Self-conditioning of sub-health symptoms

Self-conditioning of sub-health symptoms

Headache symptoms: Pain at some point in the head, similar to pulse beating.

There is no spirit to do things and slow thinking.

  Method: Migraine, most of which have Qi depression in the heart.

Find the pain point on the same side, rub with your thumb, there are nodules in the pain, you can rub it away.

Can also rub Waiguan point treatment.

  Stomach acid symptoms: Irregular eating causes stomach discomfort, but is hungry but does not want to eat, stomach acid.

  Method: Take a sitting position and rub the muscles directly above the thigh from the root of the thigh to the tibia.

Repeated rubbing for 3 minutes.

Snoring is better. Many points in this area can regulate the function of the stomach.

  Symptoms of breast hyperplasia: Most young white-collar women suffer from varying degrees of breast hyperplasia.

  Method: You can tap the meridian, especially the “biliary meridian”.

Use your knuckles to tap from the lower part of the outer thigh to the lower part of the lower leg.

Tap for 3 minutes every day.

  Symptoms of constipation: dry stools, poor bowel movements, excess belly fat, and uneven skin tone.

  Method: It can be cured by “pushing abdomen method”.

Before going to bed, use two fingers to push the belly from the heart socket to the navel, and then push from top to bottom.

Five minutes every night.

In severe cases, you can push again before getting up.

  Symptoms of jet lag: sleepy during the day, extremely low efficiency, the later the more mental.

I can’t fall asleep at night and stay up until the early morning; I can’t get up in the morning.

  Methods: “Golden Chicken Independence” can meditate and adjust its physiology.

Raise one foot upright, close your eyes after standing firmly.

Keep practicing for a few minutes every day, and after a week, the jet lag is reversed.

  Hair loss symptoms: a lot of hair loss, dry hair color, dull.

  Method: Beat your head with your abdomen, also known as “Mingtian Drum”, to strengthen your brain and protect your hair.

You can also comb your hair with your fingers and belly, every two minutes, twice a day, for two weeks, it will be effective.

  Symptoms of weight loss: the overall is not fat, and the part is bloated, especially the thighs, buttocks and waist. Due to overtime, fatigue, laziness and other reasons, you cannot exercise on time.

  Method: Eliminate the “swimming circle” on the waist. You can lie flat before going to bed and hit the excess meat on the waist with empty punches, three hundred times at a time.

Reduce the excess of legs and buttocks, you can kneel on the floor and climb for a month, the effect is obvious.

  Symptoms of vision loss: Because I often stare at the computer, I see things blurry, my eyes are dry and itchy, and my eyes are bloodshot.

  Method: The small hole with earrings on the earlobe is the “Mingmu Point”. Usually, this pinch is pinched with your fingers, and you should close your eyes every two minutes.

  Symptoms of irritability: There are many things, and when the task is heavy, it is easy to surge in blood and blood. I know that I need to calm down at this moment, but I am more and more anxious.

  Method: vent.

Choose the music you love to listen to, and beat your computer desk with ten fingers through the rhythm of the music.

Just a little pain when you hit it.

Ten fingers connect the heart, and the “Xuan Xuan” acupuncture point is located here, which can release the stagnation in the heart.