Preventing dementia and playing games

Preventing dementia and playing games

When we were young, we all like to play games. The biggest fun after school is to play games: we will save the pocket money to the game hall; or the parents are in a good mood, and let the parents buy a game machine to send a sense of boredom.

However, in the eyes of adults, playing games is a funeral, which will reduce the fun of learning. It is a bad boy to play games.

So how about the old man playing the game?

Under the circumstance, the old people are more lonely than when they were young. Some old people live with their children in big cities. There are no people who can meet each other. Apart from one person, they are alone at home watching TV. This is extremely important for the physical health of the elderly.Adverse.

  Playing games can prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore, family members can teach the elderly to play games, such as puzzles and thinking, which can help the elderly to think and respond.

A foreign study has also shown that older people playing games are generally happier than not playing games.

  Alzheimer’s disease is a geriatric disease that cannot be cured in today’s medicine. Therefore, the most effective way to fight this disease is to prevent it in advance. Playing games is one of the prevention methods.

Professor Anderson Harry of the United Kingdom’s Northern United University said that the brain function of the elderly who exercised while playing video games became active, and they gained more from the same amount of exercise.

Regular physical exercise through the game console may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

  Playing games makes the elderly more healthy. In addition, proper game play can also alleviate the mental stress of the elderly. When the game wins, it can relieve the emotions of the elderly and feel cheerful, which can make the elderly have a healthy mentality.

  Playing games to rehabilitate patients in the UK, they have shown through a study that playing games can transfer the patient’s pain, and can also be physically treated or to help improve the patient’s physical strength and speed up the recovery.

This is because the game can focus the patient and shift the potential discomfort.

  However, everything has a degree.

The old man’s vision and hearing are deteriorating. When playing games, both sight and hearing must be concentrated. Over time, it is bound to cause fatigue.

Therefore, the elderly must play the game in moderation. Every time you play, you have to take a break, look into the distance, and then move your body.

  But what everyone needs to pay attention to is that today’s smart phones are becoming more and more popular. Many old people are addicted to playing games with their mobile phones. Its radiation is harmful to the health of the body, especially when playing mobile phones at night, it is easy to cause insomnia and dreams.

Can menstruation not adjust to acupuncture?

Can menstruation not adjust acupuncture?

Remember the key points of acupuncture

Introduction to Acupuncture Acupuncture is a unique treatment for diseases in China.

It is a kind of medical treatment of “inside disease and external treatment”.

It is through the meridian, the implantation of acupoints, and the application of certain methods of operation to treat systemic diseases.

Clinically, according to the diagnosis and treatment method of traditional Chinese medicine, the cause is diagnosed, the key is found, the nature of discrimination is determined, and which meridian belongs to which one is, and which is dirty, and it is identified as the type in the table, cold and heat, and virtual reality.

Then the corresponding acupoint prescription is used for treatment.

In order to pass the veins, regulate the blood, make the yin and yang belong to the relative balance, the function of the viscera tends to reconcile, so as to achieve the purpose of disease prevention.

Acupuncture therapy is part of the medical heritage of the motherland and a unique national medical method.

For thousands of years, it has made outstanding contributions to the protection of health and the reproduction of the nation. Until now, it still plays this task and is trusted by the masses.

Under the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine theory, acupuncture is used to puncture a needle (usually a needle) into a patient’s body at a certain angle, and uses acupuncture methods such as twisting and lifting to stimulate certain parts of the body to achieve the purpose of treating diseases.

The point of penetration is called the body acupoint, referred to as acupuncture points.

According to the latest acupuncture textbook statistics, the human body has a total of 361 positive acupoints.

The moxibustion method uses a preventive moxibustion method or a moxibustion method to burn a certain acupoint on the body surface, smoke and iron, and use heat stimulation to prevent and treat diseases.

Usually wormwood is most commonly used, so it is called moxibustion, and there are other methods such as moxibustion, moxibustion, wick moxibustion, and mulberry moxibustion.

Most of the people who use it today are moxa moxibustion.

Acupuncture consists of “needle” and “moxibustion” and is one of the important components of oriental medicine.

Its contents include acupuncture theory, acupoints, acupuncture techniques and related instruments. In the process of formation, application and development, it has a distinctive Han nationality culture and regional characteristics, and is a valuable heritage based on Han culture and scientific tradition.

How does acupuncture treat women with irregular menstruation? Nowadays, many women have irregular menstruation. Everyone does not know why this is the case. In fact, it is very simple, indicating that there are adverse factors in the body, so it will lead to irregular menstruation, if true.In this case, acupuncture treatment can be carried out. Acupuncture is a very simple method suitable for everyone. Therefore, women should not worry. Many people now use acupuncture to treat women’s irregular menstruation.

The effect of acupuncture is very much, suitable for a wide range of people. For women, acupuncture can also treat gynecological diseases such as irregular menstruation.

Below, we will learn in detail how acupuncture can treat women’s irregular menstruation.

(1) Clearing and regulating menstruation by early treatment.

The Renmai and the foot Taiyin meridian are the main points.

Earth hole Guanyuan Sanyin blood sea, with acupoints: real heat syndrome, Jia Taichong or line; virtual heat syndrome, Jia Taixi; qi deficiency syndrome, plus three miles, spleen; menorrhagia, add white; waistPain, plus Shenshu, secondary sputum.

Operation Guanyuan, Sanyinjiao Pingping Pingxie method, blood sea diarrhea method.

The acupoints are operated according to the virtual complementation method.

After the qi deficiency, add moxibustion or warm acupuncture.

Fang Yi’s main role is to clear heat and blood, conditioning and rushing.

Guan Yuan belongs to Renmai Point, which is the key point for conditioning.

Blood sea clears the blood of the blood.

Sanyinjiao regulates liver, spleen and kidney, which is the key point for regulating menstruation.

(2) After the treatment, the temperature is cold and the blood is adjusted.

Taking Renmai and Foot Taiyin, the foot Yangming meridian is the main point.

The main point is Qihai Sanyinjiao returning, with acupuncture cold evidence, plus uterus; chilly syndrome, plus life gate, waist Yangguan.

Operation of Qihai, Sanyinjiao with acupuncture method, available moxibustion.

Return to the diarrhea method.

The acupoints are operated according to the virtual supplemental diarrhea method, and moxibustion or warm acupuncture can be used.

Fangyiqihai can benefit from temperature and yang, and warm moxibustion can warm and dispel cold.

Sanyinjiao is a point of resection of the liver, spleen and kidney, and can be supplemented with three yin and blood to regulate menstruation.Returned to the foot Yangming meridian points, adjustable qi and blood and regulate menstruation.

(3) After the treatment of the disease, Shugan Yishen, conditioning and rushing.

The Renmai and the foot Taiyin meridian are the main points.
The main point Guanyuan Sanyin Jiaoganshu, with acupoint liver depression, plus the door, Taichong; kidney deficiency, plus Shenshu, Taixi; chest pain and pain, plus sputum, Neiguan.

Operation of liver Yu with acupuncture and diarrhea, the remaining main points with supplementation.

The acupoints are operated according to the virtual complementation method.
Fang Yi Guan Yuan tonifying the kidney and cultivating the yuan.

Sanyinjiao is a point for the foot of the Sanyin Classical Intercourse. It can replenish the spleen and stomach, benefit the liver and kidney, regulate the blood.

Ganshu is the back of the liver, which has the effect of soothing the liver and regulating Qi.

The main point Guanyuan Sanyin Jiaoganshu, with acupoint liver depression, add the door, Tai Chong warm reminder: the above three menstrual irregularities, acupuncture can be solved, so women do not worry, if you have more thanIn a few cases, you can choose the acupuncture treatment according to your own situation, which is definitely helpful to your body. Don’t think it is common now, don’t worry about it. Women’s irregular menstruation will lead to many situations, so there must beKnown.
The main therapeutic effect of acupuncture and moxibustion is a thing we are very familiar with. This kind of thing is very helpful for our physical health. Acupuncture often reduces the incidence of disease and can adjust the imbalance between yin and yang, but we areWhen taking acupuncture, be sure to pay attention to it. Only correct acupuncture can guarantee our health.

So what is the main therapeutic effect of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture?

Please see the introduction below.

If we often have toothache and other conditions, then we can choose to use acupuncture to treat, even remove the fire in our stomach, and also relieve the stomach pain in our body. It is very obvious that often acupuncture is very good for our health.Extremely ethical.

1, kidney yin deficiency, dizziness caused by liver yang hyperactivity is a yin deficiency and yang syndrome, according to the principle of “yin disease cures yang, yang disease cures yin”, it is necessary to cure yin and yang, take the Shaoyin kidney sputumTaixi, acupuncture and supplementation; take the foot sputum yin and liver through the acupoints, acupuncture and diarrhea.

2, chronic diarrhea caused by spleen yang deficiency is a yin deficiency and yin, treatment of Wenyang cold, taking the foot of Taiyin spleen, sputum, Yinlingquan, acupuncture and moxibustion.

Since yin and yang can be mutually metamorphosed and interact with each other, the rule of Yin should take care of the yang, and the yang should take care of the yin. In the case of yin and yang, the method of “leading from the yin and yin from the yang” is often used.It is the use of raising points, back to the point to regulate the yang and yin of the organs.

3, the development process of righting up the evil disease is the process of mutual struggle between righteousness and evil spirits. The strength of the righteous and evil forces determines the development and outcome of the disease, the evil is better than the regular disease, and the disease is more than the evil. Therefore, FuzhengSickness is the guarantee that the disease tends to be a benign outcome.

Acupuncture treatment is to be able to play its role in helping the righteousness and eliminating evil.

4, dredge the meridian and meridian system throughout the body, vertical and horizontal contact, cross-in and out, communication table, contact up and down, constitute the human blood flow pathway, maintain the normal physiological functions of the human body.

If for various reasons, the meridian is unreasonable, the visceral limbs are lost and warm, and the blood and blood are blocked, leading to disease clustering, or stagnant or paralyzed, or virtual or real, or cold or hot, or qi and blood, or yin and yang.Biased.

Acupuncture treatment can use its role of “clearing meridians, reconciling qi and blood”, according to the mechanism of interaction between meridians and organs in physiology and pathology, mutual influence, selecting some acupoints in the circulation route and contact range of meridians, and performing needlesThe thorn or moxibustion makes the meridian smooth, the operation is moderate, the blood and blood are harmonious, and the yin and yang are balanced.

The main therapeutic effects of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture are explained here. I hope to help you further. Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine treatment method that we often use in our daily life. This method can provide a more comprehensive guarantee for our health, not onlyIt can only treat our bloating, diarrhea, etc., and at the same time, it can also relieve the effects of passing the gas, smoothing the blood and blood.

5, acupuncture should be closed when the needle is closed, reading and reading the mobile phone chat will reduce the efficacy of acupuncture.

6, the skin at the pinhole should be kept clean. Do not take water for 2 hours after the general needle to prevent infection.

Use fire needles, pick thorns, stab blood or ear acupuncture points, usually do not catch water on the day of the needle eye.

Diabetic patients are prone to infection and should keep their skin clean.

7. When using a baking lamp or moxibustion, it is advisable to maintain a comfortable warmth. If you feel too hot, you should inform the doctor promptly to avoid burns.

If the patient’s skin feels dysfunctional, also tell the doctor to avoid scalding caused by unconsciousness.

When cupping and retaining the can, it usually does not exceed 10 minutes, otherwise it will form blisters easily. Please cooperate with the doctor to remember the time.

Seven Points to Remember When Taking Acupuncture Acupuncture is a magical thing in traditional Chinese medicine. It uses specific needles or moxibustion to stimulate certain acupuncture points (acupoints) of the human body, and through the meridians to strengthen the evil spirits and stimulate themselves.The ability to fight disease, thereby achieving a natural treatment for the purpose of the disease, it has a good therapeutic effect on most diseases.

Acupuncture is good, but not anyone, you can take acupuncture at any time.

1, excessive hypertension, fatigue should be at rest, take acupuncture after eating, otherwise it is easy to cause fainting.

The performance of the fainting needle is sudden mental fatigue, dizziness, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, pale, cold sweat.

If any of the above is true, the physician should be promptly notified.

Patients with fainting needles can return to normal after a normal rest.

2, the pain caused by acupuncture is mainly caused by the acupuncturist when the needle is inserted into the skin can reduce the pain relief to a slightly tolerable degree. Please do not be nervous for the first time to take acupuncture, try to relax, in order to facilitate the needle.
After the needle is put into the skin, the patient will feel acid, hemp, bloating, heavy, or heat, cold, itching, convulsions, ant shape, etc. Some of the acupuncture points may have different degrees of touch or other sense of needle replacement and diffusion.Phenomenon, this is a normal acupuncture reaction, Chinese medicine is called “getting gas.”

3, the patient should take a comfortable and natural position during the acupuncture operation, otherwise it is easy to fatigue during the needle retention; the limb should not be moved again during the needle retention, so as to avoid the occurrence of folding needles, needle body displacement and injury to the injured tissue and other adverse consequences.

Some patients have some discomfort in the acupuncture points after the needle, and usually disappear within a few hours.4, if you feel pain after the needle enters the skin, it may be that the needle tip touches the blood vessel. Please tell the doctor that the brake adjusts the direction of the needle and avoids the blood vessel.

Acupuncture sometimes encounters bleeding caused by small blood vessels, which is inevitable. Except for some parts that affect the appearance, there is no harm to the human body.

A small blood bag appears at the pinhole, and the force is inserted for more than 3 minutes. The local small piece is cyanosis. Generally, it does not need to be treated, and it can gradually subside.

The wine first caused gout so simple

The wine first caused gout so simple

Do you know what causes gout?

Gout is a hyperuricemia caused by a disorder of sputum metabolism in the body. The urate crystals are histopathologically resolved in the joint cavity, soft tissue, spinal cord and kidney.

When the gout attacks, the toenails hurt and the pain is unbearable. Some people describe it: “Gout, like a child!”

Many people think that eating seafood while drinking alcohol can easily cause gout.

So, can patients who have had gout drink alcohol?

  Studies have shown that drinking is the second biggest cause of gout attacks after high-purity diets of seafood, and the risk of gout in drinkers is not alcoholic.

49 times, drink carefully!

  The wine first caused gout so simple.

Ethanol (commonly known as alcohol) is decomposed into acetyl-CoA, which can cause adenine to degrade and increase the uric acid precursor adenosine. At the same time, ethanol can increase blood lactate levels, while lactic acid inhibits uric acid excretion.

Therefore, drinking is a more important risk factor than diet.


Drinking is often accompanied by foods that consume sputum and protein.


Drinking alcohol is also a risk factor for other diseases associated with gout, such as cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome.

  What about gout patients who can’t do without alcohol?

  [Note the dose]The risk of gout and the amount of alcohol injected are increased. The more you drink, the more likely it is to attack.

If you don’t drink, you should limit it. Men should not drink more than 36 ml / d and women should not exceed 18 ml / d.

  [These kinds of wines are not allowed]Beer: Because of its supplemented jaundice and guanosine, it is an important biological basis for inducing gout attacks, and it has become the number one enemy of gout in alcohol.

  Spirits: Because of the high alcohol content, that is, the high proportion of ethanol, and the amount of ethanol in a small amount of alcohol, the second among the alcoholic enemies.

  Liquor: Even juice, because of the fructose-rich, fructose phosphorylation in the liver consumes energy adenosine triphosphate (ATP), while consuming a large amount of inorganic phosphate, thereby limiting the conversion of adenosine diphosphate to ATP, ultimately leading to the substrate of the uric acid synthesis pathway.Increased production of adenosine monophosphate.

Fructose vitamins indirectly increase blood uric acid levels by increasing insulin resistance and circulating insulin levels.

  Yellow wine: Most of them are made from wheat and glutinous rice, and the original glutinous rice, sugar and amino acids are just a kind of gout-inducing hand.

  Red wine: Because red wine oxidant antioxidants, inhibit platelet substances, reduce the impact of alcohol on uric acid metabolism, so the amount of red wine does not increase the incidence of gout.

  Patients with gout should be completely prevented from alcohol intake during acute exacerbations of arthritis, especially those with uncontrolled gout and chronic tohymus arthritis.

  If you don’t drink alcohol, if you don’t eat seafood, it may also cause gout. The ability of the elderly to excrete uric acid in the kidneys is reduced. Especially in postmenopausal elderly women, they lose the protective effect of estrogen and reduce the uric acid clearance rate of the kidney.The level rises accordingly, and in this case, no obvious cause is required to cause an acute gout attack.

  Moreover, it leads to an increase in age, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes and other morbidity. These diseases are themselves risk factors for hyperuricemia, and drugs for treating these diseases (such as diuretics) can also cause blood uric acid.The level rises.

  Through the above sharing, I hope to help everyone’s health.

The medicinal value of each part of the pig is very comprehensive and practical.

The medicinal value of each part of the pig is very comprehensive and practical.


Pig brain and pig brain is beneficial to kidney and brain. The dizziness, tinnitus and forgetfulness caused by lack of kidney deficiency can be eaten more. Because pig brain contains cholesterol, it is not suitable for patients with hyperlipidemia and arteriosclerosis.

Pig lung lung lung can make up the lungs and moisten dryness, treat lung deficiency and chronic cough, hemoptysis and other symptoms.


Pig heart pig heart is flat, has the effect of nourishing the heart and calming the nerves, and can be used to treat spleen and sweat, sleeplessness, blood deficiency, heart palpitations and insomnia.


Pig liver and pig liver is the best product for nourishing the liver and nourishing blood. It can treat anemia, liver and blood deficiency, dizziness, night blindness and other symptoms.


Pork belly pig belly has the effect of tonifying the spleen and stomach, can treat children with weight loss, spleen deficiency and less food, and diarrhea and other symptoms.


Pig intestines pig intestine mainly refers to the pig large intestine, which can treat prolonged diarrhea, rectum, blood in the stool, hemorrhoids embolism.


Pig kidney pig kidney can treat kidney deficiency and low back pain, kidney deficiency and long-term diarrhea.


Pig’s trotters can promote lactation, treat postpartum qi and blood deficiency, and lack of embolism in milk. It is often compatible with Astragalus, Angelica, Cannon, and Wang.


Pig spleen and spleen and stomach, help digestion, can treat children with spleen and stomach weakness, indigestion embolism.


Pig urinary tract urinary tract, with phlegm, glutinous rice compatibility treatment of kidney gas is not solid and caused by enuresis or urination.

It can be said that the whole body of the pig is a treasure, in addition to pork can be used for food, other parts can also cook food, while also treating diseases.

How can I miss the simple and effective exercise method?

How can I miss the simple and effective exercise method?

For those who are eager to have a body shape, one thing is crucial – the proportion of unfortunate in the body is far more important than your actual weight.

Dino, personal training manager at the Equinox Fitness Club in California, USA.

The following set of full-body exercises designed by Novak is used to burn a large number of monsters (burning 1465 joules in half an hour) while simultaneously shaping the body.

Warm up for 10 minutes, then practice in the order below.

Interspersed for 2 minutes in the gap between exercises, contraction or jogging as an adjustment.

Do it 3 times a week, and then with the cardio exercise described later in the article, in just 30 minutes, you can lose 4% of your body.


The blast and the stride step (exercise part, gluteal muscle, biceps femoris, quadriceps, inner thigh and lateral thigh) a measure a distance of about 8 meters on the ground, and place two stones or other markers on both ends.Run at full speed from one end to the other and return.

During the running process, the body leans forward slightly.

  b Then take a step around the step: the body is kneeling, it must bend, and the back is straight.

The left leg spans a big step forward, then the left leg follows.

Place your body center of gravity on the heel of your footsteps, taking care not to exceed your toes, and place them close to the ground during the entire process.

When you return, take your right leg first.

All the above actions are repeated once.


Push-ups and leaps (exercise parts: hips, shoulders, humerus, quadriceps, humerus) a prone, hands and shoulder width, toes support.

Tightening the abdominal muscles and slowly propping up the body.

Leave the count 1 time, then lower the body until the elbow is 90 degrees.

Do 5 push-ups (if you need to, you can also support the ground).

  b While doing the last push-up, jump your feet to your hand, then adjust the high upward leaping and extend your arms upwards.

Jumped 5 times, showing a crouching posture when landing.

Repeat the above actions.


Jumping lunge (exercise part: gluteal muscle, quadriceps, biceps, calf) a gradually, the legs are separated, shoulder width, naturally hanging on the body.

Step forward on the left foot and slowly take a lunge posture.

  bThe back is straight, visually ahead, jump up and exchange the position of the legs.

Please be careful not to exceed the toes.

The position of the legs is exchanged each time you jump, and the speed of the action can be slowed down to keep each position in place.

If you feel that the expert is unstable, you can increase the distance between the legs.

Repeat 12 to 15 times for each leg.

(If the knee has a disease, try to move backwards and cancel the leaping action.

) 4.

The door frame (exercise part: calf) is standing at the door, the feet are separated, the shoulder width is the same, the alignment is slightly flexed, and the arm is extended upward.

Raise the heel, land on the ground, then leaping up, hand to the door frame, or some point inside.

When you fall, your feet are on the ground (be careful not to let the heel touch the ground) and repeat the exercise 20 times.


Run the stairs and take the lunge (exercise parts: head, quadriceps, calves, lower back, abdominal muscles) and find a staircase with at least 20 steps.

Run up quickly and go up one step at a time.
When you run, your body leans forward slightly, and you don’t have to step through multiple steps.
Turn to jogging when you reach the top.

Then, step on the steps, stepping through 2 to 3 steps at each step.

You can increase the distance between the legs to maintain your balance and focus on the heel.

No speed is required, just make sure the posture is in place.

After reaching the top, turn around and walk slowly (don’t do a cross-step).

Repeat 2 times.


Climbing (exercise parts: quadriceps, calves, biceps, shoulders, buttocks, abdominal muscles) a push-up position.

Tightening the abdominal muscles, slowly propping up the body, and then maintaining that position.

Lift the left knee to the chest (the left leg touches the ground).

Quickly exchange the position of the two legs and bring the right knee to the chest.

Repeat each leg 20 to 25 times.

  After b is completed, the body sinks to the initial position, supporting the body with the forearm and toes, and maintains this position for 1 minute.

Keep your back straight and notice that your elbows are flush with your shoulders.

Instant noodles

Instant noodles

When he was a soldier, a corporal brother was transferred to the battalion commander at the gate of the barracks. The work was quite easy.

Without knowing what was going on in his head, he started a bubble-faced fattening battle.

In addition to the fixed 3 meals, between lunch and dinner, plus a bowl of instant noodles between lunch and dinner.

That is to say, he ate 6 meals a day. In 3 months, he was from 16×cm, 70 kg of ordinary body fat to 80 kg.

  Most people worry that there is preservative in the instant noodles. It is wrong to eat more mummies.

Because instant noodles are products that are sold quickly, they don’t accumulate for a long time. They don’t need long-term anti-corrosion. As long as they can be preserved in the short term, it is enough.

Therefore, some products use vitamin E to achieve antiseptic effect, while the noodles have antiseptic effect after being fried, and the seasoning package can also be preserved and filtered by vacuum packaging.

The phrase “a food company and the packaging method itself can achieve anti-corrosion effect, why do you add preservatives?”

Preservatives are also asking for money.”

So preservatives have long been a problem with instant noodles.

  Where is the problem with the instant noodles?

  In order to satisfy the taste of the people, the instant noodle manufacturers are enough. The result is that even the people who are not so heavy taste pour the seasoning into the bowl, so everyone’s taste becomes heavier.

This will lead to excessive sodium intake, which is closely related to high blood pressure.

  It is recommended that the normal person’s sodium intake should not exceed 2300mg.

For a normal meal, the sodium content of each meal is about 200-400 mg.

In a reasonable range, a can of juice has a sodium content of about 10-30 mg, and a sourdough bread has a sodium content of about 140 mg.

But what about the sodium content of the instant noodles?

Scared to death, a bowl is more than 1000mg, and even up to nearly 2200mg.

That is to say, after eating a bowl of fragrant instant noodles, the amount of sodium in one day will almost reach the top.

If you want to be like the brother of 6 meals a day, then the sodium you eat every day may be as high as 5000mg.

If this continues, high blood pressure will come to be friends.

  So, you can eat instant noodles, but you must pay attention.

Add a little bit of seasoning bag, don’t pour all the whole into the bowl, eat less soup and reduce the amount of sodium absorbed.

It is important to increase fat and health is more important.

a menu that makes you easy to fatten

a menu that makes you easy to fatten

[Breakfast: Be sure to eat, you will have energy!

】 People who prefer Western taste: 1.

A cup of orange juice is now squeezed.

A cup of low fat milk 3.

A pancake filled with syrup, jam, and cream.

  People who like Chinese taste: 1.

A bowl of preserved egg porridge or millet porridge 2.

A cup of soy milk or rice syrup.


A boiled egg[Drinks in the morning: help the body to store energy]One of the following foods: raisins, stone fruit, peanuts, bananas.

  [Lunch: Happy meal, you can eat fat!

】 People who prefer Western taste: 1.

Apple has a 2.

A cup of low fat milk 3.

Sandwich a 4.

A box of lettuce salad 5.

A high-fiber biscuit person who likes Chinese taste: 1.

Kiwi is a 2.

A cup of yogurt 3.

A bowl of rice or a bowl of noodles 4.

A boiled greens a 5.

A high-fiber biscuit[afternoon snack: don’t let the little belly hungry]One of the following foods: a milkshake, a few high-fiber biscuits, a lo-flavored dish, or a tea egg.

  [Dinner: Try to eat on time]It is best to replace it with your family or loved one.

The sweet feeling will make the flesh grow again!


A freshly squeezed juice 2

Ice cream or a portion of yogurt.

Lettuce salad or stir-fried vegetables a 4.

A bowl of rice or a bowl of noodles 5.

A piece of lean meat or fish 6.

Eat pineapple, papaya, or tomatoes after meals.

  [Day and night: try to eat two hours before going to bed]On the toast is covered with jam, peanut butter, cream, garlic sauce.

Drink another bowl of broth, milk, or soy milk.

Just eat a little bit of meaning, so as not to eat too much, can’t sleep.

After eating up late, you have to brush your teeth and floss, in order to sleep!