rule out problems with the skeleton structure.

  He walks like a crab, with his legs facing inward, like a big clip!

This kind of walking posture is common among children who have just learned to walk.

In the first few years, as the child walked, he looked forward, with his feet inward.

About 3 years old, when his thigh and calf muscles are stronger, this walking posture will disappear.

If his feet are always facing inward, and you feel that this walking posture is really indecent, you can pay attention to let him sit cross-legged instead of having his legs crossed while he is sitting on the ground and playing.

Or buy him hard-top shoes. In less than a year, you can correct his walking posture.

  He walks like a duck. This is a physiological problem, because he is still flat.

The child needs to hone the muscles of the soles of his feet during the walking process to get an arc.

95% of children will have a natural curvature before the age of 5.

Stepping on a three- or two-wheeled baby stroller, the arc of the sole of the child’s foot will restart.

If your child feels nervous about walking, you can also let him play with a pencil, a handkerchief or a large button when he is about 2 years old; during the game, hold the child ‘s hand and let him step on the barrel; orEncourage him to walk on toes.

It is normal for a baby to have flat feet. Conversely, if the baby is arched, it is likely to indicate a neurological disorder.

  He walked with his thighs in the shape of an x-shaped leg. He was generally unwilling to walk (he could not walk a long distance, and hugged it a little while walking), and it was common among children who were not moving.

Some people are unfriendlyly called “big butt syndrome”.

Sometimes this posture is a national muscle-bearing exercise.

Generally, as long as you do a little exercise, even a little gymnastics training around the age of 8, you can point this indecent walking posture.

  He walked like a western cowboy with his legs spread apart, as if he had been trained in equestrian training.

Before 2 years old, if his legs are like a bracket, you don’t have to worry too much.

However, if you do this all the time, it may indicate a calcium deficiency and vitamin intake and you need treatment.

In some cases, the child’s legs can also be cast to help correct the child’s legs.

It is only necessary to be performed by a doctor in the case of a confirmed diagnosis.