Folk treatment of baby thrush

Folk treatment of baby thrush

“When the baby was 4 months old, she always cried when she was feeding her, and was unwilling to breastfeed.

The mother noticed that there were some white spots on the baby’s oral jaw and tongue mucous membranes. The mother thought that the milk was condensed in the mouth, so she used a cotton swab to scrape it. After the white spots were scraped off, the scraped area became red, and the baby criedEven worse, her mother quickly took her to the hospital for examination.

“Mom was frustrated with the doctor.

The doctor told the mother that the baby had thrush.

  There are many treatment methods for thrush, and here we recommend the Chinese-Italian medicated diet for everyone.

But before treatment, let us know about thrush!

  1. Identification of Thrush Thrush is also called snow mouth disease, and candidiasis is caused by Candida albicans infection.

Thrush often occurs in infants and young children. Thrush can occur anywhere in the oral cavity. Neonatal infections are mostly caused by the birth canal. It may also be caused by dirty nipples or finger infection of the replacement.Source of infection.

Mainly manifested in the gums, vaginal mucosa or lips and other places appear as milky white milk-like membrane-like material, showing a spot-like or patch-like distribution.

  If you have thrush, your mouth is covered with white dandruff, and there are usually no accompanying symptoms. In severe cases, a white patch on the surface of the oral mucosa is formed with a burning and dry feeling. Some children have symptoms of low fever, or evenMay cause swallowing and breathing difficulties.

Children with this disease often cry uneasily, and have a tingling sensation when eating or drinking water, so children are often reluctant to breastfeed.

  2. Treatment method When plaques similar to milk flaps are found in the baby’s mouth, do not wash it casually, so as to avoid mucosal damage and bacterial infection.

After the child is diagnosed with thrush, the parents can use 2% baking soda water to soak the mouth with disinfectant cotton. The movement should be light, and then apply 1% gentian purple to the affected area 1 to 2 times a day.

You can also take one piece of nystatin and grind it into a powder. Add 5ml of glycerin and mix thoroughly. Apply to the affected area.

  Usually the drug will disappear after a few days, but thrush is particularly easy to relapse, so parents should continue to use the drug for a few days after gradually disappearing, in order to consolidate the effect, avoid relapse, and try a cure.

You should give your child medicine after taking it to avoid vomiting.

  3, folk remedies (1) apply brown sugar to treat thrush: 30 grams of brown sugar ground powder, apply an appropriate amount to the affected area, 4-6 times a day.

  (2) Treating thrush with Coptis chinensis: Take an appropriate amount of Coptis chinensis and fill it on the navel eyes and change it once a day.

  (3) Skin nitrate for thrush: take 30 grams of skin nitrate, tamp it, fill an appropriate amount on the navel eye, seal with adhesive tape outside, change once a day.

  (4) Lettuce leaves for thrush: 6 grams of lettuce leaves, 3 jujubes, decoction with water, 1-2 times a day.

  (5) Ginger honey juice for thrush: take 30ml of honey and 10ml of ginger juice, mix and apply to the affected area, 2-3 times a day.

  (6) Old eggplant radical thrush: take 10g of old eggplant root, 3g of peel, 6g of rock sugar, decoction with water, 1-2 times a day.

  (7) Tomato leaves for thrush: take 10g of tomato leaves and 6g of melon skin, and decoction with water, 1-2 times a day.

  (8) Roses for thrush: 6g roses, 2 slices of ginger, 6g white lentils, decoction with water, 1-2 times a day.

Water can detect your emotional secrets

Water can detect your emotional secrets

Want to know what type of relationship you have?

Determine which of the following water-related scenery you would most like to see.

Ocean 2.
Stream 3.
Waterfall 4.
Lake 5.
Xiao He, have you chosen?

  Option 1: Your emotional performance is often brave, open-minded, free, never doubting or doubting others’ attitudes or intentions towards you, being very tolerant of others, and adopting a evasive attitude when encountering people who really dislikeNo direct conflict.

  Option 2: You are a very understanding person, and your mind is too delicate and easily depressed.

If you are aggrieved or bullied, you often want a strong person to come and help you.

It is not easy to tolerate the rudeness and recklessness of others, and it is suitable for an earlier and decisive person to live together.

  Option 3: Deep in your heart, there is a desire to be expressed, and your outspoken personality makes you dare to speak up and comment on right and wrong. You often make mistakes for expressing your feelings quickly, but you rarely do it for yourself.Regret your mistakes, you always look at life with a humorous attitude, relaxed and happy, not easy to suppress your feelings.

  Option 4: Emotionally you are a person with a sense of security. You are deeply connected with your friends. You never have a direct conflict with others. You always adopt a re-arranged attitude to accommodate friends and family. You believe that the most important thing between people isThe thing is to be able to coexist peacefully.

Usually, you rarely disturb others meaninglessly, and your friends will not disturb you excessively. Your life can be said to be leisurely.

  Option 5: You have a free and open mind, and most of your life is not constrained by others. You have the courage to express opinions, but you do n’t like to analyze the solution to problems.

There are many friends, but the relationship is not necessarily very close, because you like to make friends, but you don’t like to interfere with your quiet days because you share the problems of friends.

Plastic rope yoga to build a good figure

Plastic rope yoga to build a good figure

Practicing yoga not only enhances blood circulation, but also eliminates toxins from the body, which helps reduce fat and weight.

Ladies who think that the general yoga style is too high may practice the rope rope yoga, which is widely introduced by doctors and physiotherapists.

  This particularly prominent yoga of hands and feet, spine and pelvis with different movements, mainly transforms the rope to complete the movements, relaxes the muscles of the muscles, and also exercises the flexibility of the body to achieve the perfect slimming effect.

  The rope is fixed at the back waist position. First, put your hands behind you and fasten it straight. Lift your left foot and flex your left knee. Step on the special hands and lay your right foot on the ground. Lift your foot and keep your body straight.

  Put your hands back to the front and cross and hold the rope tightly. Keep your body straight and inhale slowly, then exhale slowly, with your body at the same time and your feet straight.

  Basic movements are easy to get started. Plastic rope yoga is divided into three types: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. It uses plastic rope as an auxiliary tool, and the skills are easier to master. Basically any age is suitable for learning.

  Contracting the back muscles to reshape the fiber waist This set of contraction of the back muscles helps to balance the hip muscles and relieve women’s menstrual discomfort. It can also effectively train the lower back muscles and narrow the waist.

This set of actions can be repeated once or twice, each time lasting about fifteen seconds.

Be an innocent young woman teach you to fight loose and rough skin

Be an innocent young woman teach you to fight loose and rough skin

As women age, the loss of moisture and collagen in the skin can easily make our skin appear rough.

How to be an innocent young woman, and how to challenge gravity?

Today I will teach you effective ways to improve facial relaxation.

  Reasons for skin relaxation: 1. There are two kinds of proteins in the dermis layer of the skin: collagen and elastic fibrin, which support the skin to become plump and firm.

After 25 years of age, these two proteins are naturally reduced due to the aging process of the human body, and the fiber conversion time between cells is degraded, which causes the skin to lose its elasticity; 2. The supporting power of the skin is reduced.

Adults and muscles are the skin’s largest supporting force, and the loss of subcutaneous aunt caused by aging, weight loss, uneven nutrition, lack of exercise and other reasons, muscle relaxation causes the skin to lose support and relax and sag; 3, other factors such as the earth’s heartGravity, inheritance, mental stress, exposure to sunlight and smoking also change the structure of the skin, and eventually the skin loses its elasticity and causes relaxation.

  Before the skin is slack, do a good job of preventing skin slack, which can prevent or delay skin slack and keep the skin young and prolonged. Here are some suggestions to help everyone better prevent skin slack.

  What level are you playing against the agile alert?

  Primary index: after 25 years of age, the skin blood circulation began to slow down, and the subcutaneous tissue began to become loose and inelastic, which caused the tension between the pores to open and make the pores visible.

  Intermediate index: The contour of the face becomes blurred or even the weight does not increase. The contour line from the earlobe to the chin also begins to become loose and loose, no longer smooth and clear, and it is especially obvious from the side.

  Advanced index: The skin on the sagging sacrum is no longer full and firm, the highest point of the face slowly moves downstream, and the nasolabial sulcus (also called the law pattern) begins to appear; it is not fat, but a double chin may appear.

  Prevention of skin beauty tips to help you1, keep the skin clean: oily face, dust is too heavy, makeup time is too long or makeup removal is not complete, it will cause skin pores to block, difficult to breathe naturally, causing complications or skin nutrition imbalanceIn the long run, skin tension will be lost, there will be no elasticity, and skin relaxation will occur.

Everyday should pay attention to clean the skin thoroughly every day, and use natural, soft and non-irritating moisturizing nutrient water, while maintaining cleanliness, replenish the skin with nutrients, enhance skin vitality, and prevent skin sagging.

  2, maintain a balanced diet nutrition: overeating will cause excessive burden on the spleen and stomach, and at the same time cause excess nutrition, so that the skin can not maintain normal metabolism, causing the skin to be overstretched, lose elasticity and relax; and dieting to lose weight will cause skin nutrition too fastLoss can not be effectively replenished, a cavity is formed under the skin, and the skin is sunken and relaxed.

Therefore, effectively maintaining normal diet nutrition is also an important alternative to prevent skin sagging.

  3, pay attention to sun protection: more than 90% of skin relaxation is caused by excessive sunlight UV radiation, one is the formation of photoaging, and the other is the formation of a large number of free radicals in the body, the skin is over-oxidized and lose elasticity, resulting in skin relaxation.

Be sure to pay attention to foot sun protection at all times. At the same time, you can eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and collagen-added foods, such as grapes, tomatoes, carrots, red wine, green tea and other foods. Effectively supplement natural vitamin C in large quantities to combat skin oxidation and decomposition.A large amount of collagen remains in foods such as pig feet, which can strengthen the structural support of the skin, and at the same time strengthen the skin’s water retention and moisturization, so that the skin remains tight and elastic.

  4, maintain good expression habits: paranoia, frowning, raising eyebrows, squinting eyes, moody and other bad emotions and expressions will cause local skin excessive movement and muscle tension, so that the skin due to overwork and no effective rest and formedsagging skin.
  5. Appropriate exfoliation: Women love to do facial exfoliation in beauty salons, but excessive removal of horny skin will thin the skin and lose an effective natural protective barrier to fight against harmful environmental damage, and the skin will become dry and sensitive, Easy to produce skin sagging.

Therefore, it is best to exfoliate slightly once a month.

  6. Refuse to smoke full of alcohol and lack of sleep: Tobacco and alcohol contain a lot of irritating substances. The skin will lose its active and sagging relaxation for a long time due to the stimulation of these substances. Insufficient sleep and the skin’s metabolic burden will increase.Rest, long-term fatigue combat will also make the skin lose elasticity and relax.

Yoga fitness exercises to relax and sleep

Yoga fitness exercises to relax and sleep

Work stress, excessive excitement, etc. can cause insomnia.

I can’t sleep well all night, leaving you mentally unworked and lethargic all day long.

If you want this kind of distress, try yoga movements to treat insomnia, let you relax, put in, the tension of the upper tibia, tibia and pelvic muscles, sleep peacefully.

  Simple pelvic exercise effect: relax lower limbs and pelvic muscles.

  Step1 Quickly clasp the palms and toes of both hands, open, hold tight, and open, and hold a total of 30 times.

  Step2 Open your feet to the same width as your shoulders, separate the soles of your feet, and bend your toes toward the instep.

  Tips want to enhance the effect, you can inhale while lifting your feet 30 cm, count down 10 and then lay down and lie flat for 2 minutes.

  Fish-like effect: Eliminate neck and shoulder stiffness and improve headache fatigue.

  Step1 Lie on your back, with your arms and forearms bent at 90 degrees, and your feet naturally open to the same width as your shoulders.

  Step2 While inhaling, lift your chest up, let your waist hang, put your head against the bed, stay for 8 beats and keep breathing naturally.

  Step3 At first, the forearm is laid flat first, and the muscles between the thigh and the hip are captured with both hands.

  Step4 Use the power of the abdomen to slowly raise your head, look at your toes, and slowly lower your dorsal vertebra in sections, so that your body is lying flat.

Repeat the action 5 times.

  Bridge effect: relax the waist and abdomen and the pelvis, and relax the whole body.

  Step1: Lie on your back with your palms facing upwards, and your feet spread slightly wider than or shoulder-width apart.

  Step2 Raise the waist while inhaling, keep a distance between your chin and chest, stay for 8 beats and keep breathing naturally, and then slowly lower your waist while exhaling and relaxing.

Repeat the action 5 times.
  Liver and kidney function exercises: stimulate and massage liver and kidneys, and help loosen the pelvis.

  Step1 Lie on your back with your hands apart, palms facing up, your feet bent, and your feet open about twice as long.

  Step2 Stick the feet on the bed without moving, press your knees to the left, and press the upper right to the bed. When you align the lower left, press your right shoulder against the bed. Do not lift up; stay for 8 beats.3 times.

  Tip: If the right humerus is not pressed against the bed surface, you can put your left foot on the right knee to help press down.

  The effect of lifting the posture: strengthen the abdominal muscles, adjust the internal organs, and promote blood circulation in the shoulders; stimulate the lumbar spine and regulate physiological abnormalities.

  Step1 Lie on your back with your hands on both sides of your body, bend your knees, and lift your foot 90 degrees, with your feet perpendicular to your calves and straight.

  Step2: Keep your feet still, then lift the other foot, and your feet should be at 90 degrees to the ground. Point your toes towards yourself, keep this posture to breathe naturally for 20 seconds, and then slowly lower your feet and repeat 3 times.

  Experts say that the fish-type bed should not be too soft, otherwise the waist cannot be supported. It is recommended to use another bed position or use a cushion to lay it on the ground.

DIY fruit and vegetable skin care lotion


DIY fruit and vegetable skin care lotion

Strawberry Nutrient Solution Pour a spoonful of smashed strawberries into a cup of boiling water and soak them. After a few minutes, filter with gauze and add half a spoon of glycerin.

For clean, nourishing dry skin.

  Apple nutrition cream mix a spoonful of apple puree, a spoonful of cream, an egg yolk, add half a spoonful of honey, and apply it on the face, 20?
Wipe off after 30 minutes.

Suitable for dry and normal skin.

  Cucumber nutrient cream mixes the same amount of fresh lard with melted lard and milk. If possible, it is better to add a spoonful of chamomile extract and a spoonful of olive oil.

Suitable for all skin types.

  The green leaf nutrition cream grinds equal amounts of fresh nettle leaves, celery leaves, jasmine, roses, and peppercorns into 50 grams of margarine, 10 grams of beeswax, and a tablespoon of vitamin A oil solution.

Suitable for all skin types.
  Celery anti-wrinkle liquid Crush the roots and leaves of celery, add 2 cups of water and cook for 15?
20 minutes, filter and set aside.

Rub your face and hands once in the morning and evening.

  Carrot Mask Mince a carrot, add a tablespoon of milk, and apply for 15?
20 minutes, then rinse with water.

Suitable for all skin types.
  Tomato mask, slice the tomatoes, add a spoonful of milk, a spoonful of sunflower oil, mix it on your face for 15?
20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Suitable for all skin types.
  Cantaloupe mask, crush the cantaloupe, add raw egg yolk and 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil, mix well and apply on the face for 30 minutes.

Suitable for normal skin.

  The above beauty prescriptions are special references, please use with caution.

Women often drink five kinds of herbal tea in spring


Women often drink five kinds of herbal tea in spring

For women who love beauty, gentle spring is the best time for beauty and health care.

In fact, there are many seemingly ordinary things around us. If they are used well, they can become a good helper for beauty and beauty, some kind of herbal tea that we often drink.

The scented tea with the beauty of tea and the fragrance of flowers is most suitable for spring and spring.

Dr. Lu Conglu, Department of Gynecology, Dongfang Hospital, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, has recommended several kinds of flowers and plants for beauty and spring.

  Jasmine tea: Jasmine tea is the most mellow in all kinds of herbal teas. It is the top grade of tea drinking in spring and has the effect of “removing cold evils and assisting depression”.

In addition to drinking jasmine tea, it can stabilize the mood and invigorate the spleen and dampen the skin, relieve gastrointestinal discomfort and analgesic pain. It also helps women’s physiology and reproductive function, and can moisturize the skin, beauty, and relieve dysmenorrhea.

  Rose tea: Rose flower is slightly warm and rich in vitamins. It has the effects of activating blood and regulating menstruation, relieving the liver and regulating qi, balancing endocrine and other effects. It has a conditioning effect on the liver and stomach, and can eliminate fatigue and improve physical fitness, and at the same time early.

In addition, it can effectively alleviate cardiovascular disease, and can beautify the skin, help to improve dry skin and remove dark spots on the skin.

Usually take 6 to 10 dried roses, add them to a tea cup, and pour in hot water. You can add them at any time, or you can add two red dates to add a little sweetness and nourish qi and blood.

This tea has the effect of regulating qi, so female friends during menstrual period should be used with caution, in order to prevent qi and blood circulation leading to heavy menstrual flow.

  Chrysanthemum tea: Chrysanthemum has the effects of nourishing the liver and clearing the liver and clearing the liver, and is particularly suitable for taking in spring.

At the same time, it may be detoxification and fitness, dispel evil and reduce fire, evacuate wind and heat, pharyngeal swelling, resist resistance to harmful chemical or reflective substances accumulated in the body, eliminate the effect, but also inhibit a variety of bacteria, enhance microvascular elasticity, and slow heart rate,Reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, and be beneficial to qi and blood, moisturize, and maintain the beauty of hair.

It can also be used with wolfberry to enhance the power of nourishing yin.

However, because chrysanthemums are cold, they are usually cold in hands, feet, spleen, and diarrhea are not suitable for taking.

  Honeysuckle tea: It has a sweet and cold taste, has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, evacuating wind and heat, and reducing swelling and pain.

Because of the good behavior in spring, and easy to feel the evil, honeysuckle tea can relieve the common upper respiratory tract infections, influenza, tonsillitis, periodontitis and other complications in spring. It can also relieve pain and enteritis and help cool blood.Stop the flu, diuretic and liver.

Therefore, honeysuckle tea is suitable to be taken when there is a slight exogenous symptom. If the cold symptom is severe, drug treatment is still needed.

  Lemongrass tea: Lemongrass, also known as lemongrass, has a refreshing fragrance of the entire plant.

The perennial herb belonging to the family Oryzae is a tropical aromatic grass with a fragrant scent and a bactericidal and antiviral effect. It has been praised by doctors from ancient times to the present, taking its sterilization and regulating blood circulation.

Drinking lemongrass tea regularly can help improve anemia, reconcile the stomach and intestines, regulate oil secretion and lower blood lipids, and alleviate neurasthenia.

Rehabilitation on weekdays, effectively prevent disease, enhance immunity, achieve the effect of disease treatment, disease-free self-defense.

Physiotherapy yoga moves to promote blood circulation in the head

Physiotherapy yoga moves to promote blood circulation in the head

Female friends want to have dark and beautiful hair, but boring hair becomes a package for many people. What should I do if my hair is dry and frizzy?

What about dandruff?

Today we are going to learn physiotherapy yoga with you. By practicing these physiotherapy yoga moves, we can help us to promote blood circulation in the head, nourish the scalp, provide sufficient nutrition for the hair, and make our hair thicker.

  The nature of dry and frizzy hair or dandruff is because our scalp is undernourished. If the blood in the head is not circulating, it will not be able to provide the necessary nutrients for our hair in a timely manner. As a result, our hair will change.If you get dry and frizzy, you will get dandruff.

  Head Inversion-Promotes blood circulation, nourishes the scalp, rejects dandruff step1. Your hands and fingers are interlocked, aim your forearms in front of your body, open your elbows and shoulders, and lock your hands as the tips.

  Step 2 We need to feel our own body changes after practicing the above movements. Pay attention to adjusting our breathing rhythm.

  Through such yoga exercises, we can promote blood circulation in our heads, so that our scalp is well nourished, so that nutrition is transmitted to each hair tip in a timely manner.

  Then place the top of your head next to the top of your hand.

The top of the ice dragon touches the ground rather than the part near the forehead, keeping the spine straight and easily bearing the importance of the entire body.

  If the top of the head is positioned forward, it will cause deeper curvature of the cervical spine and cause extra tension.

  Note that the practitioner keeps his knees on his knees, then supports his body, trying to make the torso perpendicular to the ground.

Increase body weight and travel between elbows and interlocking hands.

  Beginners should pay attention to grasping the range of our movements when performing this type of exercise, pay attention to maintaining our body balance, and remember not to skew our body.

  Step3 When your feet slowly move towards the face, you feel that your body is about to fall backwards, your toes can be easily lifted off the ground, but there is no danger of collapse.

  Step 4 can easily and elegantly perform the first stage of exercises, and then it is even simpler.

  In the second phase of the exercise, you just need to straighten your thighs upwards so that the thighs are perpendicular to the torso, and keep it stable here.

  Step 5 Then, the lower legs are opened upward, and the whole body is perpendicular to the ground as expected. This is the third stage, which is the last stage.

  Hold the appropriate time and then return to the original position by following the reverse steps.

  If you want to make the hair look dark and beautiful, then you must pay special attention in your daily life, so that you can make your hair more beautiful.

  Note 1: Keep your toes, heels, and ankles together.

  2, lean your palms towards the scapula.

  3. The force of the elbows falls evenly on the mat, keeping the elbows close to the body.

  4. Focus on the top, step on the pulley, and break your legs from the groin to the toe.

  Now let ‘s learn how to practice yoga pear style, and understand it!

  Action essentials 1, after completing the handstand, the chin is locked.

  2. Loosen your chin, lower your torso, stretch your arms and thighs over your head, and place your toes on the ground.

  3. Stretch the muscles at the back of the thighs, stretch tight, and lift the main shaft.

  4, put your hands in the center, support the main shaft with both hands so that the main shaft is perpendicular to the ground.

  5. Straighten your arms in the opposite direction of your legs, with your arms and palms against the ground.

  If female friends want to have thick black hair, practicing the yoga moves above is a good choice.

Of course, reasonable precipitation and a regular lifestyle are also essential.

True love is silent, my husband loves me not too much

True love is silent, my husband loves me not too much

I tell you, “I almost fell off the stairs when I was sweeping the stairs today.

“I thought you would comfort me,” Dear, be careful.

“But you say,” Slow down, you don’t have to.

“I’m sad, I think you don’t love me at all, don’t care about me.

  Later, I found that our stairs were exceptionally clean, and I didn’t need to sweep them; a month later I found out that it was the result of you taking 5 minutes a day.

  I tell you: “My car is broken, and I walked for half an hour to get to the station.

“I thought you would care about it:” Why don’t you take a taxi and get tired? ”

“But you said,” Anyway, it’s very close, and you also lose weight casually.

“I’m angry and think you don’t love me or care about me.

  The next day, I found your car keys you left at the table, and a rich breakfast prepared for me.

  I tell you, “I want to go to Hokkaido, the Netherlands, etc. and admire the magnificent sea of flowers.

“I thought you would care about thinking,” Where do you want to go? Let’s plan. ”

“Even a perfunctory sentence is fine, but you say,” It’s boring. Spend a lot of money on that kind of boring place. ”

“I’m angry and think you don’t love me or understand me.

  Later, I found that the travel magazine at home, whether it is a domestic or foreign report, as long as there is a page on the flower viewing introduction, the corner of the page is creased, and your notes are recorded in it.

  I told you, “I’m going out with friends and I’ll be back later in the evening.

“I thought you would care about the following:” Who go out, be careful, remember to call or go home early. ”

“But you said,” Just whatever you want, just be happy.

“I’m angry and think you don’t love me or care about me.

  Later, I was dragged home late at 3 o’clock in the evening, and I saw your sleep on the sofa.

  I tell you: “My aunt is here and my stomach hurts.

“I thought you would comfort me and said,” Forbearance, one day passed.

But you said, “Women are really troublesome and can’t stand it.

“I’m sad and think you don’t love me and don’t hurt me.

  Later, you bought a lot of chocolates and red beans in the snack cabinet at home, but you never eat them.

Until a month passed.

You cook red bean soup every day for one week before and after my moon.

 I tell you, “I’m so happy to marry you, you are the best husband.

“I thought you would happily answer me and said,” I think so too, you are the best wife.

“But you said,” If you are married, you are married, otherwise, what else do you want? ”

“I’m angry and think you don’t love me or understand me.

  Later, I accidentally noticed that you wiped the 40-inch wedding photo on the bed with toilet paper before going to bed, and then looked at the photo and smirked for a long time.

 I think I finally understand. Under your appearance, you don’t care about words, a heart that loves me most.

It turns out you love me.

Just don’t say.

This is the way you love, different from everyone.

Depression in the workplace: Caring for employees

Depression in the workplace: Caring for employees

The “Zhang Rui suicide incident” brought “workplace depression” to the spotlight again.

Judging from “Zhang Rui has repeatedly stated that he is under too much work pressure and wants to resign twice”, he already has mental health problems; suicide is the extreme manifestation of mental illness and mental illness.

  Mental illness and mental illness are facing people of all classes and ages.

According to a report published by the annual meeting of the World Psychiatric Association, the burden caused by depression, suicide, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, etc., ranks first in the current total burden of disease in China, and has surpassed cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes and malignancyTumors, etc.

  The mental illness and mental illness of enterprise employees are increasing year by year.

Chinese health organizations and the EAP Association conducted the “Investigation on Occupational Mental Health Management of Chinese Enterprise Employees” through the research platform of professional survey institutions in 2006.

A total of 7,476 employees from all over the country, regardless of age, income, part and education, participated in the survey.

The survey results showed that 99.

13% of working white-collar workers suffer from occupational psychological factors such as “stress”, “depression” and “burnout”; 56.

56% of respondents were eager to get psychological counselling, but never tried it; 79.

54% of professionals value the impact of “occupational mental health” on work.

  According to incomplete statistics, since 1980, more than 1,200 corporate managers have previously committed suicide.

These include entrepreneurs from some of the more famous large companies, such as the former general manager of Shanghai Volkswagen Fang Hong who committed suicide by jumping off the building, Chen Xingguo, a veteran general manager of Guizhou Province, who committed suicide by shooting his gun, and some corporate managers of less-known SMEsFor example, Feng Yongming, owner of Maoming Yongfeng Flour Mill, only 29 years old, cut his wrist at home and committed suicide.

  Faced with such a budget, and not to mention whether individual employees should actively seek a solution, for companies, taking effective measures to help employees reduce stress and reduce burdens, caring for and protecting the health of employees, should become an important issue facing corporate managementAnd urgent task.

  In fact, caring about the mental health of employees means caring for the healthy growth and sustainable development of the company.

American economists Theodore Schultz and Gary Becker argue that human capital is the most important factor in corporate competition.

The emergence of mental health problems will seriously affect the quality of laborers ‘human capital, and thus the benefits of human capital.

  The consequences of the psychological problems of corporate employees on the company mainly include: absenteeism, turnover rate, accident rate, increased interpersonal conflict, decreased work enthusiasm and creativity, decreased work efficiency and performance, decreased customer service quality, and increased human resource management costs,Cooperation and competition within enterprises are affected.

  Therefore, modern human capital investment should increase the content of mental health investment.

Mental health investment includes psychological knowledge learning, psychological adjustment training, work environment improvement, psychological consultation, and psychological treatment, etc. The purpose is to prevent and solve psychological problems and maintain mental health.

  The best way to solve the problem of employee mental health internationally is to implement EAP (Employee Assistance Programs).

The so-called EAP is to reduce the pressure, through the guidance and adjustment of employees’ psychological emotions, to prevent and solve their personal and development-related problems, thereby improving the efficiency of employees and enterprises.

  For young companies, providing “spiritual benefits” to employees is a new concept, but it is definitely a new attempt that is urgently needed.