Demystifying: 10 Psychology of Online Love

Demystifying: 10 Psychology of Online Love

First, some people who are psychologically compensated because of the separation of their husbands and loneliness, or because their spouse is physically unsatisfactory, or their relationship is not satisfied, so they actively seek a third party or are willing to accept a third party to replace itForm extramarital affairs.

In fact, sexual life is not the whole content of husband and wife life. As long as the husband and wife strengthen the relationship, communicate more emotionally, miss each other in their hearts, life is still full, so no need to compensate.

  Second, some lovers eventually become dependents. Both parties have their own families, or the other party is still unwilling to fall in love with each other after one of them is married. When one party has a difficult life or the husband and wife are not in a relationship, the other party feels that they still owe each other.Love therefore took the initiative to initiate the embrace of the old lover, and the old love re-emerged, resulting in extramarital affair.

In fact, a lover may not become a family member. Since both parties have become married or the other party has become married, they should face the reality and cherish the relationship between husband and wife. When the other party has difficulties in life or the husband and wife are in conflict, use extramarital affairs to repay each other ‘s interest.At the same time, it is better to help the other party than to harm the other party.

  Third, some people who are greedy for money because they are greedy for each other’s money, regardless of their personality, take the initiative to commit to each other in exchange for a few copper plates, thereby forming an extramarital affair. In fact, personality is a priceless treasure. Money is something outside of you.Flowers, why bother with a priceless treasure for a few copper plates?

In addition, rich people should also avoid, since the other party is greed for your money, why bother to pay true love for the other party, and have a relationship.

  Fourth, the mentality of the picture Some people because of coveting the beauty of the woman or the body of the man’s body, take the initiative to show love, resulting in extramarital affairs.

In fact, beauty and beauty will naturally disappear with the increase of age. Only the beauty of the soul is eternal. Like wine, the longer the time, the more mellow.

Therefore, the most important thing is to be good at discovering the splendor of your spouse, and present your true feelings. In this way, Xi Shi will naturally appear in the eyes of the lover.

  Fifth, some people get help from others because of difficulties in life, or because the husband has been away for a long time, and the family has been taken care of by each other for a long time. They have no choice but to give up their bodies, resulting in extramarital affairs.

In fact, since the other person sincerely helps you, he doesn’t try to reward you. The other person has kindness to you. You can remember it in your heart. Why give yourself up?

If this affects the other person’s family, would it not be good to do bad things.

  Sixth, some couples have revenge because one side has an affair and does not listen to persuasion. The other side actively seeks a third party in order to get revenge on each other, which leads to extramarital affairs.

In fact, knowing that the other party is having an affair is wrong, why did you go to find a third party?

Moreover, marriage is free, and divorce is also free. If the relationship has broken down and there is no possibility of reconciliation, it may be better to divorce, to reconcile well, and to be a friend is better than revenge.

  Seven, curious couples often have ordinary lives and feel dull, but the film and television heroes and lovers linger in love, waves of waves, live a fun and chic, and also want to experience this kind of life, so,Driven by this curiosity, extramarital affairs occur.

In fact, peace is blessing. Don’t look at the mountain high, you don’t know how to be in the blessing.

  Eighth, because of the influence of bourgeois liberation, or obscene film and television, some people think that life is alive, eating, drinking, and playing, while young, perform music in time, they will inevitably engage in heterosexual relations, resulting in extramarital affairs.

In fact, sexual liberation and obscene film and television books and magazines are harmful toxins. Each of us should consciously aim at resistance and establish a correct moral and life outlook. We must not mistake arsenic for sugar.

  Nine, men and women who have a relationship with each other because of work help and support each other. Over time, the two sides share common feelings and love each other, which leads to extramarital affairs. In fact, a good helper at work may not be a good husband and wife in life.Help each other and support each other at work. Why not get along like brothers, sisters and brothers?

Ten, mutual benefit.

Some people use each other, collude with each other, and commit crimes in partnership because of the opposite relationship at work. Both parties cannot be separated from each other, which leads to extramarital affairs. In fact, the saying goes well: “If you don’t reach out, you will be caught.”

Once the incident happened in the east, the people in prison were in jail. Such extramarital affairs had to go to prison to “love”.

  X. Mutually beneficial psychology Some people use each other and collaborate with each other because of the relative relationship at work, and commit crimes in partnership. They have become two ants and cicadas on the line.As the saying goes, “If you don’t reach out, you will be caught.”
Once the east window incident happened, and the people in prison were in jail, this extramarital affairs had to go to prison to “love”.

Practice Tai Chi has a mouth to help you get started faster

Practice Tai Chi has a mouth to help you get started faster

Tai Chi is a kind of boxing technique that combines internal and external training, dynamic and static, and is one of the inertia of practicing martial arts.

  The characteristics of Tai Chi are loose, quiet, soft and deep.

Pine is relaxing.

Muscle and spirit are relaxed, taking a natural alignment, comfortable and natural.

When practicing boxing, the action is soft and round, and you don’t have to use force.

As the body relaxes, the blood vessels relax, which lowers blood pressure, enhances blood vessel elasticity, strengthens the nutrition of the heart muscle, and helps prevent various cardiovascular diseases.

Quietness is quiet, calm, engrossed, and replaces distracting thoughts. This has a unique effect on regulating the functions of the cerebral cortex and the autonomic nervous system. It has a good effect on the treatment of neurasthenia. Softness is soft, coherent, and not rushing.With the combination of internal and external, the eyes turn around, and the steps are changed, so that the organs in all parts of the body can be organically coordinated, which can improve the regulation function of the nervous system and improve the coordination between various organs, thereby enhancing various functions of the human body and promoting metabolism.Improve the ability to adapt to the outside world and disease resistance.

Deep is a deep and deep breathing, calm and stable, gas stagnation dantian, strengthen breathing depth, maintain lung tissue elasticity, increase lung capacity, and have a good effect on enhancing respiratory function and helping patients with pulmonary tuberculosis recover.

  Tai Chi Chuan Qi: More Tai Chi Chuan, so as not to get sick.

  Mo Xiao Taiji is like a fish, loose and soft.

  Don’t be too fast, and breathe evenly to get rid of the disease.

  Both inside and outside practice Taiji, and the combination of movement and static benefits.

Elderly family health massage

Elderly family health massage

Health massage is to use your own hands to carry out sputum, lifting and tapping on certain parts or acupuncture points of the body to promote blood circulation, improve digestive function, strengthen bones and muscles, and improve disease resistance.

This massage is easy to learn and easy to use, suitable for family health care.

If the elderly can do it several times a day, it can achieve the purpose of preventing colds and complications of low back pain.

  Here are a few ways to massage: 1.

Dry-cleaning face: The palms of both hands are opposite each other. After rubbing, rub the face repeatedly like washing your face, first clockwise, then counterclockwise until the face is hot.


Comb head: Two hands and five fingers are placed in the head half, combing the scalp from the outside to the inside like a comb.


Rubbing your eyes: Put your thumb on the temples on both sides, put your index finger on the eyelids, from the inside out, first up and down, rubbing your eyes repeatedly.


揉 Temple: Put your thumb on the double-sided temple, press 揉 repeatedly, clockwise first, then counterclockwise.


Rub the nose: rub your thumb or forefinger up and down on both sides of the nose.


Hurricane Pool Point: Put your thumb on the back of the pillow and place the other four fingers on the ends of the head. Press the button repeatedly.


Rub the neck: After the palms of both hands are hot, rub them back and forth on the back of the neck until the skin of the neck is hot.


Pinch the shoulder: one hand on the opposite shoulder, the thumb in front, the other four fingers behind, repeatedly kneading, lifting the shoulder muscles.

Alternate in both directions.


Kneading arm: One hand is placed on the opposite arm, and it is repeatedly kneaded up and down, first stepped on the back and then alternately.


Press the abdomen: Place your hands on the abdomen and press them repeatedly. The range is from small to large, first clockwise and then counterclockwise.


Waist: Both hands are placed on the same side of the waist, repeatedly from top to bottom.

Then, change the palm to punch and repeatedly beat the waist.


Step on the calf: Step on the calf and place it on the opposite thigh. The thumb of both hands is inward, the limbs are extended, and the upper and lower limbs are repeatedly kneaded and alternately alternated.


Shake correction: Align the calf on the opposite thigh, place one hand on the Achilles tendon, and knead repeatedly; the other hand grasps the front of the foot, first clockwise, then counterclockwise to rotate the interventional joint.

Alternate in both directions.


Kneading the feet: Step on the calf and place it on the opposite thigh, hold the heel in one hand, and knead the sole of the foot in the other hand, alternating alternately.

  Note: 1.

Massage is generally taken in a sitting position, sit quietly for a moment before the massage, and relax.


It is advisable to feel comfortable and comfortable. The head and face should be light, and the limbs and lower back should be slightly heavier.

You can do a full set of massages, or you can choose a few actions.

It is common to wake up in the morning to massage the head and face, and massage the whole body before the break at night.

Enzyme slimming method often eats thin

Enzyme slimming method often eats thin

Introduction: Enzymes are an important magic weapon for weight loss. If there are extra enzymes in the body, weight loss is simple.

Because enzymes are important “enzymes” in the body’s metabolism, they can promote cell activity, and the body that is hoarded in the body burns slightly and turns into energy, which can eliminate body fat and make skin become light and moist.

However, the enzymes in the human body will decrease with age, so it is necessary to increase the intake of enzymes in the body.

  Now that you know the advantages of enzyme slimming, it’s time to tell everyone that high-enzyme foods are among them.

The thinners don’t even remember it, remember to eat it every day.

  Champion: Green Papaya, Pineapple, Kiwi 1 Green Papaya: There are no mature green papaya juice and enzymes contained in the leaves, which can promote digestion, break down the lactic acid accumulated in the muscles, help the decomposition of the neutral minority, preventBody hoarding and beautifying the skin.

  2 pineapple: contains a large number of pineapple enzymes and vitamin B1, which can convert dietary fiber and sugar into energy, which is quite effective for weight loss.

  3 Kiwifruit: It can absorb the effects of dietary fiber and enzymes, help the value of internal beneficial bacteria, and exert the effect of breakthrough lactic acid bacteria.

  Runner-up: Cabbage, Yam, Banana, White Radish Cabbage: The enzymes contained in it, in addition to promoting digestion, also have the effect of preventing cancer.

  Yam: Contains mucous liquid polysaccharides to protect the mucous membranes of the stomach and help digestion.

  Banana: In addition to amylase, there are various digestive enzymes such as maltase, sucrose, and a large amount of potassium that can increase water metabolism.

  White radish: contains a large amount of amylase and oxidase with detoxification.

  Third Runner-up: Miso, Natto, Tea Miso: During the fermentation process, enzymes other than lipase will be produced to help slim down.

  Natto: Supports internal and external combustion to prevent slight accumulation in the body.

  Tea: Enzyme food, containing a lot of lactic acid bacteria and dietary fiber, can promote gastrointestinal motility, lower blood cholesterol, break down traces in food, and eliminate the burden of the stomach, gallbladder and liver.

  When the enzyme is fermented, it will emit a lot of heat. If you take a bath with enzymes, it will warm the internal organs and promote blood circulation throughout the body.

Therefore, the enzyme bath half body bath before going to bed, both inside and outside attack, slimming is more effective.

  Step 1: Prepare the natural enzymes. Dry the orange peel or sleeves and add them directly to the bathtub.

  Step 2: Prepare 39?
If the temperature of 40 °C is too high, the activity of the enzyme will be destroyed. The water temperature is only slightly higher than the body temperature. When the enzyme starts to function, the temperature of the body will naturally rise slowly.

  Step 3: Repeat in and out of the bathtub for 5 minutes, then rinse with cold water, and repeat three times.

  Step 4: Gradually raise the leg slightly in the bathtub, and massage it to make the blood flow conversion and improve the metabolic efficiency of the enzyme.

  Xiaobian’s message: The body’s own enzymes are not enough to achieve weight loss, so it is necessary to absorb high-enzyme food during weight loss.

Let your baby blow air conditioning without the cool 3 secrets!

Many parents don’t know

Let your baby blow air conditioning without the cool 3 secrets!
Many parents don’t know

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and the baby’s body temperature is too high. If you don’t open the air conditioner, you can’t sleep at all. You can turn on the air conditioner, and you are afraid that the child will catch cold!

Is there any secret that can safely let the baby blow up the air conditioner and sleep to the big day, but will not catch the cold and not catch the cold?

How many degrees is the air conditioner suitable?

Is it recommended to control the air conditioning temperature at 24?
28 degrees is more suitable.

Treat differently according to different weather.

Do not repeat the switch air conditioner repeatedly, after all, the baby is sweating and then turn on the air conditioner, it is easier to catch cold!

In general, keep the room temperature at around 26 degrees, and the air speed of the air conditioner should not be too strong.

How do you judge how much to wear for your baby?

It is recommended that the baby parents should base their feelings on their own feelings.

Keep your baby warm, and judge the temperature of the hands, feet and neck.

Usually the hands and feet are cold, with warmth, it is the most comfortable body temperature for the baby.

In addition, the baby’s exercise is larger than the adult, the body metabolism is faster than the adult, when adding clothing, remember to be less than adults, not more!

What quilt is blowing the air conditioner cover?

In addition to the problem of wearing, covering what is also a headache is a problem.

It is recommended to cover the baby with a towel (or a sleeping bag of the same material).

Compared with the big quilt, it is not so thick, and it absorbs sweat and breathes, so it won’t overwhelm the baby.

The little baby in the month can wear a thin hat.

Remember, whether it is a big baby or a baby, your stomach must be warm.

If you let the abdomen get cold, the baby is easy to get sick and sick.

Tips: The function of baby sweating is not perfect, especially for small babies, the transformation of the body takes a certain amount of time to disperse.

So baby must stay in the cool place for at least 30 minutes after sweating, add warm water, wait for the sweat to go home and take a warm bath, then enter the air-conditioned room.

Replenish water in time after sweating.

Give your baby a light sugary saline solution.

After sweating in short-term activities, water and electrolytes are lost together and consume a lot of energy. Only hydration can not be fully satisfied.

Add sugar algae to natural urination, wait for urine to colorless, then use white water.

Precautions for blowing air conditioner 1. Clean and clean the filter screen of the air conditioner frequently.

If diabetes is not used, there will be more and more dust and harmful substances inside. If it is inhaled by your baby, it may cause respiratory allergies or coughing.

It is recommended to clean the air conditioning filter every half month.

Wash with less than 40 ° C water, neutral soapy water or cleaning (do not use detergent, washing powder, etc. to avoid filter deformation), wash and place in a cool place to dry.

2, the timing of the timing of blowing air conditioning should be mastered, mentioned above, do not sweat, immediately into the air-conditioned room.

It is best to let the baby stand by (about half an hour) and then turn on the air conditioner, let the temperature slowly drop, let the baby adapt.

When going out to go crazy, you should also turn off the air conditioner and wait until the room temperature is close to normal temperature before going out.

In addition, the baby must avoid re-entry, which will cause the baby’s body to have a stress reaction, it is easy to catch a cold, or symptoms such as stomach upset.

3, the ventilation and ventilation air conditioning room is generally relatively sealed, the concentration of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide in the air is increased for a long time, and bacteria and other dirty things will also increase.

Is it recommended to open every 1?Closed after 3 hours, the doors and windows are ventilated.

There are newborn babies in the house. When you blow the air conditioner, remember to open a window and keep the indoor air circulation at all times.
In addition, adults should avoid smoking indoors.

If your baby is allergic or has problems with your respiratory system, install an air purifier indoors to improve air quality.

4, pay attention to the wind direction to pay attention to the wind direction of the air conditioning outlet, to avoid blowing directly to the baby.

Keep the bed away from the air conditioner to ensure that the temperature does not drop suddenly.

It is best to use the air conditioner in the next room to adjust the temperature inside the baby’s room.

5, pay attention to moisturizing in the air-conditioned room for a long time, adults will feel dry mouth, not to mention the baby’s skin moisture regulation ability is far less than adult, so it is more difficult to adapt.

So always remember to moisturize your baby, let your baby drink plenty of water and replenish water in time. At the same time, you can put water in the room or spray some water in the air to increase the humidity.

Don’t forget to strengthen your baby’s dry skin care, apply some baby oil moisturizer or something.

Why do old people always like it?

Why do old people always like it?

Core Tip: Why do old people like to chat?

The reason is that there are many aspects. Let’s take a look at what is the reason.

  First of all, jealousy is a means for the elderly to rule out loneliness.

Psychological research points out that people’s psychology needs to be stimulated by various environmental factors in order to obtain health.

Without this stimulation, people become dull and nervous.

When the elderly retreat from work or work, they will focus too much on some “not use” things.

Perhaps as keen to look back, it will endlessly chatter.

After the younger generation returns home from work, the old man will be full of words of sorrow.

After the children’s independence, something is no longer obeyed by the parents. The instinctual psychological defense function used to support the old people’s opinions and habits, and disapproved of the opinions and opinions of the juniors.

Some old people feel that they have nothing to ask for, and they have placed their hopes on life on reorganization, and turned too concerned about interconnection.

  Basically, the elderly need to achieve a balance between psychological activities and the objective environment through repeated repetition of words.

Older people apparently cause decreased sensory ability due to brain deterioration and dysfunction.

After the perception of the elderly is reduced, the feedback on this mental activity will fail.

  If you can’t see anything, you can talk to yourself and concentrate on your efforts to look at it. If your hearing is diminished, if you don’t even hear what you say, you will repeat it and try to make yourself hear it.If you can’t hear it, you will have concerns and ask again and again.

  Memory loss is an important cause of repeated embarrassment in the elderly.

This is mainly manifested in the obstacles of short-term memory ability.

Old people often forget about things quickly, read articles, and listen to speeches. They must be repeated several times before they can figure out clearly; they have just forgotten what they have just said, and they think they have never said it before, so they will repeat the same words.

  In short, chatter is the performance of the old people’s psychological and physiological functions.

As a younger generation, you should be tolerant and give more care and respect.

Qigong Yangqi combined with big teaching

Qigong Yangqi combined with big teaching

Training and raising are two different states in the process of practicing.
In Qigong exercise, we must pay attention to “practice” and pay more attention to “cultivation.”
  ”Practicing” refers to a series of processes such as consciously adjusting the body, setting postures, relaxing the body, adjusting breathing, focusing attention, and eliminating distracting thoughts during practice.
  ”Nursing” has two meanings. One means that after a series of conscious trainings, the body appears relaxed and comfortable, the breathing is soft, and the concentrated state of retreat is paid attention. The Qigong community calls this “into the static.”
At this time, the practitioners must consciously keep themselves in this state and continue to make adjustments so that they can develop in depth.
Related studies have found that in this state, the function of the body is gradually coordinated and the immune function is enhanced.
This state of rest and rest can sometimes last for a long time, and sometimes it will take a while to pass.
Trainees can accumulate experience and improve in this area.
Another meaning of “nurturing” means that after a series of exercises, the above-mentioned state of rest and recuperation cannot be achieved, but if you continue to persist, it will be a kind of consumption, which will cause fatigue and cause tension, so you can rest at this time.At a time, prepare to practice again, or end the practice.
“Practicing” and “cultivating” in the process of Qigong exercise is a dialectical relationship.
If you don’t practice seriously, don’t pay attention to adjusting, adjusting, and adjusting your heart. Of course, it’s impossible to achieve results.
However, if you simply “practice” without considering “nurturing”, the effect is not good.
Many practitioners are common in clinical practice. Because of their excessive urgency, they often carry out the adjustment control of “Italian” and “Form” from beginning to end in a practice. The result is contrary to subjective wishes, causing discomfort and fatigue, and physical strength cannot support.
  Each practice process is often “practice” and “nurturing” alternately and complement each other.
After 10 minutes to 20 minutes of practice, it usually enters a state of relaxation. If you feel a little tired or have poor breathing, you can stop paying attention to the “three-tone”, fully appreciate and enjoy the relaxed comfort brought by the looseness.After a while, some methods can be used to further adjust to further deepen the qigong state.
In this way, “cultivation” has “nurturing”, which can make the fire just right, and will not bring discomfort; “cultivation” has “training”, which can prolong the maintenance time and improve the quality.
This is beneficial to the adjustment and improvement of the physical strength of the exercise.
  Both dynamism and static work have internal functions, but in terms of efficacy, they mainly rely on static work.
For those who are weak and suffer from various diseases, it is especially important to raise them.
  ”Nursing” also requires coordination of emotions, optimism, work and rest, diet, life, and adequate sleep.
Practitioners should pay special attention to the usual emotional cultivation, and mood swings often cause qi and blood disorders.
This situation is often seen in clinical practice. The patient is very serious in practicing, and the mastery of the exercises is also good. It has achieved certain curative effects. However, due to the emotional fluctuations, it often interferes with the smooth progress of the practice and the condition will repeat.
Therefore, practitioners must pay attention to rest and recuperation while practicing, especially for elderly patients.

Doing these things in the bath is equal to chronic suicide

Doing these things in the bath is equal to “chronic suicide”

Bathing is not just about opening a shower and rushing.
Due to lack of common sense or making some small mistakes, it will not only be cleaned, but may also affect health.
  Get up and take a shower. Taking a shower after getting up early can promote brain excitement and ensure a refreshing day. But if you wash without breakfast, it is easy to have dizziness and even hypoglycemic shock.
If the water temperature is too high and the blood vessels are dilated, there will be insufficient blood supply to the brain and collapse.
Get up early to take a bath and arrange it for half an hour after breakfast.
  Taking a shower before going to bed Hot water will cause the body temperature to rise rapidly, inhibiting the secretion of melatonin in the brain. If you go to bed immediately after washing, it will make it hard to sleep.
It is best to bathe 2 hours before going to bed. If you can only take a bath before going to bed, you can use a wet towel to cool your forehead for 5 minutes after bathing.
  Bathing after a meal, you can’t take a bath on an empty stomach, and you can’t do it after a full meal.
Just after eating, a lot of blood gathers in the stomach. At this time, the whole body will expand, and the blood flow of the skin and muscle will increase, which will affect digestion.
In addition, it is not advisable to take a bath after drinking, otherwise it will cause blood pressure to drop, dizziness, weakness, and even cause heart disease or stroke.
It is recommended to take a bath 1 to 2 hours after a meal.
  Inadequate preparation before washing In autumn and winter, if you bring a cold air into the bathroom, the huge temperature difference will increase the burden on blood vessels and the heart, which is very dangerous for the elderly and those with cardiovascular disease.
If you add poor ventilation, it will cause dizziness, chest tightness, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing and other symptoms.
Therefore, it is not advisable to take a bath immediately after returning from the outdoors. It is necessary to warm up for 5 minutes before washing in cold weather, such as standing still, twisting, rubbing feet, and massaging the Yongquan.
  Washing from the head to the foot The correct bathing sequence should be: wash your face → wash your limbs → wash your body → wash your hair.
This is because hot air will cause the pores to expand, and washing the face first will prevent dirt from clogging the pores.
The direction of face washing should be cleaned from the nose to the center.
When washing your body, you should start with the limbs away from the heart. Especially when it is cold, you should use hot water to heat your feet.
When you first enter the bathroom, the blood will be concentrated in the head. If you wash your hair immediately, it may cause poor blood flow to the head and induce cerebrovascular disease.
  The cleansing and hardening of the figure 角 The stratum corneum and lipid membrane on the surface of the skin together form the barrier layer of the skin, which not only protects the body from external damage, but also prevents the loss of nutrients, especially water, in the body.
If you use a bath towel, you will destroy this protective film.
If you can hear the squeaky sound by rubbing your fingers with your fingers after washing, it means that the washing is excessive.
It is recommended to take a bath, instead of “sipping and rubbing hard”, you can use a soft sponge and shower gel to gently scrub, only use the bath towel on the elbow, knee and other horny layer thick parts.
  Shower gels are squeezed at once. Shower gels generally contain lauramide propyl betaine, which stimulates the rapid penetration of certain chemicals into the skin.
If the shower gel is used excessively for a long time, these chemicals are excessively absorbed by the body, and they are combined with calcium and iron, and remain in the subcutaneous tissue, causing dryness, allergic dermatitis, and the like.
In addition, there is also an antioxidant BHT in the body wash, which will become very active when it encounters lauramide propyl betaine.
It is recommended to choose a shower gel that has no fragrance and simple function. It is enough to use a dollar coin each time. If the body is not dirty, it is better to use only water. After washing, it is best to use a moisturizing lotion to coat the whole body.

Common psychological problems and complications of the elderly

Common psychological problems and complications of the elderly

After entering retirement life, due to changes in social roles, the pace of life of the elderly has changed from the original tension, orderly to leisure, loose, social circles suddenly shrink, interpersonal relationships change. If the elderly do not make these changesGood psychological preparation, often there will be some psychological problems, sometimes feeling lost, loneliness, nostalgia, aging and so on.

Today we will talk about the common psychological problems and complications of the elderly.

  After the four elderly people with emotional illness retired, the elderly are prone to four kinds of bad emotions.

For the first time in psychology, there will be a feeling of loss, which will interfere with emotions and affect psychological balance.

Some people always think that they are old and useless. Units and families no longer need themselves. It is easier to feel lost, silent, and not leaving home.

  The first is loneliness.

After the elderly leave their jobs, the reduction of social activities and interpersonal relationships is prone to loneliness and repression. If the children go far or fly, the elderly will live alone and “empty nests”, which will easily lead to loneliness and abandonment.
Some old people even live with their children. If children are not filial, do not care, and do not pay attention to dealing with the elderly, they will also make the elderly feel lonely.

In addition, if the wife is dying, the time is long, it is easy to produce “isolated”, “isolated and helpless” state of mind, there will be pessimistic disappointment, and even depression, despair.

  Third, some old people will have a “nostalgic psychology” and like to fall in love with the past.

They often indulge in memories of past events, often recalling the good times of the past, and then sighing “there is nothing to do with flowers,” and it is prone to depression.

  Finally, the elderly are also prone to aging.

The resulting changes in physical condition, mainly the decline of physiological functions, lead to changes in thinking ability and intelligence, as well as changes in the social environment, such as retirement, separation from children.

However, some elderly people do not accept the psychological state of “you have become an old man” subjectly, and do not want people around you to regard themselves as old people.

  Psychological problems can be traced. If general psychological problems are not evacuated, it will lead to fear and depression.

In fact, the psychological problems of the elderly are traceable. Some small details can help us discover the signs of mental illness in the elderly.

  The first is emotional change.

Some elderly people are prone to excitement, can get angry for small things, feel uncomfortable with things around them, and are not satisfied; some old people will become depressed, depressed, depressed, even faint, and indifferent.

  The first is memory loss, symptoms of suspected disease.

The elderly face deteriorating physical quality and lack of understanding of the natural decline in aging and health status. They are always worried that they are old and sick, and that they are worried about the strokes, so they are often confused and uneasy, often lamenting that they haveThe wind is a candle.”

Some elderly people see that their friends are seriously ill or die, but they are nervous and fearful. They always feel that others are their own tomorrow. If the body is slightly uncomfortable, they will be more worried and fearful.

  Finally, there may be psychiatric symptoms, become suspicious and sensitive, and often worry that money is stolen.

  The environment is an important incentive for the living environment, family environment, interpersonal relationships, etc., may become the culprit leading to the psychological problems of the elderly.

  The first is the empty nest phenomenon.

The number of single-child families in China is increasing day by day. When children leave home because of work, study, marriage, etc., the elderly who are independent of the “empty nest” will suffer from psychological disorders.

  It is actually a family conflict.

In contrast to the empty nest phenomenon, many elderly people live with their children. The living habits and concepts of the two generations are vastly different. The disagreement between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law is the root of family conflicts.

For families with many children, whether the distribution of parental property is fair or not will also cause contradictions among children. All these problems may have a great impact on the psychology of the elderly.

  Finally, the economic benefits are based.

After the retirement of the elderly, the economic income has dropped sharply. Some elderly people live a very cautious life. This will make the elderly feel inferior, useless, and immersed in the memories of the past.

  Studying diligently, people with mental illness are truly healthy without illness and mental health.

If the mind is not healthy, it will seriously affect the quality of life, and ultimately will affect or even damage the health of the spindle.

Therefore, learning mental health knowledge, learning to live physiologically and happily, and establishing a new concept of mental health are important conditions for each elderly to spend their old age and health and longevity.

To get a good mentality, the elderly can start from the following aspects: First, change roles and re-adapt to the social and family environment.

Retirement, although retiring is a normal role change, but people of different professions have a different psychological feeling of retiring.

According to a comparative survey of retired cadres and retired workers in Beijing, the psychological feelings of workers before and after retirement have changed little. They have spent a lot of manual labor after retirement, have more time to do housework, entertain and make friends, and haveSufficient pensions and medical insurance, so the heart is more satisfied, the mood is stable, but the situation of retired cadres is very different. These old cadres have a larger social scale and extensive social ties before they retire, and their livesThe center of gravity is career. After retirement or retiring, the focus of life has become a trivial matter of the family, and social connections have suddenly decreased, which makes them feel uncomfortable.

Therefore, senior citizens with high education need to think about the post-retirement arrangements before retirement, and cultivate some healthy hobbies.

There are many activities suitable for the hobbies of the elderly, such as practicing calligraphy, fishing, raising flowers, and playing Tai Chi.After retirement, you must also participate in social activities, re-establish interpersonal relationships, and help each other.

Studies by American psychologists have shown that understanding and helping others is also beneficial to their mental health.

  Second, maintain optimism, curiosity and a positive mental state.

Some old people feel that life is not pleasant in their later years, and they have to silently suffer loneliness, depression, and repressed torture.

In such a situation, in addition to social and environmental factors, there are also reasons for the elderly themselves.

It may increase due to age, and the ability to adapt to the interior will gradually weaken. Older psychology usually undergoes some subtle changes. In the event of environmental disturbances or other things, it leads to tension or indifference in family relationships, and the reduction of family ties orLack of it, the elderly are prone to loneliness, fear and anxiety, depression, irritability and other negative emotions, induced mental illness, serious and even desperate thoughts.

Therefore, we must “face the reality, accept the challenge; be optimistic and open-minded, enjoy the old age; adapt to today and meet tomorrow.”

Take a positive attitude and accept attitude towards the natural psychological changes and environmental changes in old age, because the reality already exists and cannot change with our intentions. Even if our mood is not good, bad things will still happen, and time will not be becauseWe don’t want to get older and go backwards.

Therefore, we must learn to accept positively that some empty nesters will be saddened by their inability to rely on their children. They can try to accept and face this fact and instead rely on themselves and their partners, or other people who can rely on them.

And firmly believe that having a good mood can solve psychological pain more than ten good medicines.

  Third, diligent study, scientific use of the brain.

“The tree is old and afraid of people.

“The elderly are entering the second life. The most important psychological preparation is to re-learn, enrich the spiritual life, delay the aging of the brain, and “live to the old and learn the old.”

There are many things that older people need to learn, such as old age self-care, old age psychology, and home economics.

At the same time, we must understand major events at home and abroad, understand social changes, learn new knowledge, update concepts, and keep up with the times.

In addition, you should update your professional knowledge and skills to learn the skills of the new era, such as playing computer, surfing the Internet.

  Fourth, find problems, seek medical advice in a timely manner, and seek medical help.

If the elderly have serious emotional, memory or mental symptoms, they may have suffered from severe mental disorders. They should go to a specialist hospital as soon as possible and seek professional doctors’ help.

Detox skinny legs five strokes to fix

Detox skinny legs five strokes to fix

Kiwifruit weight loss, vitamin C super kiwifruit (kiwifruit), has always been the favorite of love beautiful girls.

And its food fiber and rich potassium, which is the crown of the fruit, can really put it into the list of slimming fruits!


Apple belly to lose weight.

  As early as a few years ago, some people have tailored a set of slimming for Apple, and it has also caused a wave of apple diet!

In fact, Apple is indeed a slimming fruit, it is rich in pectin, can help the intestines and **** to combine, accelerate the detoxification effect and reduce the conversion and absorption, the apple is also more potassium, can prevent leg edema.

Slowly chewing a bit of hardness of the apple, releasing the debris, both full of feeling, and his calorie content is not high.


Grapefruit, grapefruit.

  Acidic substances can help increase the digestive juice and promote digestion, and nutrients are easily absorbed.

In addition, grapefruit is also listed as a must-have fruit when it loses weight. It is rich in vitamin C. About 100 grams of grapefruit can eliminate fatigue and beautify the skin!

The important thing is that it has less sugar and it is best for you to lose weight to supplement vitamin C.

There are also many girls who are afraid of the sour taste. I suggest you can drop a little bit of honey on the grapefruit, and the sourness will be neutralized immediately.

Tomato belly to lose weight.

  Strictly speaking, tomatoes should be classified as vegetables.

So I often see it in the ingredients.

Tomatoes contain lycopene, dietary fiber and pectin to reduce transmission and promote gastrointestinal motility.

And the unique sour taste can stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, and even enhance the taste of food, it is a good cooking food.

Step 1: Mineral salt massage: Let the body relax completely.

  First, apply the natural mineral salt evenly on the skin and gently massage for about 30 minutes.

Mineral salts not only hydrolyze and detoxify, but also remove excess water from the body.

It is effective for people with edema in the legs.

  Step 2: Petal bath effect: Detoxifying formula with multiple functions, completely detoxification.

  The petal bath contains a unique detoxifying formula that contains a variety of essential oils such as ginger, sage, rosemary, etc., which can eliminate toxins, moisturize the skin in the cold winter, relieve cold and relieve headaches and other symptoms.

  Step 3: Use the ancient herbal ball to press the leg effect: let the body get the most effective relaxation.

  Then, using the Thai herbal ball prepared by the secret recipe to press the leg step and the feet, the whole process is very comfortable and can promote blood circulation.

  Step 4: Aromatherapy Massage: Deep soothing and refreshing.

  The professional aromatherapy therapist in Thailand allows the aromatherapy to penetrate into the body through a unique method to stimulate the lymphatic system to remove toxins from the body, so that the skin can be most deeply adjusted.

  Step 5: Applying seaweed membrane effect: Unique technique and unique formula to enhance slimming effect.

  Finally, the algae film is evenly absorbed in the legs, then wrapped in plastic wrap and washed after about 30 minutes.

Seaweed care has a purifying and balancing effect.