Plastic rope yoga to build a good figure

Plastic rope yoga to build a good figure

Practicing yoga not only enhances blood circulation, but also eliminates toxins from the body, which helps reduce fat and weight.

Ladies who think that the general yoga style is too high may practice the rope rope yoga, which is widely introduced by doctors and physiotherapists.

  This particularly prominent yoga of hands and feet, spine and pelvis with different movements, mainly transforms the rope to complete the movements, relaxes the muscles of the muscles, and also exercises the flexibility of the body to achieve the perfect slimming effect.

  The rope is fixed at the back waist position. First, put your hands behind you and fasten it straight. Lift your left foot and flex your left knee. Step on the special hands and lay your right foot on the ground. Lift your foot and keep your body straight.

  Put your hands back to the front and cross and hold the rope tightly. Keep your body straight and inhale slowly, then exhale slowly, with your body at the same time and your feet straight.

  Basic movements are easy to get started. Plastic rope yoga is divided into three types: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. It uses plastic rope as an auxiliary tool, and the skills are easier to master. Basically any age is suitable for learning.

  Contracting the back muscles to reshape the fiber waist This set of contraction of the back muscles helps to balance the hip muscles and relieve women’s menstrual discomfort. It can also effectively train the lower back muscles and narrow the waist.

This set of actions can be repeated once or twice, each time lasting about fifteen seconds.